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  • how much does a focus group cost

    How Much Does a Focus Group Cost? | Focus Groups Syracuse, NY

    How much does a focus group cost with the help of a third-party? You may not like this answer, but it truly depends. As a form of qualitative research, focus groups can be customized to cater to most budgets, therefore it's is hard to give one tried and true cost. If you're not satisfied with our answer for the cost of a focus group, here's our market research company's take. As a general rule, the average cost of a standard focus group project can range from $4,000 to $12,000. A tradition

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  • features-observation-focus-group-facility-research-tips-05162019

    5 Must-Have Features of an Observation Room | Focus Group Facility

    An observation room, oftentimes referred to as a viewing room, is used in a focus group facility for purposes of qualitative market research. Observation rooms allow researchers and clients to sit and watch focus groups or in-depth interviews through a one-way mirror. If you are conducting qualitative market research that involves a viewing room, you have probably done your research on a few different focus group facilities to host your study. How do you know what market research facility is

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  • choice-traditional-focus-group-08282018

    Traditional Focus Groups or Online Focus Groups: The Choice is Yours

    A focus group is a common methodology used in market research. A traditional focus group involves a small group of people coming together at a location to share needs, preferences, opinions, and experiences about a specific product or service. The facilitator of the discussion, called the moderator, leads the discussion. The goal is often gaining insight for the company through spoken feedback of consumers and potentially B2B professionals. Typically focus groups are held at a brick and mor

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  • best-time-host-focus-group-market-research-08032018

    When is the Best Time to Host a Focus Group?

    Wondering if there is a "right" time to hold a focus group? Our focus group company can help you find the best time to host these sessions! Focus group projects typically come with a lot of variables such as: Deciding the number of focus groups to hold Deciding how many participants are needed for each focus group Finding a place to host the focus groups Finding a focus group moderator Learn more below about finding the best time to host a focus group. Or read our insider's guide to managi

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  • Blog: How to Conduct Parent Focus Groups | Education Market Research Company

    How to Conduct Parent Focus Groups

    With the transition to distance learning and reopening schools, parent focus groups have grown in popularity. School decision-makers are turning to parents of students to understand how their classes, programs, and other logistics should be executed based on our “new normal.” For instance, a private school in California contacted our education market research company to conduct parent focus groups online. In this blog post, Drive Research shares our step-by-step process for those interested i

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  • online-focus-groups-market-research-upstate-01082018

    The Ultimate Guide to Online Focus Groups in 2021 | Remote Focus Groups Company

    With all of the talk about remote market research methodologies, one would think in-person focus groups are dead. A more accurate statement would be that focus groups are evolving. As remote focus groups, virtual focus groups, video focus groups, and online focus groups have grown steadily over the past 10 years, COVID-19 and social distancing protocols really pushed this methodology into overdrive. Online focus groups can provide the same qualitative in-depth feedback as a traditional focu

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  • Blog: 4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups | Market Research Company

    4 Quick Tips for Better Virtual Focus Groups

    Virtual focus groups are growing in popularity -- I’m pretty sure we all know why. While traditional, in-person focus groups will have their comeback, online focus groups will likely be more popular for a while longer. To help ease the transition, our focus groups market research company shares 4 quick tips for better virtual focus groups below. Need help recruiting, moderating, or hosting a virtual focus group? Drive Research can provide one or all of these services. Contact our team by emai

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  • questions-ask-customer-focus-group-market-research-08072018

    Questions to Ask in a Customer Focus Group

    A customer focus group can help an organization dive deep and explore customer feedback beyond the quantitative measurable data acquired through a survey. As with any good qualitative market research, the questions you ask in a customer focus group should be focused on exploring topics. These include thought-provoking questions and open-ended questions to generate discussion and dialogue. The topic of this blog post is to help you choose or think about questions to ask in a customer focus gro

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  • Blog: 3 Alternatives to Focus Groups in Market Research

    3 Alternatives to Focus Groups in Market Research

    When conducting market research, you are never short of options. Each methodology has its own pros and cons. In this case, you likely stumbled upon this blog post because you are searching for an alternative to in-person focus groups. Lucky for you, our market research company has three of them! In this blog post, Drive Research will discuss why online focus groups, in-depth interviews, and phone surveys may be more viable options for your team. Alternative to Focus Groups #1: Online Focu

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  • Blog for How to Conduct Student Focus Groups | Market Research Company for Nonprofits

    How to Conduct Student Focus Groups | Market Research Company

    Drive Research often works with nonprofit organizations on a variety of market research studies. Recently we completed a focus group recruitment project for a well-known non-profit making organization. The goal of the focus groups was to speak to student caregivers who met very specific criteria, which is an audience with an extremely low incidence rate. The client decided to hold the student caregiver focus groups at Drive Research’s focus group facility in Upstate New York. Why should y

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  • 10 tips for video focus groups

    10 Tips for Video Focus Groups | Company in NY

    Focus groups are a great way to bring consumers together to share insights on product or service offerings. While many people are familiar with focus groups examples conducted in-person, they can also be conducted online. Video focus groups are becoming a popular way to conduct qualitative research discussions. In fact, there are several advantages to conducting focus groups online including: Increased accessibility to participants Lower costs Quicker turnaround times Tip 1: Leverage F

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  • How to Find Participants for Remote Focus Groups

    How to Find Participants for Remote Focus Groups

    Remote focus groups are a unique and trending qualitative research method. Similar to in-person focus groups, online focus groups allow a group of like-individuals to discuss a topic in-depth. With online focus groups, geographical barriers are eliminated. This means opinions can be heard from participants around the world. With in-person focus groups, location can be an issue if the audience you’re trying to target has a low incidence rate within that specific market. Remote or video focus g

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