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Drive Research assists B2B and B2C organizations across the country with quantitative online surveys.

Our market research team has 30+ years of experience designing industry-leading surveys, sourcing niche respondents, and sharing expert recommendations based on the data.


Leading Brands Use Drive Research for Online Surveys

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Full-Service Online Research Survey Capabilities

We know you have many options when it comes to outsourcing your online survey. However, what makes Drive Research stand apart is how we treat each client project as more than a job. We bring a level of importance to your study that we would bring to our own business. Here’s how our online survey agency is different.


End-to-end project management

Collecting quality and accurate feedback requires more than a DIY survey platform. Drive Research offers a full-service market research experience so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


A custom online survey with Drive Research includes:

  • Dedicated project management team
  • Best practice survey language
  • Data quality programming and cleaning
  • Fieldwork management
  • Client portal with access to real-time survey responses
  • Recommendations for how to use the data for business strategy


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Custom written surveys

No two organizations are the same. Each has its own unique objectives for market research – and our online research surveys reflect that.

In addition to our custom-designed surveys, we support both simple and complex question types. From multiple choice to conjoint analysis, Drive Research writes surveys to keep respondents engaged and clients satisfied. 



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Sample sourcing and field management

The projects with our online survey agency are fulfilled through a number of sample pools.

Drive Research sources respondents through: 

  • Proprietary customer email lists
  • Tried and tested panel vendors
  • In-house market research panel
  • Social media advertisements 

If you have an audience to reach, Drive Research can find them.


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Data quality controls

Ensuring high data quality is critical for online research. After all, these insights will drive decision-making for your business, marketing, and sales strategy. 

Our online survey agency ensures results are accurate and trustworthy by completing data quality checks such as including quality check survey questions, flagging duplicate IP addresses, reviewing all open-ends, and more.




We act as online survey consultants

After fielding the online survey, you’ll receive more than an export of data and numbers. 

Drive Research offers clients various reporting packages from topline summaries to comprehensive presentations. Many of our reports include a question-by-question analysis, key takeaways, data visualizations, and industry benchmarking data.

You will walk away with actionable recommendations from the data we collect to accelerate business strategy.  


Conduct third-party online surveys and earn quality, actionable data

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See Why Businesses Love Drive Research For Online Surveys

The portfolio of clients at our online survey agency includes various types of B2B and B2C organizations across the world. We bring a level of importance to your project that we would bring to our own business. It is important to our team to manage both client and respondent expectations. It’s how we’ve earned a nearly perfect 5-star Google rating from both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Survey Companies

How much does an online survey cost?

The cost of an online survey varies based on respondent criteria, survey length,  the goal number of responses, and the level of reporting.

Generally, when looking for a full-service consultant to manage your online survey, including consultation, design, programming, data collection, and reporting, you will likely need a budget of $8,000 to $40,000.

There are ways to value engineer the cost lower, but many variables push the price higher.

Are online surveys good research?

Online surveys are the most common approach to good market research because they are cost-effective, efficient, accessible, timely, and offer measurable feedback. Working with a third-party survey company assures heightened data quality checks and accuracy and avoids costly mistakes with DIY tools.

What are the different types of online surveys?

The most popular surveys include customer satisfaction surveys, employee surveys, brand equity surveys, and marketing and PR surveys. All of which have a common goal of yielding actionable data to drive business growth.

What is a good response rate for online surveys?

A good online survey response rate on internal contact lists or pre-existing database lists is between 2% and 30%. A response rate above 30% is considered excellent.

Factors that increase survey response rates include shorter survey length, engaging questions, and offering an incentive. A response rate can often tell of the strength of your relationship with your customers.

Working with a professional research firm that utilizes a panel company can lead to guaranteed response levels among targeted audiences,

How long does an online survey project take?

A full-service online survey project can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. However, there are ways to expedite this timeline and factors that could extend the timeline, such as difficult-to-reach audiences, advanced analytics, or international needs with translations.

How do I choose the best third-party online survey company?

When choosing the best online survey company, consider factors such as survey customization, data quality and security protocols, level of consultancy, experience in your industry, and client testimonials.

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