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Drive Research assists organizations across the country with employee engagement surveys.

We will help you understand what is important to your employees, how satisfied they are with those factors, what improvements are necessary to increase retention, and how your organization stacks up against industry peers.


Our services are trusted by both SMBs & Fortune 500s

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Why Full-Service Employee Survey Services Are Better

Through our 30+ years of experience, our employee engagement survey company has designed a proven process that resonates with all types of organizations. We are more than just another HR or survey tool. 


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Offer employees 100% confidentiality

Receiving a true picture of employee satisfaction hinges on the willingness to share their opinions freely and the confidence that their responses are 100% anonymous. 

Hiring employee survey companies like Drive Research allows staff members to share their honest feedback without fear of retaliation – all of which leads to more accurate results.

For more insights here, read our Ultimate Guide to Using a Third Party for Employee Surveys. 


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Higher employee survey response rates

Each employee survey project includes Drive Research sending your employees an email with best-practice language, inviting them to complete the questionnaire. 

Additionally, we will send reminder emails to team members who have not completed the survey (rather than a blanket email to the entire staff). 

This email cadence, combined with third-party confidentiality, results in higher response rates than DIY survey platforms.


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Advanced survey design

The custom survey we design for your employee survey project ensures we can identify priority areas to correct (high importance and low satisfaction) and areas of strength (high importance and high satisfaction.)

At the end of the process, our employee survey company details which factors have the largest impact on overall employee loyalty and satisfaction through simple analytical techniques like correlation and regression analysis.


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We act as employee survey consultants

An employee survey project with Drive Research is more than just earning data and charts.

Your dedicated project team will work with you to lay out recommendations and data-driven strategies to increase employee retention and engagement. 

We also use secondary research to provide context to survey results. For instance, how does your employee net promoter score compare to competitors and industry averages? 


Survey your employees with the help of a third party for honest, actionable feedback

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Other Employee Engagement Survey Capabilities

We understand that human resource budgets can vary by organization. Therefore, Drive Research offers a low-cost, turn-key employee survey solution as an alternative to our full-service employee survey studies. 

The process of using our Voice of Employee survey tool includes:

  • Step #1: Complete the sign-up form here.
  • Step #2: We contact you to collect payment and employee contact information (name and email address).
  • Step #3: Drive Research sends employees an email invitation to complete a 46-question survey within two business days of receiving payment.
  • Step #4: You receive access to an online portal that provides live, up-to-the-second results.
  • Step #5: The survey link remains active for at least two weeks. Drive Research sends reminder emails to non-responders during this time.
  • Step #6: Fieldwork is closed, and you are fully equipped with the actionable data needed to improve employee retention and engagement.

Drive Research offers various pricing packages, starting at $3,000.

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What Organizations Are Saying About Our Employee Survey Company 

Drive Research has conducted employee surveys across every sector – finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and more. We pride ourselves on having a nearly perfect 5-star Google rating. Here is why our clients love working with us. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Employee Survey Companies

How much does an employee survey cost?

When choosing to work with a third-party employee survey company, many elements drive the cost of outsourcing an employee survey.

The scope will vary depending on the length of the survey, the size of your organization, the methodology, and reporting needs. Plan to budget anywhere from $3,000 to $30,000 for a basic full-service study with a consultant and more for fully customized research.

How often should companies do employee surveys?

Companies should conduct employee surveys once a year. Depending on your goals, quarterly or monthly employee pulse surveys may be more suitable.

By regularly surveying employees, organizations obtain benchmarking data to measure changes in employee engagement, satisfaction, and other metrics.

How do I choose the right employee survey company?

Choosing the best employee survey company is essential. Look for factors such as relevant experience, best-practice approaches, recommended question sets, responsiveness, level of consultancy, and client testimonials.

How long does an employee survey project take? 

When conducting a full-service employee survey, you can expect the project to take 4-6 weeks from kickoff to completion.

There are options to expedite this more quickly with our turnkey employee survey solution. It includes pre-set questions, allowing our team to send the employee survey in less than 48 hours.

Learn more about the Drive Research employee survey tool.

What is the best time to do an employee survey?

No one month, day, or time is best for conducting an employee survey. We recommend leaving data collection open for at least 2 weeks to account for time off, work priorities, or vacation time away. Though, there are times to avoid.

Organizations should avoid sending an employee survey during:

  • Holiday-shortened work weeks
  • Midst of a significant organizational change 
  • The weekends when employees are not checking email regularly 
  • Busy seasons (i.e., surveying tax professionals in March and April)

What is a good response rate for employee surveys?

A high response rate is crucial because it is more representative of all opinions across your organization, increasing the statistical significance of the data. More responses make you feel confident acting on the data with overall themes and findings within sub-segments.

A reasonable response rate for employee surveys is 30%-80%. Any response rate above 80% is considered excellent.

Why do companies do employee engagement surveys?

Based on our experience conducting employee surveys, several common factors drive companies to collect team feedback.

Companies conduct employee engagement surveys to:

  • Measure employee engagement
  • Identify areas of critical importance, satisfaction, and dissatisfaction
  • Identify drivers to employee retention
  • Evaluate co-worker and manager relationships
  • Obtain benchmarking data on industry peers
  • Share statistics with prospective employees 

These are valuable in making data-driven decisions to create a happier workplace.

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