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Working With Our National Online Survey Company

Online surveys are a form of quantitative research aimed to acquire feedback on a specific objective. They are designed, programmed, and administered online often through a link or email invitation.

Our national online survey company ensures our questionnaires are mobile-friendly since up to a half or more of the responses will be completed via a mobile device. Not all surveys need to be completed online. We can also manage paper and mail surveys for our clients.

Approach to Online Surveys

The projects with our online survey company are fulfilled through a number of sample pools including proprietary customer email lists, purchased lists, panel vendors, mobile alerts, or through social media channels. If you have an audience to reach, Drive Research can find them, survey them, and learn from them by creating a sample representative of your target audience.

As a national online survey company, we specialize in all types of question design from basic to advanced. Examples of market research projects at Drive Research include customer satisfaction surveys, loyalty surveys which cover net promoter score (NPS), and other key performance indicators (KPIs).


  • Quantitative research
  • Focused on measurement
  • Survey length may vary depending on objectives
  • Surveys are mobile-friendly
  • Conducted through email or an online link share
  • Various options for reporting

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Drive Research works with your team to create a customized survey that is engaging, unbiased, and statistically reliable. If you want our opinion, you won't find a better return on investment (ROI) in market research than an online survey.

We work best with clients who need to be walked through and have the online survey process managed for them using our expertise. Our national online survey company offers quality data, affordable projects, and fast results for your business. Your success is our success.

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