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  • Blog: 10 Market Research Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

    15 Market Research Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

    Recently, the Drive Research team attended the Quirks event in NYC for market research and insights professionals! The event shares insight on best practices and future market research trends, as well as in-person networking opportunities. As you’ll soon see, the key points covered at the event range from diversity and inclusion to consumer psychology to branding techniques. We’ve included brief overviews of the 10 sessions we went to and a few important takeaways from each. Below are the t

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  • Blog: 2022 coffee statistics

    2022 Coffee Statistics: Consumption, Purchases, and Preferences

    At Drive Research, we love market research. We know, we know -- shocking. But we also love coffee, almost as much. So we decided to combine our two favorite things: coffee and statistics. Last month, we ran a national survey to gather fresh data on the coffee drinking habits of over 1,500 Americans. As coffee lovers, we know everyone likes their favorite caffeinated drink prepared or brewed differently–and they’re often passionate about their order. Below are some key takeaways from our 2

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  • Blog: Goodbye 9-5: 56% of U.S. Employees Want a 4-Day, 40-Hour Workweek

    Goodbye 9-5: 56% of U.S. Employees Want a 4-Day, 40-Hour Workweek

    Between the pandemic and the corresponding ‘Great Resignation,’ many companies have been forced to become more flexible with their employees. It begs the question, will the traditional 9 to 5, in-person office workplace soon be a thing of the past? In May of 2022, our market research company surveyed over 2,000 U.S. employees across various industries to ask about their current working conditions and preferences. Key findings from the survey included: The ideal meeting time for most Americ

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  • Blog: Daylight Saving Time: Survey Shows Where Americans Stand on New Bill

    Saving Daylight - 68% of Americans Support the Sunshine Protection Act

    Earlier this year, the Senate unanimously passed the Sunshine Protection Act, a bill that would make daylight saving time (DST) permanent starting in 2023. It’s no surprise that this is a hot topic for early birds, night owls, and everyone in between. So, our market research company decided we wanted in on the action and made a survey about it! After gathering 500+ survey responses, Drive Research was able to gain some unique insight into this divisive topic. Take a look at our key survey f

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  • Blog: Saratoga Race Track: Survey Shows What Albany Residents Like and Dislike

    Saratoga Race Course: Survey Shows Albany Residents Likes and Dislikes

    Let the races begin! 🏇🏇 A hallmark of the Albany area, the Saratoga racing season is a summer-long national event based in New York’s capital region. Starting in mid-July, horse races are held weekly until early September at the Saratoga Race Course. With ticket sales beginning May 18, our New York market research company wanted to see how Capital region residents felt about the event by launching a survey. Drive Research surveyed over 450 Albany residents who were happy to share their l

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  • Survey Shows What Bills Fans Want for New Stadium in Buffalo

    According to Buffalo News, the Buffalo Bills submitted a proposal to build a $1.4 billion, 60,000-seat stadium to replace Highmark Stadium. As development ideas begin, our Upstate New York market research company was interested to hear from Bills Mafia to learn their hopes and dreams for the new venue. Drive Research surveyed 1,100+ Buffalo residents regarding the new Bills stadium. The key findings included: 7 in 10 Buffalo residents agree with the submitted proposal for a new Bills stadiu

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  • What Does 5 Years of Drive Research Look Like?

    As an entrepreneur, I'm often asked what it's like to start a business from the ground up. Some days it can feel like an absolute grind. But there is no other feeling like it in the world. To be in charge of your own destiny and our company’s destiny, it’s the most rewarding feeling and very motivating. That sentiment rings true as we celebrate Drive Research and its five-year anniversary. The achievements we've experienced so far are a testament to our dedicated staff, loyal clients, and part

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  • 5+ Market Research Trends to Expect in 2022

    5+ Market Research Trends to Expect in 2022

    The end of the year is a great time to look at market research trends we'll likely see in 2022. To make a solid business plan for the short term, it’s important to keep an eye on where your target customers' preferences, attitudes, and behaviors are heading in the long term. Adding market research to your 2022 budget will allow your team to make informed, data-driven decisions for improved marketing, sales, and operations strategies. In this article, I’ll be looking in more detail at specif

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  • Blog Winter in Syracuse: 56% of People Predict Higher Than Average Snowfall

    Winter in Syracuse: 56% of People Predict Higher Than Average Snowfall

    Syracuse, NY is one of, if not the snowiest city in New York State. It is a running joke that CNY celebrates Mother’s Day with snow still on the ground. Our Syracuse market research company wanted to poll the community to learn how much snow they thought we’d get this 2021 winter season. For context, Syracuse average 104 inches of snow per year compared to the national average of 28 inches. Our survey showed that 56% of Syracuse residents predict 100 to 149 inches of snowfall this upcoming wi

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  • 57% of Consumers Support Retail Stores Closing on Thanksgiving Day

    It was not long ago that major retailers started their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving Day. While the tradition was met with controversy, it didn’t stop big-box stores from keeping their doors open. That was until COVID-19 forced stores everywhere to rethink their Black Friday store hours. In 2020, 3 in 5 U.S. shoppers avoided in-person Black Friday shopping due to health and safety concerns. As a result, many retailers remained closed on Thanksgiving Day. Fast forward to the present day

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  • Blog: Cyber Week 2021: What, Where, & How Much Are Syracuse Shoppers Spending?

    Cyber Week 2021: What, Where, & How Much Are Syracuse Shoppers Spending?

    We surveyed Syracuse residents to discuss what, where, and how much they will spend during Cyber Week 2021. See how we compare to national averages. Believe it or not, the holiday shopping season is quickly upon us. Our local market research company wanted to learn more about CNY shopping preferences and behaviors for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. In addition to surveying Syracuse residents, Drive Research also polled 1,000 U.S. consumers. We asked the same questio

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  • Blog: Black Friday 2021: Survey Predicts 119% Increase for In-Person Shopping

    Black Friday 2021: Survey Predicts 119% Increase for In-Person Shopping

    We asked 1,000 U.S. consumers when, where, and how much they plan on spending during Cyber Week including Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. 'Tis the season for holiday shopping. With Cyber Week 2021 quickly approaching, many are wondering how it will compare to last year's socially distanced holiday season. While our studies predict online shopping will still reign supreme, attendance for in-person Black Friday will likely increase for the first time since 2018. Highl

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