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Public relations (PR) surveys are the greatest asset to a data-driven marketing strategy. Unlike most market research studies, the data collected from PR surveys are meant to be shared with the public. 

Car brands such as Toyota and Ford famously utilize public relations surveys to generate brand awareness and increase the return on investment of their market research. 

Our automotive market research company recently conducted a public relations survey for a car brand. In this blog post, we outline our approach to achieving newsworthy results to garner media attention.

If you are interested in conducting a public relations survey for a car brand or dealership, our automotive market research company can help. Contact Drive Research by emailing, [email protected], or fill out a contact form online.

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Car Brand PR Survey Objectives

A content marketing agency contacted our public relations survey company to poll consumers in the United States on behalf of a world-class car brand. 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, car sales dramatically decreased. Their automotive manufacturer client has a surplus of cars and wanted to conduct a PR survey to use the data to push four different vehicle models in future marketing campaigns. 

While the results of this specific survey were used to create a newsworthy article and infographic, there are several deliverables organizations can create with market research data. 

To name a few, our clients have created blog posts, webinars, e-books, white papers with the findings from a survey. For more inspiration, check out our blog post on 5 ways to maximize PR survey results.

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Approach to the Automotive PR Survey

To address the objectives at-hand, our market research firm recommended using an online survey to collect consumer feedback.

The automotive PR survey was administered using vetted email panel databases to respondents fitting the screening criteria in the United States.

Why choose to use an online survey for PR market research? 

Of all the market research methodologies, online surveys are generally the most cost-effective approach to gathering high-quality data from mass amounts of respondents. 

For this reason, online surveys create a strong return on investment for brands conducting a PR polling study. 

How does the PR survey process work? 

Drive Research follows a streamlined approach built off years of experience conducting quantitative market research studies.

Although there are several steps to executing a public relations survey, our team can deliver results in as little as 24-hours. 

Below is a quick breakdown of the PR survey process with our automotive market research company. For a more detailed review, I recommend reading our Ultimate Guide to Custom Public Relations Surveys. We talk about our process in length.

Our approach to public relations surveys for car brands include:

  1. Kickoff Meeting. When choosing to work with Drive Research, our team first schedules a kickoff meeting for both parties to meet (virtually) and discuss project objectives.
  2. Survey Design. With your objectives in mind, our PR survey firm creates a custom survey, written with the intention of creating shareable headlines. 
  3. Fieldwork. After the survey is programmed and approved by your team, the survey is launched. We will provide your team with a live dashboard so you can review the data as soon as a respondent answers a single question.
  4. Survey Analysis. In this stage, our team cleans and analyzes the data to assure all responses are valid and trustworthy. This is an important stage when sharing the results with different news publications.
  5. PR Survey Reporting. Depending on what reporting package your team signs up for, Drive Research provides an executive summary highlighting key findings, a custom-written press release, an infographic, social media shareables, and more.

Additionally, our clients have access to over 100,000 media contacts to assure your results are shared and featured to a national audience. 

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Results of the Car Brand PR Survey

The content marketing agency was provided with an online dashboard with live results tabulated into charts and graphs. The dashboard will assist the client in monitoring the progress of the survey with our team

An example of the real-time dashboards can be viewed here: overall results using ACME data

Additionally, four cross-tabulation reports were created at no additional charge (age generations, gender, the  region of the country, etc.) These reports can be exported in Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, or Word.

Our team also recommended a topline report with an executive summary provided in a PowerPoint report. This topline will hit significant findings and headlines for the car brand.

The client has full permission to use Drive Research with a website link in any PR/marketing, as the survey methodology is described. This assists with third-party objectivity and legitimacy.

Conduct a PR Survey with Drive Research

Is your car brand, dealership, or client interested in conducting a public relations survey? Our automotive market research company is ready to help.

To receive a project quote, simply contact our team by your preferred channel.

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