Emily Taylor Senior Research Analyst from Drive Research

Emily Taylor

Senior Research Analyst


(315) 352-0199

As a market research professional, Emily does more than wrangle data. With more than 5 years of experience as a market research analyst, she loves to challenge the status quo in the market research industry. Her work includes executing every step of the market research process (i.e., holding a kickoff meeting, designing the research, managing/executing fieldwork, conducting the analysis, writing the report, and debriefing on the final report).

Using new technologies and processes, Emily challenges industry standards by conducting market research faster and more accurately. Her day-to-day goal is to empower others to make smarter decisions using insights gained from market research. She also has a passion for storytelling and breaking down data in a way that allows clients to take action quickly.

Outside of work you'll most likely find Emily giving in to her caffeine needs at a local coffee shop with her husband, Ryan. Emily's family will tell you she gets fixated on little details, so she can tell whether her coffee was ordered correctly in just one sip. (Don't worry, Ryan. Emily didn't need an extra shot of espresso anyways.)  

Want to learn more about Emily's work? Check out her blog posts, here.

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