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  • Blog: Product Naming Surveys: How to Find the Perfect Product Name with Market Research

    Market Research Options for Naming a New Product

    After spending months or even years perfecting your product, you are ready to introduce it to the market. Like with most roadblocks that come with introducing a new business venture, market research can help your team find the perfect product name. Here are a few options we recommend. You're sure it's going to sell like hotcakes but there's just one thing missing: the perfect product name. The right product name has many advantages and could be a key factor in the success of the product. Per

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  • Blog: Marketing Budget Planning for 2021: How to Prepare for the Unpredictable

    What Must-Have Items to Include in Your 2022 Marketing Budget

    When planning a marketing budget, there are the staple items most organizations include each year. Most marketers plan for costs associated with digital advertising, email marketing, website costs, etc. However, when creating your 2022 marketing budget it’s important to think outside of the box. Consumer trends evolve each year. Therefore, recreating the same marketing plan year after year can leave your business at a standstill. Instead, create a plan for change. Adding a component of mark

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  • Blog: How to Design the Best Product Packaging with an Online Survey

    How to Design the Best Food Product Packaging with Market Research

    Inventing a new food brand or product is a lot of work. Unfortunately, those blood, sweat, and tears don't end when the ingredients come together -- designing the product packaging is the other half of the equation. Regardless of how great the product tastes, looks, or smells, it's the packaging that draws new customers in and encourages them to buy it off the shelves. To assure your team designs the best food product packaging, it can be extremely beneficial to conduct market research. With t

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  • market research survey project

    How Does a Market Research Survey Project Work?

    If you are new to market research, the survey process can seem a little complex. That’s why in many instances, the organized will triumph in marketing research. If you are new to market research, the survey process can seem a little complex. Our online survey company outlines the 10-step process to follow for collecting high-quality data. There are various moving parts that must work cohesively to collect high-quality data. It might even be worth adding a few essential steps in your project ma

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  • Blog: How to Boost Advertising Sales with Market Research | Online Survey Company

    How to Boost Advertising Sales with Market Research | Online Survey Company

    In a constantly changing industry, sales and advertising teams must stay informed on the ever-changing approaches to promotion tactics. On top of that, it is a tough task to sell something the buyer doesn't think they need. For this reason, conducting market research with current and potential advertisers can share the in-depth insight your teams need to increase sales. In fact, our market research company recently completed both an online survey and competitive analysis to accomplish this exa

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  • Blog: Telemedicine Satisfaction Questionnaire: 10 Questions You Should Be Asking

    Telemedicine Satisfaction Questionnaire: 10 Questions You Should Be Asking

    More insurance companies have begun to cover telemedicine visits, which means more patients and healthcare providers are skipping the in-office experience for virtual consultations. Even after the Coronavirus pandemic, more healthcare providers will continue to offer telehealth as an option, which means patients’ are sure to have their opinions about telemedicine. Telemedicine satisfaction surveys are essential in understanding and improving the provider-patient relationship, especially as tec

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  • Blog: How to Survey Grocery Store Shoppers and Boost Retail Foot Traffic

    How to Survey Grocery Store Shoppers and Boost Retail Foot Traffic

    Each week, US supermarkets host an average of 66-71 million shoppers with the nation’s top grocery chains accounting for over 48% of sales. It is a highly competitive industry that leaves many local grocery stores to wonder how they can win business over other household name brands. Who is your average shopper? How do others in the community perceive your brand? Is your advertising messaging memorable? Survey grocery store shoppers can provide data-driven answers to these questions. As a r

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  • when is the best time of year to send a survey | thought bubble

    When is the Best Time of the Year to Send a Survey? | Survey Market Research Firm

    As a full-service market research company, we often get asked the question – “When is the best time of the year to send a survey?” In all honesty, the timing of the year doesn’t have too much of an impact on the success of a survey, whether it be conducted through phone, email, or other online channels. With the popular usage of mobile technology, everyone is most likely always connected to a device both at work and at home. Phone, tablets, laptops – for all generations of people it is becomi

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  • Blog: Struggling to Find Survey Respondents? Use These Four Tips.

    Struggling to Find Survey Respondents? Use These Four Tips.

    You've spent hours creating a well-written survey. The survey is programmed and ready for launch. But now you're left scratching your head wondering how to find survey respondents. Or perhaps, you've sent the online survey to fieldwork and are seeing low response rates. This is a common challenge our online survey company hears from prospective clients. Oftentimes the solution can include a mix of sourcing options. Ultimately, it’s helpful to get an understanding of the audience and objective

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  • Blog:Improving Grocery Store Checkout Experience with Concept Testing Surveys

    Improving Grocery Store Checkout Experience with Concept Testing Surveys

    The retail grocery shopping sector is one of the most competitive in business. As a result, measuring consumer loyalty can be an elusive thing as shoppers have more options than ever before. There are now grocery delivery services, curbside pickups, and food options just minutes away for customers. One way to stand out from grocery store competitors is by optimizing the in-store experience. Stores want to offer an experience that is memorable, positive, reliable, and fast. Our retail market r

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  • forms of quantitative research albany ny

    Common Forms of Quantitative Research | Market Research Firm

    In the world of quantitative market research, you are never short of possible methodologies. From online surveys to intercept surveys, there are various types of market research methods at your disposal - each with its own pros and cons depending on your project objectives. Below, our market research company shares a list of the most common forms of quantitative research. Each section includes the methodology's definition and reasons to consider conducting the type of study. Quantitative

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  • how geofencing is used

    How Geofencing is Used for Market Research Surveys

    As market research methodologies continue to evolve, geofencing has undoubtfully taken the industry by storm. When used for market research surveys, geofencing allows brands to gather quick insights from their target demographic in real-time. In this blog post, our market research company shares more details about this methodology including the definition of geofencing, its benefits, and an example of how organizations can leverage geofencing for online surveys. As research methodologies cont

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