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Working With Our National Customer Experience (CX) Company 

In the digital world, your customers interact with your brand in many ways.

Identify and prioritize which touchpoints have the most impact on your business through customer experience (CX) market research.

Our national  CX company aims to better understand customer journeys and the path to purchase by using multiple surveys and feedback tools at key customer touchpoints.

The goal of our projects at Drive Research is to learn about the entire journey and how customers interact with your brand across multiple channels.

Approach to Customer Experience 

First, it is critical to identify the customer touchpoints which have the most impact on your organization and customer experience.

Don't worry, our national customer experience company can consult with you to help you prioritize those. This initial step is part of the market research design to discover and prioritize key channels to focus on for your CX program.

Drive Research helps your brand measure the entire customer experience. This is done by creating a series of surveys each focusing on different aspects of your organization.

Many of our national CX company programs include:

  • A customer loyalty survey measuring the entire relationship with your brand
  • Transactional surveys measuring key touchpoints
  • An employee survey measuring how employees impact the customer experience

Think of CX as all of your customer interactions composing a wheel, with each spoke being a touchpoint. The wheel is always moving.

Our national customer experience company reviews the performance of each spoke to build a better wheel.

Drive Research also alerts you to critical issues in real-time providing you with an opportunity to act, which may have gone unnoticed otherwise.

Filters and flags are created within the program to send emails and cases to the management team to allow for follow-up with unhappy customers.

The Process of Running a Customer Experience Program

The process to run a customer experience program with our company is a simple one.

It starts with a proposal and then moves to a kickoff, workplan, objectives and touchpoint prioritization, survey design, programming, testing, fieldwork, analysis, and reporting.

One of the key benefits of an ongoing program with our national CX company is access to a real-time portal reporting on up-to-the-second responses.

This allows your team to log in to the portal at any time and sort responses by age, region, representatives, etc. All at your fingertips.

Although our customer experience firm can start with a single survey, Drive Research builds our programs for the long-term. CX is a journey.

Why are we focused on long-term gains? CX with Drive Research encourages steady learning and constant evolution of strategy.

Together we know more than we did yesterday about what makes your customers tick and tomorrow we'll know more than we did today.

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