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    What is TURF Analysis? [+ When & How You Should Use It]

    It's not feasible for a business to offer every product, service, and feature that its customers want. Knowing this is a limitation, organizations need to carefully pick and choose which products, services, or features to offer to customers. TURF analysis provides valuable insights for businesses looking to optimize and/or expand product portfolios by identifying the market reach and potential for each combination of products they might offer. What is TURF Analysis? TURF analysis is a commo

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  • Blog: Best Qualtrics Alternatives to Help Achieve Market Research Goals

    Best Qualtrics Alternatives For Market Research & Surveys

    Running an online survey seems easy, right? Many free market research resources offer simple ways to write your survey questions, create a link to share them, or invite respondents via email. However, you may or may not realize that you could be biting off more than you can chew. Seeking alternatives to Qualtrics can be trickier than you think. That said, if you’re still dead set on running the survey in-house by yourself, we’ll talk about our favorite alternatives that are still great for

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  • Blog: Explaining Conjoint Analysis [With Examples]

    Explaining Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis [With Examples]

    If you have ever explored advanced market research techniques, there is a good chance you have come across choice-based conjoint analysis (CBC) studies. Although it may be more involved than a simple project, a well-designed conjoint survey has the potential to generate key insights about optimizing your product or service. This post dives into what choice-based conjoint analysis is, how to conduct them, when to use them, and real-world examples. Explaining Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis

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