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  • Blog-Employee Exit Surveys: Benefits, Approaches, and Sample Questions

    Employee Exit Surveys: Benefits, Approaches, and Sample Questions

    Employee exit surveys are not the same as a typical exit survey. A traditional exit survey typically refers to intercept interviews being conducted as customers leave a store. Staff exit surveys refer to gathering information from those who voluntarily choose to leave their position for one at another company. Turnover can be a significant pain point. With employee turnover reaching past 57%, now is an ideal time to start implementing exit research methods. These surveys collect information

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  • Blog: How to Conduct a Leadership Feedback Survey | Employee Survey Company

    How to Conduct a Leadership Feedback Survey

    Leadership feedback surveys are an excellent methodology to assess the strengths and weaknesses of management. Establishing a benchmark, like an employee net promoter score (eNPS), is a great way to identify what employees are most and least satisfied with. This type of insight is proven to increase employee retention and improve engagement. Our employee survey company recently conducted a leadership effectiveness survey with a manufacturing company. This blog post will detail the objectives

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  • employee packing up belongings because he quit his job

    9 Strategies for Reducing Employee Attrition

    Employee attrition refers to staff members who leave a company. Typically, when human resources (HR) representatives talk about this topic, they are referring to those who leave the company to join a different employer, rather than those who simply retire or stop working. Retaining staff has become an ongoing issue in recent years, with more than 3.98 million workers quitting their jobs each month in 2021. When it comes to reducing employee attrition, certain factors must be in place to rev

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  • Blog: 5 Reasons Why Employees Aren't Answering Your Survey

    5 Reasons Why Employees Aren't Answering Your Survey

    To have a successful business, it needs to be a well-oiled machine. And what makes that machine run? Your employees! Without happy employees, all you’ll get is a clunky, rusty machine. Who wants that? A fantastic way to see where your employees stand is with–you guessed it–employee surveys. This research method is most often run as online surveys, where your employees will receive it in their email inbox. Recent research found that staff can be up to 12% more effective at work when they’re

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  • a male teacher presenting to his class

    5 Ways to Reduce Teacher Turnover Rates at Your School

    Unfortunately, it’s no surprise that teacher turnover is happening at a very high rate. In fact, a recent statistic showed that 54% of teachers said they will likely leave their job in the next couple of years. That’s a lot of teachers –and a lot of students lacking guidance in the classroom! 54% of teachers said they will likely leave their job in the next couple of years. Utilize these 5 strategies to help reduce teacher turnover rates at your school. Why is teacher turnover so high? Two

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  • female employees smiling and talking

    11 Benefits of Employee Surveys

    Employee surveys are one of the most valuable yet underutilized market research methodologies available. With so many benefits of employee surveys, organizations are able to take a step in the right direction by understanding the needs of their team. What's on your employees' minds? What do they like most about your organization? What needs to be improved? What do they think about leadership? Conducting this type of market research is a very effective tool in driving real change for an orga

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  • employees putting puzzle pieces together

    Employee Pulse Surveys: Definition, Benefits, and Process

    Customers typically get all the love and attention when it comes to market research, but there is another group of people that have valuable feedback, too. They exchange emails with you every day, greet you by the coffee maker, and are just as important to the success of your business. Sound familiar? Hint hint: They’re your employees. Conducting employee pulse surveys is something to seriously consider practicing if your organization is not already. An assumption that everything is going

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  • Blog: Employee working at a desk

    3 Tips to Improve Glassdoor Ratings for my Business (+ 1 Secret Hack)

    Do you ever wonder what your employers think and feel about working for your organization? Employee reviews sites such as Glassdoor can provide a clear depiction of how your team describes company culture, overall satisfaction, co-workers' relationships, and more. It is also a platform for job seekers to check out what it’s actually like to work for a company before they accept a job offer or even apply to a new position. In fact, 83% of Glassdoor users are looking for jobs or are open to n

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  • Blog: Employee Survey Companies: 4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring One

    Employee Survey Companies: 4 Factors to Consider Before Hiring One

    Let’s face it, you want to know what your employees think of you–or, your company, that is. The main reason using a third party for employee surveys is so vital to an organization is that they give strategic insight into staff opinion. Through this feedback, you’re able to see what works and what doesn’t. And at a time where 63% of employers find keeping staff is harder than finding them, this feedback is more important than ever. The first step in executing a successful study is hiring the

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  • Blog: Improving Job Satisfaction: 8 Examples of Why Company Culture Matters

    Improving Job Satisfaction: 8 Examples of Why Company Culture Matters

    At the crux of every successful, fast-paced organization is the people who hold it together: drumroll, please…the employees! Therefore, it should come as no surprise that “job satisfaction” is a term that, in the recent past, has been highlighted as the hallmark of a good company. In fact, a whopping 88% of those in the job market think that positive company culture is of importance. After all, if staff is not treated well, low productivity and general unhappiness can bleed into the fabric

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  • Blog: Surveying Employees: 8 Steps to Improving Job Satisfaction

    Surveying Employees: 8 Steps to Improving Job Satisfaction

    Understanding the fundamentals of satisfaction and engagement among employees provides a plethora of useful information for your company. Therefore, taking the time to survey employees will have a direct correlation to retention and productivity. Implementing this type of survey is simple and well worth the time spent. In fact, highly engaged employers experience a 25 to 59% decrease in turnover. However, most employees don’t consider themselves “very engaged” at work -- and that comes at a ve

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  • Blog: How to Combat The Great Resignation with Employee Surveys

    Fighting the Great Resignation with Employee Surveys

    As of September 2021, 4.4 million Americans quit their jobs as the labor market continues to tumult. People are now referring to this ongoing trend of people leaving their jobs as the Great Resignation or the Big Quit. The Great Resignation is an important cultural phenomenon for every organization to become familiar with. As more opportunities change from in-office to remote work, employees have more positions and organizations to consider. We all know employers like to ask for references,

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