Market Research Case Studies

  • Blog: Children Run Together to the Summer Camp

    How to Increase Summer Camp Registrations and Attract Families

    What better way to improve your summer program than to rely on direct feedback from your campers and their parents or guardians? While there are several different ways to get their opinions and understand areas of improvement, online surveys have proven to be an effective outlet for gathering this information. Take for example a recent project our market research company completed for a daycare and learning center in Portland, Oregon. Below we share our easy-to-follow process for conducting

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  • Blog: How to Analyze the Customer Journey

    How to Analyze the Customer Journey with Surveys

    Analyzing the customer journey is hugely important because it tells businesses how shoppers interact with their brand. This is why businesses need to prioritize the customer experience as a whole. Using secondary data, we can make accurate assumptions about this essential process. For instance, here are a few stats Google collected on online shopping behaviors: 87% of consumers said knowing they got a good deal is important when deciding which brand/retailer to purchase from 85% said produc

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  • Blog: Measuring Demand for New Healthcare Product with Doctors

    Measuring Appeal and Demand for New Healthcare Product

    When it comes to launching a new product in healthcare, research is everything - not only from the potential clinical side with patients but also among prescribing doctors. Therefore, if you're testing a new healthcare product concept, it is essential to collect feedback from physicians on new product offerings to understand their opinion, potential barriers to prescribing, potential demand, and other critical factors. Our healthcare market research company recently partnered with a brand to

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  • Blog: How to Determine Opportunity Size When Expanding into New Markets

    How to Determine Opportunity Size When Expanding into New Markets

    It’s safe to assume you’ve stumbled on this blog post because your organization has been brainstorming on a new product or service idea. Perhaps you’re planning on commercializing this new concept, but are unsure if it will result in a significant ROI. The costs needed to develop new product expansions are rarely minimal. Therefore, to make smart, informed decisions you want to determine the potential opportunity size for entering a new market. To measure the appeal of a new product concept

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  • Blog: Supervisor Evaluation Surveys: How to Measure Management Satisfaction

    Supervisor Evaluation Surveys: How to Measure Management Satisfaction

    Most employees, across several levels of an organization, work with a supervisory figure. Supervisors train, collaborate, and evaluate the employees working underneath them. Beyond that, they’re often the first person an employee talks to when they start the day and the person they go to for support or guidance. Needless to say, this relationship heavily influences the experience an employee has at a company. You probably have heard the saying that “people don’t leave companies, they leave m

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  • Blog: Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Finding success in the highly competitive beauty industry is becoming increasingly difficult as consumers continue to evolve. Beauty market research is helpful in understanding target consumers and measuring the effectiveness of advertising. Conducting market research for beauty products answers key questions before launching an advertising campaign including: Wondering what ad makes customers most likely to try your product or service? Wondering what offer is most appealing to customers? Wo

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  • Blog: Using Surveys to Improve Student Attrition and Graduation Rates

    Using Surveys to Improve Student Attrition and Graduation Rates

    Student attrition and graduation rates can be a major pain point for educational institutions across the U.S. Disruptions to the classroom environment from the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular, have thrown a wrench into the capacity to keep students enrolled. Many schools are left asking what they could have done differently to prevent students from leaving for another institution or dropping out of school entirely. It’s an issue that probably looks a little different for every educational i

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Market Research with Gastroenterologists | Healthcare Market Research Firm

    How to Conduct Market Research with Gastroenterologists

    Market research comes in all shapes and sizes. Oftentimes, the structure of a research project is dependent on the type of respondent or participant brands want to gather feedback on. For example, conducting market research with gastroenterologists is much different than surveying anyone who shops at Target. It requires different best practices and processes to accomplish a successful study with doctors who are constantly on the move. Luckily, we can share some insight into this audience. L

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  • How to Conduct a Patient Loyalty Survey | Medicare Patient Survey Results

    Patient Loyalty Surveys: How (& Why) to Run Them

    Market research and healthcare seem to go hand-in-hand these days. That's because healthcare market research such as patient loyalty surveys provides healthcare practices with a better understanding of similarities and differences among their patients. Healthcare practices often want to better understand the patient experience and levels of satisfaction. The results from these studies are often broken down by several different factors such as: Level of insurance  Insurance carrier Primary

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  • Recruiting Consumers for In-Store Research: Step-By-Step Process

    When one leading U.S. supermarket chain decided to conduct in-store research on their shelf displays in the coffee aisle, Drive Research was contracted for the study. Though there are many ways to replicate a shelf display or aisle, some studies require in-store research. Lucky for them, there are many market research options for grocery stores. One of the biggest industries worth over $800 billion, supermarkets are constantly changing due to consumer demand. And we couldn’t think of a bett

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  • Blog: How to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates

    How to Increase Your Employee Survey Response Rates

    There may be nothing worse than spending weeks writing, programming, and sending a survey to employees just to see a 2% response rate. First and foremost, I want to commend you for even taking interest in gathering team feedback. But, as an employee survey company, we understand that it’s frustrating to not be rewarded with an influx of actionable data as expected. Want to know how to increase the response rate of your employee survey? You’ve come to the right place. Recently, Drive Researc

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  • How to Conduct a Patient Satisfaction Survey | Healthcare Market Research Company

    Patient Satisfaction Surveys: How Strategies Equal Solutions

    Patient satisfaction surveys, sometimes referred to as patient affinity surveys, are a common methodology in healthcare market research. A patient affinity survey answers the following questions: How satisfied are patients? Do patients trust their primary care physician (PCP)? How likely are patients to switch physicians? Why? How likely are patients to switch medical practices? Why? How can the medical practice improve patient satisfaction? Our healthcare market research firm recently cond

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