In-Home Usage Tests

  • 3 Advantages of Conducting an IHUT | Market Research Company

    3 Advantages of Conducting an IHUT | Market Research Company

    An in-home usage test, or IHUT for short, is a popular methodology for consumer product research. In short, IHUT market research allows participants to use food, product, or service in the environment in which the product is intended to be used. For example, Windex may choose to conduct an IHUT research study where participants are given a bottle of Windex to use on their windows at home. Once they’ve done their given tasks, they share their feedback for what they liked (or didn’t like) about t

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    What is a Market Research Home Audit? | In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) Company

    What do your consumers look like? What other types of products are they purchasing? What style is best reflected inside their homes? What food is in their cupboards? What about their fridge? What types of technology are they using the most at home? To answer these questions in more, consider conducting home audit market research. It is a lot less creepy than it may sound, trust me. In this blog post, our home audit research company will define what a market research home audit study is, t

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    Home Product Testing | Finding quality and engaged recruits

    Drive Research, a home product testing market research company, recently completed another home appliance usage test. The home product test was conducted on behalf of a name brand home appliance company. The goal of the research was to better understand how the target audience used a brand new version of the home appliance. The study answered several questions including: How often users turned on the appliance How long the appliance was used for Feedback on the effectiveness of the applianc

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    At-Home Product Testing Market Research

    If your brand is on the brink of entering a full-fledged product launch, you may want to consider at-home product testing market research. As part of the testing, your product is shipped to a variety of participants where they can use it in their home as they normally would in its natural environment. Also crucial to the testing is customer feedback, which is usually garnered over the phone, via an online feedback survey, or in person. The length of time that passes from the point in which the

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  • In-Home-Interviews-Market-Research

    In-Home Interviews in Market Research

    So many methodologies to choose from in market research. Each offer their own unique pros and cons. Quantitative or qualitative? Phone surveys or focus groups? Work with a market research advisor to understand which approach is best suited for your objectives. If you have a product or service that consumers use in-home, you should consider in-home interviews. No methodology will provide you more real-use context and feedback than interviewing consumers in their natural setting. Want to learn

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    How to Conduct a National In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) Project?

    In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) project can offer a lot of value for a company. IHUTs are often used to test the feasibility, appeal, or potential barriers with a new product in a new market. Products are sent to homes and tested with willing respondents who offer feedback in exchange for trying the new product. Sometimes companies allow the respondent to keep the product as the reward while others have the product shipped back to them. Wondering how an in-home usage test (IHUT) project might work fo

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  • recruiting for in home interviews market research

    Your 6 Step Guide to Recruiting for In-Home Interviews in Market Research

    In-home interviews are an excellent methodology to collect feedback from consumers in their natural environment. One of the common drawbacks of in-person focus groups is the setting is unnatural. Participants are meeting a moderator whom they have never met before. They are sitting around a table with a group of 8 to 12 strangers. There is a creepy one-way mirror with people behind it watching and listening to every word. It all adds up to a less-than-optimal setting to conduct market research.

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  • how does ihut project work market research company

    How Does an IHUT Project Work? | Market Research Company

    IHUTs or in-home usage tests are a unique and relevant way to capture in-the-moment feedback from users. These types of projects carry unique benefits because the consumer uses the product in his or her natural setting or environment. When testing products in a focus group room with a one-way mirror, the atmosphere is artificial. One could argue significant bias may impact results as participants may feel pressured by other people in the group, the moderator, etc. For IHUTs the consumer uses th

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  • what is an ihut

    What is an IHUT? | Marketing Research Company in Syracuse, NY

    What is an IHUT in market research? An IHUT in market research stands for in-home usage test. You may also see the term HUT, which means simply home usage test. IHUTs and HUTs are very popular in consumer product research where consumers often use the product in-home (think Campbell's soup, Swiffer Sweeper, etc.) The locale for this research is inside of consumers' homes where analysts are on-site to collect feedback and data. Why are IHUTs beneficial? IHUTs support the notion and validit

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