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  • Blog: Website Analytics: Guide to Measuring and Improving (+ Free Checklist)

    Website Analytics: Guide to Measuring and Improving (+ Free Checklist)

    Imagine this. You launch a landing page and see that it’s generating hundreds of page views, but people are leaving the page after a few seconds. Why is that? In the same scenario, you have published a series of blog posts that are generating contact form fills but you can’t tell which post is driving the most conversions. Or, which post is providing very little traffic, and why that is? To truly understand your website users and how well it performs, you need data. And that’s why reviewing

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    How to Spot Poor Survey Respondents: Ask These Questions

    Data quality is always a hot topic when it comes to online surveys. It can feel defeating when a researcher meticulously designs a survey only to find poor data quality lurking in the responses. There are 4 types of online survey respondents that scare the $&#@ out of researchers. The speeder The professional The one who doesn’t read directions The tech wiz Keep reading to learn how to spot poor quality survey responses, what causes illegitimate data, and five unique survey questions to ask

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  • Blog: How to Analyze Quantitative Survey Data: Reporting to the Maximum

    How to Analyze Quantitative Survey Data: Reporting to the Maximum

    Analyzing long surveys with endless amounts of data is intimidating, even for the best market researchers. Largely due to the time and attention required for a solid review, extracting the most relevant information from quantitative survey data is a time-consuming process–but for good reason. “Quantitative” refers to broad-scale research – think the bigger picture. There are many common forms of quantitative research we could talk about, but for now, we’ll stick to online surveys. Recently,

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Customer Segmentation in 6 Easy Steps

    How to Conduct Customer Segmentation in 6 Easy Steps

    Catering to your entire target market the same way isn’t the most effective. It’s a bit like giving a one-size-fits-all t-shirt to people of all shapes and sizes. At the same time, identifying the unique needs of every individual is an impossible task. It’s not like you can just send a personalized message to every potential customer (unless you have infinite time and resources). What many businesses need is something in between for targeting their audience. This is when you should conduct

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  • How to Group Your Customers into Market Segments

    When it comes to running customer satisfaction surveys, market segmentation is often a key deliverable from the data. It’s just as it sounds–segmenting populations to better understand the survey feedback. Not only will this allow more insight into the feedback, but it will also let you know more about who your customer base is. By finding out more information about your customer base, you can cater to their needs at an elevated level. In this blog post, we’ll cover the following topics: C

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    6 Benefits of Continuous Performance Measurement and Tracking

    Using market research to better understand performance, employees, sales, and customer satisfaction is a great first step in driving the success of your organization. But...there is something even better! Continuously measuring and tracking performance is the best way to understand progress and change. A market research company is often asked to measure awareness, perception, satisfaction, as well as other metrics. Measuring these metrics once helps organizations understand their placement i

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  • 3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2020

    3 Market Research Options for eCommerce Companies in 2022

    One of the greatest things about eCommerce, or electronic commerce, is that anybody can go online and sell a product. Voila, instant business! The other side of this low barrier to entry is that someone with a similar idea can set up an online storefront just as easily. This is a major reason why competition is so intense in the eCommerce space. Additionally, if the online traffic that soared because of the COVID-19 pandemic indicates a permanent change in behavior, the opportunities for e

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  • Blog - 8 Market Research Options for Retail | Market Research Company

    8 Market Research Options for Retail Brands

    It’s no secret that retail is a crowded and competitive industry. As a result, consumers are presented with a large array of options, allowing customers to choose where they want to spend their money. For this reason, it is crucial retail brands conduct market research to learn about target shoppers -- their preferences, habits, behaviors, relationship with competitors, and more. By surveying or speaking with consumers, your retail store (whether it be online, in-person, or a hybrid) will b

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  • Blog: Should I Hire a Market Research Firm?

    Should I Hire a Market Research Firm? Absolutely.

    Yes -- you want to hire a market research firm. A third-party research company provides brands with fact-based and evidence-based data to help guide organizational decisions around operations, marketing, and strategy. It provides an objective point of view through the lens of other experts, customers, and potential customers of your brand depending on the type of market research. If you are considering hiring a third-party market research company, there are likely several thoughts and consi

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  • What is a Market Analysis? [+ Download an Example Report]

    A lot of time, money, and preparation is involved in starting a new business or opening a new location. Before getting too in the weeds, one of your first steps should be conducting a market analysis.  A market analysis helps organizations understand their target demographic, consumer profiles, buying habits, and much more. It yields valuable data if you are flying blind about a current or planned expansion market. In this blog post, our market research company discusses the importance of coll

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    Do I Need Market Research? | Why Neglecting It Is Bad For Business

    Do you need oxygen to live? Okay, I’ll spare the dramatics – but, yes! Every organization needs market research, whether it is a small startup, testing a new concept, or rebranding your business. Marketing research is an integral step in reaching out to your target audience, gaining a competitive edge, and exceeding sales goals. Think of it this way, there are more than 30 million businesses existing in the United States today. Each has a similar product or service offerings to a number of c

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  • components of market research proposal

    7 Components of a Market Research Proposal

    You can tell a lot about a market research company from its proposal. A market research proposal is the first and most critical step with your project or choosing a market research consultant. It gives you all of the information you need on the process, approach, and most importantly: the cost 💸💸. Before you sign on the dotted line read this post about market research requests for proposals. It will teach you what to look for, what the process looks like, and the key components of an RFP

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