Emily Taylor Director Of Operations from Drive Research

Emily Taylor

Director of Operations

As an experienced market research professional, Emily does more than wrangle data. Her work includes executing company OKRs, company-wide project management, training/onboarding, team culture initiatives, and more! 
Emily uses new technologies/processes to challenge industry standards and help her team conduct high-quality market research faster. Her goal is to help researchers make their work feel seamless and empower clients to make smarter decisions using insights gained from market research. This includes overseeing every step of the market research process (i.e., kickoff meetings, research design, fieldwork, reporting, and presenting results). 

Outside of work, you'll probably find her at Target (is this a cliché for Millennials?), practicing her favorite song melodies (cue "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan), or at a local coffee shop with her husband Ryan and son JJ in tow. Emily's family will tell you she gets fixated on little details, so she can determine whether her coffee was ordered correctly in just one sip. (Don't worry, Ryan. Emily didn't need an extra shot of espresso anyway).


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