Customer Satisfaction

  • Blog :4 Reasons Why Your Customer Surveys Are Not Working

    When Customer Surveys Fail: Reasons Why & What to Do

    Are your customer satisfaction surveys evolving? Or are you stuck scratching your head wondering why earning consumer feedback is so dang difficult? Keep in mind, customer surveys are a product of the 1980s. Customer feedback was gathered using paper surveys, in-person interviews, and computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI). Fast forward to 2021 and customer satisfaction surveys are largely conducted online. With the rise of online and email marketing, came new trends within market r

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  • Blog:Measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Retail Stores

    Measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Retail Stores

    Even in the age of digital media, word of mouth is still one of the best retail marketing tools for department and online stores. Your customers' perceptions of your business – both positive and negative – have a great impact on your brand’s image. That’s why measuring net promoter score (NPS) for retail stores is important to better understand how likely your customers are to promote or detract from a business. NPS is a metric used to measure brand loyalty. It helps you understand your cus

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  • Blog: Would Customers Recommend You? How to Find Out

    Would Customers Recommend You? How to Find Out

    No matter how technology advances, word of mouth remains to be the best and cheapest marketing tool for any business. With so many companies competing for attention in the business world, a recommendation from a satisfied customer can take your business to the next level. If you’re reading this, you probably know how valuable customer referral is. But how can you tell if your customer would recommend your business to a friend, family member, or co-worker? Let’s explore further the value of

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  • Blog: Conducting Cannabis Customer Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    Conducting Cannabis Customer Surveys [+ Example Questions]

    There is no question about it. The continued effort to legalize cannabis is presenting a massive change to the recreational and consumption habits of tens of millions of Americans. However, capitalizing on this growing field requires having the appropriate information about who your customers are and what they think of your product, service, and brand. It is why cannabis customer surveys are becoming a popular tool in the industry. A survey with your cannabis customers will provide helpful

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  • Blog: How Retail Stores Measure Customer Satisfaction (& Other KPIs)

    How Retail Stores Measure Customer Satisfaction (& Other KPIs)

    Collecting in-the-moment feedback is truly powerful knowing customers just completed their in-store experience. Think about it. Is it easier for you to recall how satisfied you were in a store if your last experience was a week or even a month ago, or is it easier to recall right after you exit the store? In-store surveys, or enter/exit surveys, are a great tool for retail stores to measure customer satisfaction and other key performance indicators. Some of the common questions retail store

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  • Blog image: The Ultimate Guide to Customer Satisfaction Surveys for 2020

    Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys [2023 Guide]

    Of all of the different types of market research projects an organization can pursue, conducting customer satisfaction surveys is the most common. Why? At its core, customer satisfaction is the essence of market research. It involves formally reaching out to customers, asking for feedback, and taking action with the results. The process is simple, informative, and offers a high return on investment. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the benefits of measuring customer satisfaction t

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  • Blog: Improving Customer Service: Tips for Winning Big with Customers

    Improving Customer Service: Tips for Winning Big with Customers

    It should go without saying, but if your business doesn't have excellent customer service, your business won't be open for long. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic. But it's kind of true. Why? Because customer service is the foundation of your company. If you're not prioritizing improving customer service, then your retention rates will also suffer. And with repeat customers reportedly spending an average of 67% more than new customers, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. What's

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  • Blog: How to Drive Business Innovation with Customer Data

    How to Drive Business Innovation with Customer Data

    While we all dream about identifying the next big idea. A product, service, or solution that solves people's challenges and makes us the next Steve Jobs. However, this type of innovation rarely happens in a vacuum, but instead requires a cultural and financial commitment, patience, and dedication. The most straightforward pathway to successfully leveraging innovation to drive revenue involves utilizing the voice of customer data to navigate the process. There is no need to guess where the o

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  • Blog: Patient Satisfaction Surveys

    Benefits of Measuring Patient Satisfaction with Surveys

    If you're reading this, you probably know how important happy patients are. But how can you truly know how happy patients are and what drives their satisfaction? Patient satisfaction surveys, that's how. With up to 82% of patients prioritizing good customer service in medical practices, their voice needs to be validated more than ever. Seeing as patients are the glue of any healthcare organization, they are your customers, in a sense. That said, the difference between other industries and m

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  • Blog: Measuring Your Bank or Credit Union's NPS

    Measuring Your Bank or Credit Union's NPS

    How likely are customers or members willing to recommend your financial institution? It's an extremely important question - but one that only a few banks or credit unions seek the answer to. Net promoter score (NPS) is a powerful tool used by many brands across industries to measure customer satisfaction and identify their happy clients and the not-so-happy ones. Undoubtedly, calculating NPS is beneficial for those in the financial sector as it quickly identifies areas that need improvement

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  • Blog: Retail Marketing: 5 Key Strategies to Gain More Customers

    Retail Marketing: 5 Key Strategies to Gain More Customers

    We have a shocking fact for you today, are you ready? Businesses need customers. But get this – customers also need businesses. That’s how loyal, frequent consumer relationships are made in retail. When you're able to successfully market your business, you develop a relationship with new customers while also giving them a reason to keep coming back. That's where effective retail marketing comes in! Maybe you have a top-notch social media account with incredible shots, but it’s not generat

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  • Blog: Conduct an Annual Customer Survey

    How to Conduct a Logistics Company Customer Survey

    Recently, a logistics and transportation company partnered with Drive Research to conduct an annual customer survey. For information on the 2021 iteration, click here. When it comes to Voice of Customer (VoC) research, we’re all about the process. The steps of a transportation VoC study include: Quote/proposal Kickoff meeting to discuss the goals and objectives Designing the VoC study Executing fieldwork Analyzing and reporting on the results While those are the steps of a continuous custo

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