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We're always looking for talent to join our team

Drive Research is looking for intrapreneurs who share our passion for market research and guiding business strategy using data. We want you to make an impact both at our company and in the community. Whether you are working on our brand or working for our clients, we give you the opportunity to apply passion to your role.

A person who works in market research is much more than just a data analyst. Employees at Drive Research consider themselves:

  • Engineers who dissect customer experiences and numbers
  • Journalists who write compelling stories using data
  • Investigators who dig deeper into patterns
  • Statisticians who use advanced analytics to fuel insights
  • Designers who love to work on data visualization techniques
  • Teachers who instruct clients on customer needs and motivations
  • Pilots who steer the next steps and strategy using market research
  • Fortune Tellers who use data to predict future behavior

With Drive Research you'll work for an exciting market research company, be a true owner of your projects, and gain visibility in all areas of our business.

Current Job Openings:

Interested in working in all things market research? We like you already. We're looking for someone who is energized, analytical, and is passionate about what we do. We also need a friendly voice to help us conduct surveys and recruit participants for focus groups. Sound like you? Huzzah! Read our job description and send us your information to apply for our Research Assistant position.

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We are always looking for a motivated, organized, and curious market research analyst to join our team in Syracuse. In this role, you will help manage client projects and take a lead in designing surveys, running analysis, and preparing reports. Interested? Hey, we don't blame you. We all love market research at Drive Research.

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Many of our market research projects involve a need for caller representatives to administer surveys, recruit for focus groups, and schedule interviews for our team. Our caller representatives are a key part of our team. At Drive Research we always have a need for part-time survey interviewers. Send us your information and tell us why you would be a good fit for our team.

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Send your cover letter and resume to

Please note, the applications, review, and interviewing process can take some time depending on the position and number of applicants. We'll respond to your inquiry and email as soon as we can. Have a question? Email us.