Mail Surveys

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    4 Situations Where It Makes Sense to Choose a Mail Survey

    Although the growth of technology has led to cost-effective, timely, and quality market research through methodologies like online surveys, there remains situations where mail surveys remain relevant. Many organizations we work with do not have email contacts for all of their customers so outside of phone calls, they often choose a mail survey outright or a hybrid combination of a mail survey and email survey. The response rates are strong. Whether it is a mailed letter survey or postcard, we a

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    What is the Process for a Mail Survey?

    I know, I know... I recently discussed why my favorite research methodology is online surveys, but that does not mean I don't appreciate the benefits of mail surveys. Albeit, mail surveys may seem like an archaic methodology, but they do offer some intriguing benefits. For starters, mail surveys are great when reaching the target audience(s) via social media, email, or other online methods are not feasible. Second, mail surveys can offer a credibility factor. For example, if the survey is bein

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    4 Ways to Save Budget on Your Next Mail Survey | Firm in Syracuse, NY

    Although mail surveys may be a dying breed, there are some instances where they still remain a player. Mail is so rare these days we often get excited to open the mailbox and find something new, yet we delete our emails so quickly. About 20 years ago it was the exact opposite, excitement for email and boredom with USPS mail. Times have changed. Thinking about some situations where mail surveys still apply, a few come to mind. For instance, some banks and credit unions are only able to communica

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