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  • What Is Brand Loyalty? (+ Strategies To Create It)

    What Is Brand Loyalty? (+ Strategies To Create It)

    Brand loyalty is crucial for businesses to make their desired impact on consumers. Loyal customers are far more likely to make repeat purchases, spread positive word-of-mouth reviews, and pay a premium for a brand they love. We’ve found that building brand loyalty isn’t just about having a great product. At its core, brand loyalty is about creating memorable experiences that resonate with customers' values and needs. Brand loyalty could be the difference between seeing your company succeed

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  • Blog: 4 Outdated Qualitative Recruitment Methods to Stop Relying On

    4 Outdated Qualitative Recruitment Methods to Stop Relying On

    In the ever-changing world of market research, it's necessary to stay up to date with common qualitative recruitment practices to ensure you receive actionable, reliable data. Traditional recruitment efforts, while once trusted resources, may now include biases and various inefficiencies, limiting diversity and reach. Recruiting for participants is always changing, but our qualitative recruitment company stays up to date on current trends and challenges in the industry, and has the expertise

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  • Blog: What is Churn? [Formula + Examples]

    What is Churn? [Formula + Examples]

    Understanding and measuring customer retention is crucial. One key metric that businesses track to gauge customer loyalty is churn. But what exactly is churn, and why is it so important? In this blog post, we'll delve into the concept of churn, explain the formula used to calculate it, and provide practical examples. What Does Churn Mean in Business? Churn is a term used to quantify a percentage of people who leave a group, organization, or company within a given time period. It most comm

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  • Blog: Understanding Usage and Behaviors for a Regional Airport

    Understanding Usage and Behaviors for a Regional Airport

    Using data to drive decision-making makes a lot of sense, especially when you ask the right questions to the right audience. Recently, a regional airport wanted to understand how to better align its offerings to its market area. Cue a well-crafted market research study to the rescue! Learn more about the goals, objectives, approach, and results of this airport study below. Objectives of the Regional Airport Survey One of the most important steps when starting an online survey project is t

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  • Blog: Guide to Custom Research Panels [+ How To Build Your Own]

    Guide to Online Research Panels [+ How To Build Your Own]

    A custom research panel offers organizations the opportunity to gather timely, consistent, and high-quality insights tailored to their specific needs. In the age of data-driven decision-making, having direct access to a dedicated group of engaged and relevant participants is invaluable. Unlike traditional survey methods, a custom panel provides a reliable and flexible resource for continuous feedback, fostering deeper connections with your target audience. This blog will guide you through t

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  • Blog: 60 Example Focus Group Questions for Better Participant Feedback

    60 Example Focus Group Questions for Better Participant Feedback

    Asking the right questions during a focus group plays a critical role in receiving actionable feedback. Questions should be designed to foster conversation among participants, leading them to think critically about the topic at hand and to share ideas. As a result, the feedback an organization obtains from focus groups becomes invaluable to its business strategy. The more detailed the feedback, the better the results. In this post, we'll share over 60 example focus group questions to enhanc

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  • what is secondary research market research firm syracuse ny

    What is Secondary Research? (Our Definition, Examples, and Types)

    Organizations, brands, and researchers are constantly seeking ways to collect and explore more data that helps them understand the vast array of subjects. One invaluable tool at their disposal is secondary research also, known as desk research. Essentially secondary research means it’s data and research collected by someone else. This includes analyzing data prepared by other industry experts or syndicated databases. While primary research involves collecting data firsthand, secondary resea

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  • online-focus-groups-market-research-upstate-01082018

    Conducting Online Focus Groups in 7 Steps (+ How To Recruit)

    With all of the talk about remote market research methodologies, one would think in-person focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be that focus groups are evolving. As remote focus groups, virtual focus groups, video focus groups, and online focus groups have grown steadily over the past 10 years, COVID-19 really pushed this methodology into overdrive. It is no surprise to us that this online methodology has taken the market research industry by storm in recent years and wil

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  • Food Product Development: The Best Way to Test Market a New Food Product

    How to Conduct Food Product Development Market Research

    Market research is a key player in launching a successful new food product. Food brands should have a clear understanding of their consumer preferences, their needs, market trends, and competing brands. This data will help them craft a food product that has a positive impact on their target audience. Food development market research can be done using multiple methods. While the chosen method depends on a brand's unique needs, common ones include in-home usage tests, focus groups, and taste t

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  • How to Measure Employee Experience (EX)

    Measuring employee experience is essential for brands that want to have a happy, thriving staff. By gathering employee data through surveys, businesses can assess improvement areas and track staff trends over time. Using this data, employers can also create new initiatives that focus on employee improvement areas to ensure a healthy work environment. When businesses measure employee experience, they are also likely to see an increase in staff loyalty and productivity, creating an innovative

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  • Blog: An Expert Guide To Book Market Research

    An Expert Guide To Book Market Research

    Book market research is vital for authors and publishers aiming to understand their audience and increase sales. From our experience, we've seen how gathering the right data and insights can transform a mediocre project into a successful one. This guide discusses the strategies and tools that will help you navigate the complex book market industry. From analyzing current trends to identifying your target readership and assessing competition, we'll explain how to conduct book market research i

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  • banks credit unions market research tips

    New Account Opening Surveys at Banks and Credit Unions

    As a financial institution, when you bring on a new account customer or member it is crucial to understand how the experience went. The first experience when opening a new account with a bank or credit union will likely set the tone for the entire banking relationship. You only get one chance to make a good first impression and with financial institutions, it is no different. In this blog, our financial services market research company will explain what new account opening surveys are, their

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