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  • Brand Equity Survey: 4 Questions You Need to Be Asking

    Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is an important factor to measure for any organization. For instance, an interesting figure revealed that up to 77% of brands could simply vanish without anyone caring. We don’t want that to be you! Without properly measuring customer satisfaction, how can you be sure they are satisfied with your brand, product, or service? How can you be sure customers will remain loyal and continue to give you their business? That is where brand equity studies

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    How Market Research Can Help College Enrollment Efforts

    There is no single issue of more concern to higher-education institutions in 2022 than enrollment. Schools throughout the U.S. have been seeing declines in enrollment over the past few years. A March 2022 article in The Washington Post reported that American colleges have lost five percent of their student headcount since 2019. While this news may be bleak, there are opportunities for colleges and universities to meet their enrollment goals. Continue reading to learn more about market resea

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  • Blog: How Do You Run A Competitive Analysis in Marketing?

    How Do You Run A Competitive Analysis in Marketing?

    All companies envision their organization as providing the best products and services. Sure, you may offer good services, have a great brand strategy, and an ultra-trendy Instagram. But watch out, because just beneath the surface an even better company could be lurking, Jaws-style. That’s where marketing competitive analysis comes in to keep you top of mind and thriving. This must-have tool provides businesses with all the best information they need to beat out rival companies or stay on th

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  • Blog: 3 Market Research Options for Grocery Stores

    3 Market Research Options for Grocery Stores

    If you make decisions for a retail grocery chain, I give you serious credit. It is no easy feat to obtain reliable feedback from customers on what they like and dislike about shopping at your grocery stores. Complicated survey links on the bottom of a footlong receipt just don’t get the job done these days. Thankfully, there are many types of market research available to grocery store managers and marketers to collect shopper feedback. This post will cover three of my favorite market resear

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  • Blog: Value of Market Profiling and Industry Monitoring

    The Value of Market Profiling and Industry Monitoring

    It’s safe to assume that all businesses want to thrive, right? Right. But how you go about thriving is the next step. Put simply, market profiling and industry monitoring are both fantastic opportunities to either keep your business on top or get it to the top. As both forms of competitive assessment, these useful research tools can give you insight not only into your target market but into your key consumer profiles. With this information, you'll be able to create highly profitable opport

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  • business man playing chess against a competitor

    Types of Competitive Assessments: Sizing Up The Competition with Market Research

    Whether you're Amazon, a local brick-and-mortar store, or an online Etsy shop, chances are you have competitors -- and lots of them. Therefore using market research to size up your competition can be extremely influential in attracting and retaining customers. Luckily, there are many types of competitive assessments that can tackle your unique needs, big or small. Whatever those needs may be, competitor research is massively rewarding to an organization. So important, in fact, that it’s in 5

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  • 8 Market Research Examples to Fuel Your Business Growth

    There is never a wrong time to do market research. However, most research projects are birthed because a company or organization is at a crossroads. Whether you’re a startup or Fortune 500 company, you’ll have critical decisions to make. This blog will detail common market research examples and how our clients have used them to fuel decision-making. There is not a definitive nor one-size-fits-all approach to market research, but most projects are similar and based on past studies. Genera

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  • 4 Benefits of Conducting Competitor Research

    Never underestimate your competitors. Yes, there are plenty of important factors that go into having a successful brand -- but perhaps one of the most important of these is keeping tabs on competing businesses. Why? You want to be able to differentiate yourself from rival companies to assure current customers and prospects choose you as their top choice. Conducting competitor research can help your team understand what makes your brand stand out so that consumers come to you. In turn, you

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  • Blog: Brand Tracking Companies: What You Can Expect With a Third-Party

    Brand Tracking Companies: What You Can Expect With a Third-Party

    Many businesses, small or large, can benefit from outsourcing their brand tracking needs. As a company grows, internal resources are less likely to have the capacity to design and analyze market research data on an ongoing basis. For this reason, many business decision-makers move toward partnering with brand tracking companies to reduce their workload. Especially with only 48% of marketers saying they measure metrics related to branding, doing so could be a huge opportunity to get ahead of

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    4 Critical Audiences for a Brand Positioning Study

    Are you looking to enhance your brand’s marketing communication materials to be more well-received by your target audience? Maybe you are unsure if the direction your organization is headed will make your brand stand out in your industry? Or is it time to update your logo or packaging for a fresh new look? A brand positioning study is the answer to solving these business objectives as it is a popular type of market research methodology for those looking to reposition their organization and

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  • Blog: 5 Types of Brand Tracking Studies & How They Work

    5 Types of Brand Tracking Studies & How They Work

    Conducting market research regularly is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge, keeping the pulse on customer needs, and creating relevant marketing campaigns. An effective way to accomplish this is with brand tracking studies. There are many types of brand tracking, whether it be collecting ongoing feedback from customers or measuring the results of a 6-month marketing campaign. When deciding what type of market research is right for you, consider your audience and goals. These component

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  • how much does market research cost

    How Much Does Market Research Cost?

    The cost of market research depends on the size and scope of the project’s needs. For example, a simple online survey that collects 100 completes and includes an abbreviated report from a market research consultant will be less expensive than a phone survey that collects 1,000 completes with a comprehensive report. While there is no "average cost" for market research, it can be helpful to understand what impacts price. The main factors that affect the price of a market research project includ

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