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Focus groups are a form of qualitative research that involves group dialogue among 4 to 12 participants with a trained and experienced moderator to guide the discussion.

Drive Research not only manages qualitative research at its focus group facility in Syracuse but also conducts groups all across Upstate New York and across the country.

With our qualitative recruiting services giving our focus groups company access to participants anywhere in the country, Drive Research can easily rent a focus group facility, hotel conference room, or event room to host your qualitative market research. There are no limits.

For the majority of the projects at our national focus groups firm, our team assists with recruiting for focus groups, booking a location, moderating the focus groups, transcribing the discussion, and creating a comprehensive market research report following the groups.

Approach to Focus Groups

Focus group participants are pre-screened to ensure they fit your qualification criteria. The moderator follows a pre-written guide of questions to inquire about opinions and thoughts about your product, service, or concept.

Focus groups typically last 60 minutes to 2 hours and are held at a focus group facility equipped with a one-way viewing mirror for clients.

Locations like our focus group facility in Upstate New York offer several advantages including separate space for clients to view groups, audio and video recording, streaming capabilities, and several other on-site benefits.

Online Focus Groups

Drive Research can also help with hosting and recruiting online focus groups. Video focus groups are gaining attention in the market research industry because of greater access to demographics and reduced costs. Your team can save money on travel, facility rentals, and recruitment. 

Learn how video focus groups work, here.


  • Qualitative research
  • Focused on exploring thoughts, opinions, and beliefs
  • Hosted in a focus group facility with a one-way mirror or online
  • Groups contain 4 to 12 participants
  • Moderator leads the discussion
  • Participants are rewarded for participation

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Drive Research strikes a perfect balance of engaging yet informative focus groups in all of the sessions we design and moderate. We have 3 rules for our participants: relax, have fun, and be honest.

Drive Research designs focus groups to offer engaging, yet insightful, activities for our participants and clients alike.

We invite all of our clients to sit in and watch their focus groups so they can interact with the moderator during breaks and request additional questions or feedback on-the-go.

Focus groups are all about interaction and dialogue. Through these conversations, Drive Research extracts the insights you need.

Interested in receiving a quote or proposal from our national focus group company? Our national qualitative market research company will send you a custom proposal to meet your project objectives.

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