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Working With Our National Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company

Our national online reputation management (ORM) company argues gathering customer feedback is a job better suited for a market research company than a digital marketing agency.

Sure consumer reviews impact the path to purchase and influence behavior but does rating a product, service, company, or brand on a 1 to 5-star scale sound more like a survey question or advertising?

Trust our national ORM company with this process because, in essence, all of our client projects involve collecting feedback affordably, accurately, and timely.

How does Drive Research Generate Positive Online Reviews for my Organization?

The internet is riddled with statistics and studies which point to the impact of customer reviews. Our national online reputation management company helps you invite customers to leave feedback.

Our survey platform first asks the participants several questions about their experience and if the feedback is positive, they are routed to sites like Google, Yelp, etc. to leave a positive review. If the survey feedback is negative, they are not provided a link to leave a public review.

Collect More than Just Positive Online Reviews 

In addition to the increased number of positive reviews, our national online reputation management firm acquires other feedback from your customers. The survey may include questions about the representative they dealt with, wait time, the value of the product, etc.

This survey data is invaluable to your operations, marketing, and strategy to help grow your business.

What is the ORM Process with Drive Research?

The process is a simple one. Our national ORM firm creates a proposal with a specific term you’d like to run the program for (6 months, 12 months, 36 months).

From the get-go, your organization is provided an online link that gives you real-time access to your survey data with up-to-the-second submissions.

We also prepare a monthly ORM tracker for you which details the progress made over the past month on your consumer review sites of focus to show how our national online reputation management company has moved the dial.

Contact Our National Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company

As opposed to most national ORM companies, our packages offer far more value and context. The pre-review survey provides your company with both negative feedback and positive explanations to help provide details on your customer satisfaction.

Interested in learning more about how our national ORM firm can help your organization garner more positive reviews online? Contact our team for a quote, estimate, or ORM proposal.

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