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  • 3 Ways to Use Market Research to Beat Your Competition

    3 Ways to Use Market Research to Beat Your Competition

    Competitors. Everyone has them - and whether you’d like to believe it or not, they are ready to steal your prospects and customers. How can you beat them to the punch? With the help of market research. Market research provides organizations with an in-depth analysis of the many business and marketing strategies executed by the competition. It is the most effective way to learn how your company compares to competitors on several factors such as customer service, quality of product/service, prici

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  • Market Research New Hampshire| Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Market Research New Hampshire | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Looking to conduct market research in New Hampshire? First, you’ll have to dive deeper into some key statistics and demographic information to determine the feasibility and budget for your research. When Drive Research, a full-service market research company, executes research studies throughout the country, we like to dive a little deeper into the demographics and other key variables that represent the specific geographic area. How do we do this? Our national research company uses an in-house

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  • Market Research Maine | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Market Research Maine | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Maine is most commonly known for its long, beautiful shorelines and abundance of lobsters. However, there is much more to Maine than its beaches and its plethora of delicious seafood. Who are the residents of Maine?  Are there more males than females?  What age group makes up the majority of Maine’s population?  What are their opinions?  How do they prefer to purchase from businesses in Maine? Our market research company serving the Maine area set out to find these answers and more! We know yo

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  • 2019 Year in Review Survey | What Trend Most Defined the End of the Decade?

    2019 Year in Review Survey | What Trend Most Defined the End of the Decade?

    There were many fashion, entertainment, sports, and technology trends of 2019 - but what were America's favorites? Drive Research, a national market research company, surveyed over 600 people through their in-house panel to find out. Panel participants ranged in ages, genders, and geographies. Here are the results of our 2019 Year in Review Survey! Overall Interest in 2019 Trends Below are the top categories our panel participants were most interested in: Movies (78%) TV (78%) Music (74%

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  • Should I Survey My Customers During the Holidays?

    Should I Survey My Customers During the Holidays?

    ‘Tis the season for being in the giving mood and feeling thankful for all this year has brought us. With that being said, it is also the season of feeling the stresses of holiday shopping, cooking, and traveling. The one question still remains. Is it the best time of the year to survey customers? As a survey market research company, Drive Research executes various types of surveys (online surveys, intercept surveys, customer surveys, etc.) at all times of the year. We understand the desire to c

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  • market research RFP template_thumbnail

    Market Research Request For Proposal Template | Get a Free RFP Sample

    Are you on the hunt for a proposal, quote, or estimate from a qualified market research company – but, don’t know how to properly request this information? We’ve got you covered with our free market research RFP template. Market research is a broad term that covers hundreds of methodologies, therefore it is helpful to clearly identify project goals, objectives, and specifications when requesting the help of a third-party research partner. This free market research request for proposal (RFP) tem

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  • conducting-research-on-a-tight-marketing-budget-video-thumbnail

    Conducting Research on a Tight Marketing Budget? Here are 4 Cost Saving Tips

    Contrary to popular belief, research does not have to break a marketing budget to be effective. In fact, a simple online survey can provide the individualized and high-quality data you are looking for at a fraction of the cost of other methodologies. While the cost of market research ranges based on a variety of factors, there are easy ways to reduce the cost of conducting research to fit within the means of any tight marketing budget. Before getting started with market research, hone in on wha

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  • Video: Engaging Generation Z in Market Research

    How to Engage Generation Z in Market Research | Gen Z Market Research Company

    Generation Z, or more commonly referred to as Gen Z, is transforming the way organizations are marketing their brand, products, and services. Many B2C businesses are being forced to throw away traditional marketing campaigns and think outside of the box for how to attract this new generation. As a result, organizations have turned to Gen Z market research companies to collect feedback and data directly from Gen Zers in order to understand how they make their purchasing decisions. Market resear

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  • How B2B Organizations Can Use Net Promoter Score (NPS) More Effectively

    Net Promoter Score, or NPS, is used to measure customer loyalty. For this reason, NPS is a commonly used metric in various market research surveys for business-to-business (B2B) organizations. It is calculated by asking respondents one simple question: “How likely is it that you would recommend us to a friend or colleague?” The respondent then selects a number on a scale from 0 to 10. Based on the selected value, customers can be placed into one of three categories: promoters, passives, or detr

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  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) will Impact the Future of Market Research | Drive Research

    How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Impact the Future of Market Research

    In the never-ending pursuit of business innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming a hot topic. The prospect of computers progressing automation further through machine learning has even the market research industry abuzz. If we’re being honest, every researcher could name a few tasks that they would gladly hand over to reliable AI technology to complete. Heck, while we’re at it, we’d gladly accept help with household chores and weekend errands. The good news is artifici

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  • Market Research for a New Business with Drive Research

    How Can Market Research Help a New Business?

    Conducting market research early on is essential for startups and new businesses, especially when it comes to building a sturdy foundation. Market research can put your startup on an early road to success. Before launching a new business, it is important to consider the current state of the market you are looking to break into. Conducting market research for your business’ early stages can ensure you make the best decisions for your new business when it’s in its most vulnerable stages. In this

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  • Why Market Research Should be in Your 2020 Budget | Drive Research

    Why Market Research Should be in Your 2020 Budget

    Budget season is here and that means it’s time to start planning for 2020 if you haven’t already. With every new year comes new objectives, goals, and challenges. How will you choose the right tools to assist your organization in breaking new ground and making 2020 the best year yet? By setting aside a portion of budget dollars for market research, businesses can be assured they are taking a step in the right direction. Much like when planning for your 2020 budget, it is important to establish

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