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Drive Research assists B2B and B2C organizations across the country with customer survey services.

Our market research team has 30+ years of experience designing, fielding, and analyzing results to deliver best-practice metrics like Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score, customer loyalty, and other key performance indicators.


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Why Full-Service Customer Surveys Are Better

Drive Research is a big believer in centering your business around customers by using feedback to guide strategy and decision-making. Nothing is more genuine, actionable, or beneficial. When it comes to working with customer satisfaction survey companies, we know you have plenty of options. Here’s how our customer satisfaction research agency is different.


End-to-end project management

Collecting quality and accurate customer feedback requires more than a DIY survey platform. Drive Research offers a full-service market research experience so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


A customer survey study with Drive Research includes:

  • Dedicated project management team
  • Best practice survey language
  • Data quality programming and cleaning 
  • Managed email survey invitations and reminders
  • Client portal with access to real-time survey responses
  • Recommendations for how to use the data for business strategy



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Custom written surveys

Other customer satisfaction survey companies use the same template of questions for every project. In doing so, many fail to ask the right questions that accurately pinpoint priority areas to maintain and improve. 

Whereas, Drive Research uniquely writes and programs every questionnaire. All while still measuring recommended customer satisfaction metrics such as NPS, CSAT, comparison to competitors, and more.



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Higher response rates

Each customer satisfaction study includes Drive Research sending your customers an email with best-practice language, inviting them to complete the survey. 

Additionally, we will send reminder emails to those who have not completed the survey (rather than a blanket email to the entire customer list). 

This email cadence, combined with engaging question types and third-party confidentiality, results in higher response rates than if sent through other DIY survey platforms.



We act as customer survey consultants

When the fieldwork is complete and all of the data has been collected, the job for customer satisfaction survey companies is just beginning.

The interpretation and insights provided by our team go far beyond just percentages and statistics. Drive Research provides context, comparisons, and interpretations of the data. 

Our customer survey company provides both detailed and easy-to-understand data visualizations and recommendations. This helps your organization quickly take action with the results. 


Survey your customers with the help of a third party and earn quality, actionable feedback

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See Why Businesses Love Drive Research For Customer Surveys

The portfolio of clients at our customer service survey company includes various types of B2B and B2C organizations across the world. We bring a level of importance to your project that we would bring to our own business. It’s how we’ve earned a nearly perfect 5-star Google rating from both clients and survey respondents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Customer Survey Companies

How much does a customer satisfaction survey cost?

The price will vary depending on access to customer lists, survey length, goal number of completes, and reporting needs. A market research firm can manage your survey, including consultation, design, programming, data collection, and reporting.

However, you will need a minimum budget of $8,000 to $30,000 for full-service customer surveys. There are ways to lower the costs and value-engineer a less expensive solution.

Why do companies do customer surveys?

Customer surveys allow organizations to understand how they perform through all customer journey stages – from awareness to post-purchase. The results inform decision-making, increasing customer or client satisfaction, retention, and loyalty. The data impacts operations, marketing, and strategy.

How do you research customer satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), and Customer Effort Score (CES) are commonly used metrics to measure customer satisfaction. A market research firm with experience in this space can offer other ideas for metrics relevant to your organization or industry.

What is the timeline for a third-party customer survey?

A customer survey project can take 4 to 6 weeks to complete. This includes a kickoff meeting, survey designing and programming, fieldwork, and creating a report of the results.

There are ways to expedite the timeline. Our customer satisfaction survey company provides clients with a live reporting link to see responses as soon as fieldwork begins.

Learn more about the step-by-step process in our Ultimate Guide to Conducting Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

How do I choose the best customer satisfaction survey company?

When choosing the best customer survey company, consider factors such as the ability to customize your survey, relevant experience, level of consultancy, and client testimonials. 

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