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  • Blog: How to Conduct Customer Exit Surveys | Intercept Survey Company

    Customer Exit Surveys: Tips & Example Questions

    In the dynamic landscape of business, understanding why customers choose to discontinue their engagement is just as crucial as attracting new ones. A great channel for collecting feedback is a customer exit survey which unveils insights into the minds of departing customers. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of exit surveys, offering valuable tips on how to optimize your approach. Additionally, our intercept survey company provides you with a curated list of example questions th

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  • Alternatives to Intercept Surveys: 5 Other Market Research Options

    Alternatives to Intercept Surveys: 5 Other Market Research Options

    When it comes to market research, there are more data collection methods available than you could ever imagine. It makes finding alternative solutions easier if the methodology you were originally interested in isn’t panning out. For instance, in-person exit surveys are becoming less popular. Whether it be the shift to online shopping, limited market research budgets, or the need for heightened safety and health protocols for people to speak with interviewers, it is understandable that brand

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  • taste-testing-market-research-07032018

    Taste Testing Market Research | How Does it Work?

    Is there anything more fun than taste testing market research? The answer is clearly no. But let's look beyond the enjoyment for both the organization conducting as well as the participant tasting. In there lies a lot of value and insight in these tests for sponsoring organizations. Fact is fact in retail. If your product does not taste good, it likely won't succeed. Unless you produce olives or wasabi. I personally haven't figured that out yet. Globally, the food market raked in 8.27 trill

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  • tourism-run-market-research-visitor-12202018

    Visitor Surveys: 7 Tips to Improve Results of a Travel & Tourism Study

    Visitor surveys in the travel and tourism industry are a great way to reveal the kind of people who are coming to your area. They can showcase visitor behaviors, predict future trends, and paint a picture of the typical traveler. This type of travel and tourism market research also goes far beyond just a single attraction. In fact, visitor studies are often used to gather insight for a destination, town, region, and even an entire state or province. For example, this ongoing Canadian travel s

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  • website-intercept-survey-research-feedback-01152019

    Website Intercept Surveys: 5 Benefits to Collecting User Feedback

    Whether someone is online shopping or searching a brand’s website to learn about service offerings, their site experience matters. Website users are very observant. They notice everything from how quickly a page loads, to how available a customer service representative is, to how informative the site is. Studies show it only takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website – and that first impression determines whether they’ll stay or leave. For this reason, it is becom

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  • Blog: 6 Steps to Conducting Visitor Intercept Surveys | Travel & Tourism Market Research

    6 Steps to Conducting Visitor Intercept Surveys | Travel & Tourism Market Research

    Have you ever wondered what visitors are thinking as they leave your destination? Have you wished you could ask them questions about their visit, but aren’t sure how to contact them after they’ve departed? With visitor intercept surveys, now you can! This type of market research methodology can provide you with invaluable insights as data is collected on the spot from individuals as they leave your destination. In this article, we’ll discuss the basics regarding visitor intercept surveys as

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  • conduct survey airport market research

    5 Tips to Conduct Successful Airport Intercept Surveys

    Work in the transportation sector? Then I think you’ll agree that the opportunity to learn how to improve your service from target consumers is critical. In the airport and aviation industry, the need for this type of research is amplified. Typical questions airport decision-makers might have include: What’s the NPS score for our airport?” “What other destinations should be offered?” "How does our airport compare to competitors? These questions and more can be addressed through airport inter

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  • how do intercept surveys work market research

    How Do Intercept Surveys Work?

    Intercept surveys are a type of methodology that can provide accurate and invaluable in-the-moment data from respondents. This might be a store exit survey after a purchase, fan feedback after leaving a game, or attendee thoughts after attending an event or concert. Obtaining this feedback as the respondent leaves the event results in accurate recall and responses because the experience just took place. Depending on the type of industry and the access to on-site respondents this can be the be

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  • 7 Example Intercept Interview Questions | Intercept Survey Company

    7 Example Intercept Interview Questions | Intercept Survey Company

    Are you considering or ready to conduct an intercept survey for your organization? While you may understand the several advantages of conducting this type of customer research, our intercept survey company also recognizes the challenge of not knowing the right questions to ask visitors. As with any market research study, it is important to seize the opportunity of collecting feedback from target respondents by asking the right intercept interview questions. If asking the wrong questions in yo

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  • Blog: In-Store Surveys: Definition, Benefits, and Example Questions

    In-Store Surveys: Definition, Benefits, and Example Questions

    When most people and brands think about surveys, their minds immediately go to an online questionnaire. However, in the world of market research, surveys come in all shapes and sizes. Take in-store surveys for example. This type of marketing research is conducted in-person at establishments such as retail stores, restaurants, college campuses, concerts, sporting events, and more. Interested in learning more about in-store intercept surveys? In this blog post, I’ll discuss what an in-store

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  • Blog: 5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Mall Research

    5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch Mall Research

    With major retailers permanently closing their doors and consumers opting for online shopping (an issue only exacerbated by Coronavirus), the future for shopping malls is grim. According to CNBC,  25% of malls expected to close over the next 5 years. As mall foot traffic declines, that puts a hindrance on mall market research. For decades, retailers relied on mall market research methodologies such as: Kiosk surveys Intercept surveys Mobile ethnography However, this type of market research m

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  • Blog: How to Collect Customer Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

    How to Collect Customer Feedback with In-Person and Online Intercept Surveys

    An intercept survey project is a research method used to gain in-the-moment feedback from visitors. Intercept survey research is commonly used at restaurants, retail stores, events, and conferences. Typically, intercept surveys are done on-site with either a paper survey or on a tablet. However, as life has shifted online in the era of COVID-19, online intercept surveys have grown in popularity. Learn more about the most popular approaches to conducting intercept surveys in the blog post below

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