Automotive Market Research

Today's consumers no longer use price as the sole deciding factor for choosing which car to drive or which dealership to purchase from. Safety, style, customer reviews, dealership perception, and many other factors drive a car shopper's buying behaviors. 

In an increasingly competitive industry, auto dealerships that want to see success in the modern retail landscape should utilize various market research methodologies.

The insight and feedback garnered from a simple survey can provide car dealerships with comprehensive consumer data such as:

  • Most recent vehicle purchases
  • Budgeting behavior
  • Likelihood to recommend dealers
  • Drivers to satisfaction and dissatisfaction
  • Dealership awareness, perception, and associations
  • Sources used for shopping for a vehicle
  • Factors which matter most when purchasing or leasing a car
  • Distance willing to travel to purchase

Our automotive market research company will help your dealership regain market share and understand just how far its advertising dollars can be stretched.  

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Automotive Market Research Services

How do car buyers budget for their next vehicle purchase or lease? How far are customers willing to travel to a dealership for a purchase or lease? What are the top sources used by car shoppers?

Our automotive market research company specializes in several different services to answer car dealerships’ most challenging business questions like these and more.

Our more popular methodologies offered in automotive market research include:

Market Surveys

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With market surveys, dealerships and car brands can analyze drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction with current and potential customers to determine what is working and what improvements should be made.

They also help identify market trends, allowing dealerships to adapt their offerings and strategies accordingly.

Download our Car Dealership Market Survey Report for more information as to what type of insights this study can generate.


Customer Segmentation 

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In addition to conducting customer satisfaction surveys, our team also often recommends market or segmentation studies.

That’s because they reveal precise insights into diverse customer groups, enabling for more tailored marketing and sales strategies.

By understanding preferences, demographics, and behaviors, you can optimize marketing efforts, enhance customer satisfaction, and drive sales.


Mystery Shopping

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Collaborate with our automotive market research firm to orchestrate realistic customer scenarios, evaluating every facet of your sales team's interactions.

Through our meticulous mystery shopping program, gain invaluable insights into the customer experience at your dealership.

Elevate your salespeople's performance and enhance customer satisfaction for lasting success in the automotive industry.


Site Selection Study

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Embarking on an auto dealership expansion or relocation? Opt for a comprehensive site selection or feasibility study.

This strategic assessment delves into demographics, competition, accessibility, and optimal use potential.

It's the key to pinpointing the most advantageous location for your venture, ensuring a solid foundation for success in the automotive industry.

Gain valuable insights into your customers' experiences and stay ahead of your competition by conducting custom automotive market research.

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Why Work With Our Automotive Market Research Company


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Tailored Solutions, No Generic Approaches

Recognizing that generic approaches often fall short in the automotive industry, our market research company specializes in customizing every project to the specific needs and goals of car brands and dealerships.

Through a fully personalized approach, we fine-tune our research to address unique challenges, uncover targeted insights, and provide actionable recommendations.


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Decades of Combined Automotive Experience

With a collective experience of several decades in the automotive sector, our team brings a deep understanding of the industry's intricacies and challenges.

This extensive background enables us to navigate the nuances of the automotive industry, allowing us to craft research methodologies and interpret results with unparalleled expertise. Our wealth of knowledge ensures that our research is not only comprehensive but also highly relevant to the unique dynamics of the automotive sector.


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Consultative Guidance, Beyond Data Visuals

Unlike many research firms, we don't just present data through charts and graphs. We adopt a consultative approach, delving deeper to offer meaningful insights and recommendations.

We understand that our clients need more than just raw data; they need actionable insights that drive informed decision-making. Our team takes pride in providing comprehensive analysis and strategic direction based on research findings, ensuring our clients have a clear path forward.


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Your One-Stop Hub for Automotive Market Research

As a full-service market research company, we offer a diverse array of services tailored specifically to the automotive industry. From surveys and focus groups to in-depth interviews and qualitative recruiting, we're fully equipped to handle all facets of your research requirements.

This streamlines the process for our clients, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. With us, you have a trusted partner capable of delivering end-to-end research solutions, saving you time and ensuring seamless execution from start to finish.


What Clients Are Saying About Our Market Research Company

Companies in the automobile industry employing market research with Drive Research remain a step ahead in a highly competitive industry. It’s why we’ve earned hundreds of 5-star Google ratings. Don’t just take our word for it. Here is why our clients love working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Financial Market Research Companies

What is automotive market research?

Automotive market research involves the systematic gathering, analysis, and interpretation of data related to the automotive industry. This research encompasses various aspects such as consumer preferences, market trends, competitive analysis, and technological advancements, providing valuable insights for decision-making within the automotive sector.

How to do market research for the automotive industry?

To conduct market research for the automotive industry, start by defining your objectives and target audience. Utilize methods like surveys, focus groups, and online analytics to gather data on consumer preferences, buying behavior, and emerging trends. Additionally, analyze competitor strategies, monitor industry publications, and explore emerging technologies to stay updated with the latest developments. This comprehensive research approach helps in making informed decisions and staying competitive in the automotive market.

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We are passionate about the achievement and success of our clients. Our research studies provide organizations with actionable, data-driven insights - and this is demonstrated through our case studies. 

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