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  • Blog: Surveying Families: How to Recruit Parents & Kids for Market Research

    Surveying Families: How to Recruit Parents & Kids for Market Research

    After working in recruitment for so many years, I’m no stranger to challenging audiences. There used to be one audience that would make my stomach drop: parents. And that's because parents and kids come with many factors that may dissuade them from participating. However, that was before I learned a few tips and tricks for surveying families, which I’ll outline below. Continue reading this blog to learn more about the challenges of recruiting parents and kids, and suggestions on what you sh

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  • Blog: What are Text Focus Groups? (& Why They're Beneficial)

    What are Text Focus Groups? (& Why They're Beneficial)

    Between the ongoing major shift to digital, long-distance communication, and the rapid advancement of the technology we use to connect in our daily lives, smartphones and texting has become second nature for many of us. So, hosting text focus groups for research discussions seems like a no-brainer, right? Surprisingly, it’s an area little-explored in the world of market research. But the reason for it couldn’t be more timely. According to Pew Research, 97% of Americans 18 and older own cell

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  • PR Polling Surveys: How to Use Surveys for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

    The PR Pros Guide to Public Relations Surveys in 2023

    Press coverage. We need to earn more press coverage! But how? Every day, journalists and news directors receive hundreds of pitches from brands hoping to share their stories. To stand out against the masses, your pitch needs to include information that is relevant, unique, and compelling. And that is the type of insight and value custom public relations surveys can provide. Public relations market research is data that is designed to be shared. Shared in news releases, press, media outlets

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  • Blog: Children Run Together to the Summer Camp

    How to Increase Summer Camp Registrations and Attract Families

    What better way to improve your summer program than to rely on direct feedback from your campers and their parents or guardians? While there are several different ways to get their opinions and understand areas of improvement, online surveys have proven to be an effective outlet for gathering this information. Take for example a recent project our market research company completed for a daycare and learning center in Portland, Oregon. Below we share our easy-to-follow process for conducting

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Telehealth Satisfaction Survey | Healthcare Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Telehealth Satisfaction Survey

    Over the past decade, telehealth has slowly evolved into healthcare facilities across the world. However, it was not until more recently that telemedicine became more widespread. A survey by our healthcare market research firm shows that 64% of people are more likely to consider using telemedicine or digital healthcare since COVID-19 hit. For this reason, many healthcare institutions are conducting telehealth satisfaction surveys with their patients to measure how they feel about this new ag

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  • Blog: Surveying Gynecologists: 6 Steps of Obstetrician Market Research

    Surveying Gynecologists: 6 Steps of Obstetrician Market Research

    Just as medicine has various specialties, so does market research. In today's post, we'll be covering how to survey gynecologists through the use of online healthcare market research. Surveying obstetricians can reveal key data that will work to improve medical treatments, products and other important factors. This allows healthcare and wellness brands to perfect their services. Keep reading to learn how to create a survey for gynecologists. Benefits of Conducting Market Research with Gy

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  • Blog: Website Analytics: Guide to Measuring and Improving (+ Free Checklist)

    Website Analytics: Guide to Measuring and Improving (+ Free Checklist)

    Imagine this. You launch a landing page and see that it’s generating hundreds of page views, but people are leaving the page after a few seconds. Why is that? In the same scenario, you have published a series of blog posts that are generating contact form fills but you can’t tell which post is driving the most conversions. Or, which post is providing very little traffic, and why that is? To truly understand your website users and how well it performs, you need data. And that’s why reviewing

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  • Blog: How to Survey Dermatologists: Key Steps to Consider

    How to Survey Dermatologists: Key Steps to Consider

    There are many reasons to conduct online surveys and healthcare market research with dermatologists. Some key reasons may be: Feedback on patient/practitioner relations Feedback on new healthcare product concepts Understanding common pain points Regardless of your objectives, conducting market research with doctors is unlike any other audience. They are short on time and therefore need higher incentives to share their feedback. Luckily, our healthcare market research company has experience

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  • Blog: How to Analyze the Customer Journey

    How to Analyze the Customer Journey with Surveys

    Analyzing the customer journey is hugely important because it tells businesses how shoppers interact with their brand. This is why businesses need to prioritize the customer experience as a whole. Using secondary data, we can make accurate assumptions about this essential process. For instance, here are a few stats Google collected on online shopping behaviors: 87% of consumers said knowing they got a good deal is important when deciding which brand/retailer to purchase from 85% said produc

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  • Blog: Organizational Strategies for Promoting Work-Life Balance

    Organizational Strategies for Promoting Work-Life Balance

    We’ll say it before and we’ll say it again: employees are the reason any company exists or succeeds. For employees to be truly satisfied with their work, an organization must have a healthy work-life balance. This is where some of our favorite organizational strategies come into play. These strategies can come in many forms, which we’ll cover further down in this post. However, while each strategy is unique, they’ll all tell you how to improve workplace culture for better long-term employmen

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Custom PR Surveys | PR Polling Company

    The Ultimate Guide to Custom PR Surveys in 2023

    If you found this post from our national PR polling company in the neverending ocean, that is Google, boy are you in for a treat. We may be a tad biased, but we have got a whole team of writers here at our research firm who believe this is the holy grail for conducting a custom PR survey. Here is what we’ll cover in this ultimate guide (click the title to skip ahead): Chapter One: What is a PR Survey? Chapter Two: Why are Surveys Important for PR? Chapter Three: The Process of Conducting Cu

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  • Bot on the internet

    How to Spot Poor Survey Respondents: Ask These Questions

    Data quality is always a hot topic when it comes to online surveys. It can feel defeating when a researcher meticulously designs a survey only to find poor data quality lurking in the responses. There are 4 types of online survey respondents that scare the $&#@ out of researchers. The speeder The professional The one who doesn’t read directions The tech wiz Keep reading to learn how to spot poor quality survey responses, what causes illegitimate data, and five unique survey questions to ask

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