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  • 4 Excellent Strategies for Improving Customer Retention in 2020

    4 Excellent Strategies for Improving Customer Retention in 2020

    Year after year, improving customer retention is consistently a common goal is businesses across the country. Why? It takes more money to acquire a new customer than it does to keep the same audience coming back for more. No, really…it does. It is more fiscally responsible and smart for organizations to focus their efforts on improving customer satisfaction than it is to beef up new customer acquisition strategies. To help get the ball rolling, our Voice of Customer (VoC) research firm will p

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  • Using Customer Data to Inform Business Decisions Post-Coronavirus

    Using Customer Data to Inform Business Decisions Post-Coronavirus

    It seems we hear statements like these get thrown around all day, every day... “New normal...” “We’re all in this together...” “We’re standing by…” “We’re here to help…” “During these uncertain times…” It had me thinking. Are consumers tired of receiving these same types of messages? There has to be a better way to proactively and actually help customers rather than just saying “we’re here if you need us.” What is it that customers really want during a time of crisis? Typically, cust

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  • How to Create Buyer Personas for a Website

    How to Create Buyer Personas for a Website

    The key to unlocking the potential of your website and converting visitors is by understanding their profiles, motivations, and behaviors. In the world of Google Analytics, you are likely sitting on hundreds of thousands of data points to help explain behavior on your site: bounce rates, conversion rates, etc. While Google Analytics does a great job of answering the what of your website visitors, it lacks the ability to tell you why. This is where custom-built buyer personas can fill gaps.

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  • Adapting Your Bank or Credit Union Strategy to the New Normal | COVID-19

    Adapting Your Bank or Credit Union Strategy to the New Normal | COVID-19

    To say the COVID-19 or coronavirus crisis has been a disruption to the economy would be a major understatement. All businesses have been affected by this with banks and credit unions being no different. Although the impact on both the health system and economy can make everyone think conservatively, the best businesses will use this time to better understand customers, make short-term and long-term institutional changes, and demonstrate your organization is thought leader in the industry by.

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  • Customer Attrition Survey Company | 4 Market Research Options to Examine Customer Churn

    Customer Attrition Survey Company | 4 Market Research Options to Examine Customer Churn

    No company likes to mention it. No company wants to talk about it. Unfortunately, no matter how good your product or service is, customer attrition is inevitable. Customers leave for a variety of reasons. Some of which are in your control while others may not be in your control to fix. For example, if you are a barbershop and your customer leaves because he moves half-way across the country to Texas, there is not much you can do. It would be unrealistic to think there is any type of marketing o

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    Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Banks and Credit Unions | 3 Key Findings

    As a market research company in NY, Drive Research works with a variety of industries to become more successful by extracting insights from surveys to accelerate business strategy. A great type of market research methodology used to uncover these findings are customer satisfaction surveys. Perhaps the most-well known type of marketing research survey, customer satisfaction surveys are a formal way of simply asking consumers for feedback. Often times, general audience feedback can lead to surpri

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  • consumer-feedback-market-research-04112019

    Voice of Customer | Gain Valuable Data with Consumer Feedback

    Consumers are more demanding than ever. To best meet customer expectations, organizations are increasingly investing in Voice of Customer (VoC) services to find the answers to key business questions. Why do your customers need you? What can you help your customers with? What are your customers interests? Your customers are who can provide the best insight to these questions. Don’t rest on your laurels or assume you already have all the answers. VoC is the first step in initiating company-wide

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  • credit-union-member-survey-research-tips-01032019

    How to Run a Member Survey at Your Credit Union

    An organized process for a member survey encourages organized outcomes and organized action items. Although a member survey might seem like an easy initiative to launch, it is too easy to fall in any number of traps along the way if you are designing the program in-house. These potential traps include biasing the questions asked to members, wording questions incorrectly, not asking the right questions, asking questions where nothing can be done with the data, asking too many questions, and many

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  • customer-engagement-trends-market-research-10052018

    3 Customer Engagement Trends for 2019

    Every year market research professionals can expect new and exciting trends in market research. With technological advances, globalization, and new products and services continuing to break into an already crowded marketplace, it becomes more and more vital for businesses to better understand target markets. Developing successful marketing campaigns is key to continued success and increased revenue for the upcoming year. Market research trends have drastically changed over the years and will co

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  • market-research-services-manufacturers-collect-key-insight-09272018

    5 Market Research Services for Manufacturers to Collect Key Insights

    Obtaining customer feedback is crucial to the success of a manufacturer. As a manufacturing company, the term customer could mean many things to you. Customer could mean a distributor. Customer could mean and end-user. Customer could mean a buyer or purchasing agent. Customer could mean an OEM manufacturer. Whatever you deem as your customers, the same theory holds true: customer feedback is invaluable. When it comes to market research services for manufacturers, you are not short of options. Y

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  • Breakdown-costs-market-research-08162018

    Breakdown of Costs in a Customer Survey | Market Research Firm

    Customer surveys are a common form of market research and arguably the most valuable as well. Voice of Customer (VoC) market research is essential to businesses and organizations because it helps you better understand customer profiles, better understand motivators to choice, and helps you grow. Customer surveys come in many forms: paper surveys, mail surveys, intercept surveys, online surveys, email surveys, and phone surveys. For the purpose of this article today, I will talk about the most c

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  • increase-response-rate-market-research-07102018

    6 Ways to Increase Response Rates to Your Customer Survey

    Response rates. They can be very tricky because when you launch a survey you are jumping into the great unknown. How many will reply? You think you have an estimate but how sure are you? What if you receive only 50 responses? Are you equipped to handle 5,000 responses for analysis and reporting? That is a lot of unanswered questions. With the majority of clients our customer survey company works with, most of the concern revolves around too little feedback. We've even worked on some projects wh

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