Quantitative Data Collection Methods – And How to Find Respondents

Market research comes in all shapes and sizes. Where a certain quantitative data collection method might work for one organization, may not prove to be as valuable for another.

It is always important to evaluate your objectives and goals before diving into a quantitative market research study.

To help narrow your options, our full-service market research company has compiled our 4 favorite approaches to collecting quantitative data.

Quantitative Data Collection Methods – And How to Find Respondents

There are a variety of ways to conduct market research and collect quantitative data. Our market research company reviews the methods your team can purse based on your primary objectives and target respondent. 

Online Surveys

Arguably the most widely used quantitative method, online surveys provide a multitude of benefits for researchers. This type of approach is made accessible to respondents is almost every way possible – such as web browsers, mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Surveys online make it very easy for almost anyone to participate and provide feedback for your organization. Not only are they easy to distribute, but online surveys are likely the most cost-effect research approach.

Lastly, online surveys provide quick insights. Depending on your target audience and the number of responses you’d like to collect, the results from an online survey project with our quantitative research company can be delivered in days.

How to find respondents for an online survey?

Our online survey company utilizes a variety of methods to find qualified online survey respondents. This includes:

  • Online survey panels
  • Social media
  • Customer email lists
  • Onsite intercepting traffic

Phone Surveys (CATI)

CATI in quantitative research stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing. This involves an interviewer following a script on a computer while conducting a phone survey.

With each answer from the respondent, the interviewer can click the correct response and add commentary for any open-ended questions. Phone surveys can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

Our phone survey company often utilizes this technique because it allows our market research interviewers to focus on the quality of responses, rather than rushing to type out each unique answer.

For more in-depth feedback, researchers can also change their quantitative approach to qualitative. In this case, the study would be labeled as phone interviews. Phone interviews typically last anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

How to find respondents for a phone survey?

Like online surveys, Drive Research can find respondents for a phone survey project in a variety of ways. This is often dependent on who your target demographic is.

  • Online research panel
  • Paid social media ads
  • Customer or national email lists

Email Surveys

Email surveys are a great option if trying to collect customer feedback or data. Many organizations – whether you’re big, midsize, small, B2B, or B2C – likely have access to a database of customer contact information.

This makes finding respondents for your email survey very simple and cost-effective. If you would like to conduct an email survey to an audience outside your customer base or don’t have access to a CRM, there are other ways to collect this quantitative data.

How to find respondents for an email survey?

Our quantitative research firm, specializing in email surveys, finds respondents by utilizing

  • National or customer email lists
  • Our in-house research panel
  • Third-party research panel

Regardless of the audience, it is important to set your email survey up for success. With more responses, your data becomes more representative and reliable.

Use these 4 tips on your next email survey and receive higher quality data:

Geofencing Surveys

Geofencing surveys are a great alternative to in-person intercept surveys. While referred to in a variety of ways (exit surveys, mobile ethnography, location-based market research), this method of quantitative data collection is a powerful tool for brook and mortar businesses or events.

Our market research company often collects survey data with geofencing technology. In short, it is the ability to create a virtual boundary that surrounds the location you are testing.

Market research participants are asked to download an app and visit a site location. Once the participant enters the geofenced area they are sent instructions to complete specific actions and provide their in-the-moment feedback.

How to find respondents for a geofencing survey?

  • Online or in-house survey panels
  • Social media
  • Customer or national email lists
  • Intercept customers leaving your site location

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