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Working With Our National User Experience (UX) Research Company 

Overwhelmed by your web analytics data? You're not alone. Drive Research can provide you with critical user feedback which is driving behavior for your site analytics. It's the "why" behind the "what."

User experience (UX) is a form of qualitative research where a focus is placed on a website, platform, software, or application. Our national user experience (UX) company understands how critical these projects are for businesses. If you are directing traffic to a website, platform, e-commerce site, or app, our national UX firm recommends this type of market research.

Obtaining Live Feedback

Although UX market research carries a broad range of definitions across industries, our national UX research company focuses on obtaining live feedback. Drive Research participants to screen share their web experience live so the research interviewer can probe on specific likes, dislikes, issues, and suggested improvements.

There are many steps involved with a UX market research company project but it all starts with understanding your objectives. In some cases where the UX can be addressed through a survey with screenshots, there may be an opportunity to launch the project quantitatively.

Following an initial call to discuss those objectives and a recommended UX methodology, our national user experience (UX) research company puts together a full custom proposal.

The User Experience Market Research Process

Once you agree to partner with our UX market research firm, we hold a 30 to 60-minute kickoff meeting to recap objectives and discuss the timeline. Following the kickoff for your UX market research, we develop a workplan that outlines key tasks and responsible parties.

From there we design a recruitment screener, begin the recruit, develop a UX moderator’s guide, conduct the fieldwork, run the analysis, and complete a comprehensive UX market research company report. The report includes a themed executive summary, recommendations and action items, and an appendix which includes all of the details from your UX participants or respondents.

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This custom blend of custom market research with traditional UX research gives our national user experience (UX) market research company an advantage over other competitors. Although UX professionals can provide recommendations or point you to data from your web analytics platforms, nothing is more insightful than a series of custom UX interviews or surveys with our national user experience (UX) market research firm.

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