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  • Blog: Five Market Research Options for EdTech Companies

    6 EdTech Market Research Options to Consider

    EdTech (Educational Technology) has become a booming industry, offering innovative solutions to enhance the educational experience. It revolutionized the way the educational system learns and teaches. However, for EdTech companies to succeed, it is crucial to conduct comprehensive market research. In this blog post, we will explore 6 essential EdTech market research options. Any of these methodologies will allow your team to gather valuable insights, refine your product or service offering,

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  • idis-interview-market-research-02152018

    In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) in Market Research [2023 Ultimate Guide]

    Wish you could have a detailed conversation with key customers or target prospects to gather feedback about your brand, products, or services? In-depth interviews (IDIs) are an excellent type of market research to accomplish this goal as they are often used to gather detailed and comprehensive information from individuals or small groups. In this guide, our market research company explores the advantages and disadvantages of using in-depth interviews in market research, how they differ from

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  • Blog Post: Pricing Sensitivity Surveys

    Pricing Sensitivity Surveys: How to Price Your Products & Services

    Deciding on a price for your new products or services can be tricky. Consumer expectations are constantly changing on the demand side. While logistics and internal resources largely determine what is possible on the supply side. So how do you make an informed decision on pricing? Enter pricing sensitivity surveys. This type of market research offers you and your organization a reliable, accurate way to land on a price tag that works for customers, you, and your bottom line. In this blog po

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  • Blog: eBanking Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Bank

    8 eBanking Marketing Strategies to Boost Your Online Bank

    As technology continues to transform the banking industry, more and more customers are turning to online banking solutions. eBanking, or Internet banking, is becoming increasingly popular due to its convenience, speed, and accessibility. As a result, financial institutions are now recognizing the need to develop effective eBanking marketing strategies that can help them reach and retain their customers in the digital era. In this blog, we’ll explore marketing strategies that online banks and

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  • Blog: 40+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Power Your 2023 Strategy

    40+ Influencer Marketing Statistics to Power Your 2023 Strategy

    Influencer marketing, the idea of getting influencers to help market your product or service, has become one of the most effective forms of marketing available today. Engaging with content creators and building longer-term influencer partnerships can place your business or company in front of new audiences. As a result, your brand will reach a heightened level of success for years to come Top 10 Influencer Marketing Statistics (Editor's Choice) 93 percent of marketers have used influencer

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  • 4 Travel & Tourism Market Research Options [+ Pros & Cons]

    Americans have the travel bug. So much so, travel spending was up to $93 million this past February. And with increased travel comes the potential for fantastic trips – and ones straight out of a nightmare. So to avoid those negative outcomes, we strongly suggest investing in travel and tourism market research options. To help, this post will share several different market research options for those in the travel and tourism industry. Any one of these types of market research methods detai

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  • Blog: 8 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    10 Cannabis Marketing Strategies for 2023

    There is no question about it – cannabis has hit the mainstream. Therefore, the need for dispensaries to employ cannabis marketing strategies has become more important than ever. However, that is not without challenges for cannabis businesses: As the cannabis field becomes more crowded, businesses have to do more to stand out better within their specific niche of the industry. Here are ten cannabis marketing strategies to better advertise your business in 2023 - click to skip ahead: Know yo

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  • Blog: Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    Advertising Testing with Market Research: How to Do It Successfully

    A common challenge among marketers is not seeing enough returns from their advertising efforts. It’s frustrating to spend money and time on a campaign that generates zero results. A surefire way to feel confident about investing resources into advertising is by testing its appeal first. Advertising testing with market research enables businesses to test their copy, design, ad channels, and messaging strategies before they go to market. In this blog post, we’ll explain more about advertisin

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  • business man playing chess against a competitor

    Best Types of Competitive Assessments (+ Pros & Cons)

    Whether you're Amazon, a local brick-and-mortar store, or an online Etsy shop, chances are you have competitors – and lots of them. Therefore, conducting a competitor analysis can be extremely influential in attracting and retaining customers. Luckily, there are many types of competitive assessments that can tackle your unique needs, big or small. In this post, we’ll cover the best options for competitor assessments including: Website competitor audits  Competitor product or service analy

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  • Conducting Stadium Experience Surveys: What Do Fans Really Want?

    There are many factors that contribute to a spectacular stadium experience. Good food, comfortable seating, clean bathrooms, and available parking to name a few. For fans, it's more than just the sport they are watching or the music act they are seeing that impacts their experience. Stadium experience surveys are an excellent tool to truly understand what specific factors drive attendance to a venue outside of the entertainment act. They can also provide insight into areas of satisfaction,

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  • Conducting a Competitor Analysis [2023 Ultimate Guide]

    Conducting a Competitor Analysis [2023 Ultimate Guide]

    Competitors. Everyone has them - and whether you’d like to believe it or not, they are ready to steal your prospects and customers. How can you beat them to the punch? By conducting a competitor analysis. In this ultimate guide, our competitive analysis company will walk you through the basics of this methodology, the components of a competitor assessment, why your business should conduct one, and more. Article Contents 📝 Navigate to a section that is of most interest to you or keep scrol

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  • Blog: Ultimate Guide to Market Research for Startups in 2023

    Market Research for Startups [2023 Ultimate Guide]

    Do you have a great business or product idea? Are you entertaining the idea of launching a startup? Perhaps there is no more exciting time than the spot you are in right now. How do I know? I’ve been there. My startup idea just happened to be a market research firm, so I am very excited to share my expertise on both of these topics. Startup market research can answer the common questions racing through your mind. Combatting the excitement and potential of your startup idea are likely some s

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