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Working With Our National Employee Surveys Company 

As a national employee survey company, Drive Research will help you understand what is important to your employees, how satisfied they are with those factors, what improvements are necessary to drive loyalty higher, and how your organization stacks up against its peers through benchmarks.

Our national survey company often talks about 4 benchmarks with employee surveys. This includes:

  1. Benchmarking against your own organization and past employee survey metrics
  2. Benchmarking against your key competitors by understanding how your workplace compares to other organizations employees have worked at
  3. Benchmarking against industry peers through Drive Research owned metrics
  4. Benchmarking against best-in-class workplaces and cultures across the country

Understanding employee motivations helps your organization better manage and inspire employees.

Employee surveys are often a forgotten methodology in market research due to the central focus on the customer. However, national data reports internal improvements to culture and the workplace can have large ramifications on customer satisfaction.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Employee Satisfaction Survey

Using a third-party employee survey company is essential for this type of market research to ensure the confidentiality and anonymity of the data.

Managing your own survey hurts your organization in two ways:

  1. Employees will not trust the data will be confidential
  2. As a result, the survey is expected to garner a much lower response rate

Better yet, it helps prioritize areas that matter most to your employees and as a consultant, we work with you to lay out recommendations and a game plan to move forward using facts and evidence.

For more information, read our Ultimate Guide to Using a Third Party for Employee Surveys.

Our Pricing

We understand that budgets can vary by organization, therefore Drive Research offers organizations various approaches to conducting a workplace survey. From end-to-end project management to a turn-key solution, there are many ways our team can help.

1. Our turn-key employee survey solution (no customization)

Through our combined 80+ years of experience, we have designed the perfect turn-key solution that resonates with all types of organizations. 

  • Step #1: Complete the sign-up form here.
  • Step #2: We contact you to collect payment and employee contact information (name and email address).
  • Step #3: Drive Research sends employees an email invitation to complete a 46-question survey within two business days of receiving payment.
  • Step #4: You receive access to an online portal that provides live, up-to-the-second results.
  • Step #5: The survey link remains active for at least two weeks. Drive Research sends reminder emails to non-responders during this time.
  • Step #6: Fieldwork is closed, and you are fully equipped with the actionable data needed to improve employee retention and engagement.

Drive Research offers various pricing packages, starting at $3,000.

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2. Our custom employee survey projects (full customization)

Drive Research has conducted employee surveys across every sector – finance, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, education, and more. We often recommend starting from the inside out for some of our clients who institute a full market research program at the organization.

The custom survey we design for your employee survey project ensures we can identify priority areas to correct (high importance and low satisfaction) and areas of strength (high importance and high satisfaction.)

At the end of the process, our national employee engagement survey firm details which factors have the largest impact on overall employee loyalty and satisfaction through simple analytical techniques like correlation and regression.

We provide you with a thorough report which offers an executive summary of themes and recommendations to help your organization interpret and digest the data easily.

Need a quote or proposal for a custom employee survey project? Contact us.

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