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Working with Our Automotive Market Research Company

How do car buyers budget for their next vehicle purchase or lease? How far are customers willing to travel to a dealership for a purchase or lease? What are the top sources used by car shoppers?

Our automotive market research company aims to answer car dealership’s most challenging business questions like these and more.

Why Automotive Market Research?

Today's consumers no longer use price as the sole deciding factor for choosing which car to drive or dealership to purchase from. Safety, style, customer reviews, dealership perception, and many other factors drive a car shopper's buying behaviors. 

In an increasingly competitive industry, auto dealerships that want to see success in the modern retail landscape should utilize various market research methodologies.

The insight and feedback garnered from a simple survey can provide car dealerships with comprehensive consumer data such as:

  • Most recent vehicle purchases
  • Budgeting behavior
  • Likelihood to recommend dealers
  • Drivers to satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Dealership awareness, perception, and associations
  • Sources used for shopping for a vehicle
  • Factors which matter most when purchasing or leasing a car
  • Distance willing to travel to purchase

Our automotive market research company will help your dealership regain market share and understand just how far their advertising dollars can be stretched.  

Download Our Car Dealership Market Survey Report

In 2019, Drive Research tested the top fifteen Central New York car dealerships based on P12M DMA registrations among 1,000 CNY residents. With this market survey, we set out to answer car dealership’s most challenging business questions.

This car dealership market study can be replicated for any other dealership or market area in the United States.

Download the Car Dealership Market Survey Report

Automotive Market Research Services

Our national market research company specializes in several different services fit for automotive dealers. Our more popular methodologies offered in automotive market research include:

  • Market Surveys: Analyze drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with your current customer base to determine what is working and what improvements should be made by your dealership with market surveys.
  • Lead Generation Surveys: Collect vital decision-making criteria, profiling information, and behavioral data to better educate marketing decisions all while earning tangible leads to increase revenue.  
  • Mystery Shopping: Our automotive market research company will partner with your dealership to stage common customer scenarios to assess many components of what it is like to work with your salespeople with a mystery shopping program.   
  • Site Selection Study: Looking to expand or relocate your auto dealership? A site selection or feasibility study will help find the most favorable location based on demographics, competition, access, and strongest use potential.  

These are just a few of the automotive research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about the services available for your dealership, contact us today!

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