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Drive Research offers various UX research methodologies and approaches to understanding how users interact with products, services, websites, and applications. Our services provide valuable insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points, helping businesses and designers create more user-centered and effective experiences.

If you are directing traffic to a website, platform, e-commerce site, or app, we recommend this type of market research.

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User Experience Research Services

Each of our UX research services contributes to a holistic understanding of user needs and behaviors, helping designers create products and experiences that are more user-centered, intuitive, and effective. Drive Research can assist you in selecting what methodology is best depending on your specific goals of the research and the nature of the project. 

Moderated User Interviews

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User interviews with Drive Research involve one-on-one conversations with your target audience to gather qualitative insights. Participants join a remote screen share as a trained moderator asks them to complete different tasks on your website such as finding an item and completing a purchase.

Moderated UX interviews help uncover user needs, motivations, and pain points in-depth, allowing designers to create more empathetic and relevant experiences. They can provide rich context that quantitative data might miss.


Unmoderated UX Surveys

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Unlike moderated interviews, unmoderated UX surveys require no moderator to join participants.

Instead, Drive Research provides respondents with specific tasks to complete as they record their screens. Once the tasks are complete, respondents answer a short survey to provide additional feedback.

This is a great option to collect measurable data from a large sample of users. Plus, UX surveys help in gathering statistical insights and understanding user demographics.


Website Intercept Surveys

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Website intercept surveys are a type of online survey that is presented to users in real time while they are actively engaging with a website or app.

These surveys notify users during their browsing experience, typically in the form of a pop-up or overlay that appears on the webpage. The goal of web intercept surveys is to collect immediate feedback from users about their experience on the website.

Drive Research can alter the pop-up survey to appear based on different criteria such as someone is exiting a page, after someone checks out, or after someone has been on the website for a given amount of time.


Focus Groups


UX focus groups allow your team to see participants interact with prototypes or mockups in real time, providing insights into how they navigate and engage with the product.

Plus, group discussions can trigger additional insights as participants build upon each other's comments and ideas. This can lead to uncovering hidden issues or validating existing concerns.

Better yet, because Drive Research operates as a full-service market research company, we can handle all aspects of your UX focus group. From recruiting participants, to hosting discussions at our focus group facility, to moderating and reporting, all components can be managed by our team.


Gain valuable insights into users' preferences and stay ahead of your competition by conducting custom UX market research.

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Why Our UX Market Research Process Is Better

Nothing is more insightful than a series of custom interviews or surveys with our user experience research firm. Although UX market research carries a broad range of definitions across industries, Drive Research focuses on obtaining live feedback.

Our in-house SEO specialist can also work with your team to provide in-depth recommendations to improve your website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. This custom blend of traditional market research and technical SEO gives our user experience research company an advantage over other competitors.

Here's how our UX market research process works:

  • Step 1. Providing a custom quote. Following an initial call to discuss your objectives and a recommended methodology, our national user experience (UX) research company puts together a full custom proposal.
  • Step 2. Hosting a kickoff meeting. Your dedicated project team will host a 30 to 60-minute kickoff meeting to recap objectives and discuss the timeline. Then they'll develop a workplan that outlines key tasks and responsible parties.
  • Step 3. Recruiting participants. From there our qualitative recruitment team launches a screener survey, begins qualifying and scheduling participants, and develops a UX moderator’s guide.
  • Step 4. Conducting the UX research. This step varies depending on the methodology. In most cases, we ask participants to screen share their web experience live so the research interviewer can probe on specific likes, dislikes, issues, and suggested improvements.
  • Step 5. Reporting our findings. Each UX research project with Drive Research includes a comprehensive research company report including a themed executive summary, recommendations and strategies to improve UX, and an appendix that includes all of the details from UX participants.

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Our happy clients include various types of organizations across the U.S. We bring a level of customization, professionalism, and care to your UX project that we bring to our own company. Hear from our client, Hazlitt 1852 Vineyards, and their experience working with Drive Research on a website user experience project.

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