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  • Syracuse Focus Group Facility Video Tour

    Syracuse Focus Group Facility Video Tour

    Take a tour of our new focus group facility in Upstate, New York. It’s here that businesses from all over the country choose to conduct focus groups with the assistance of our qualitative market research and recruitment team. Syracuse has long been known as one of the best cities for market research studies. It is a mirror of America with similar demographics in age, household incomes, and other demographics. This video includes details about facility specifications, the convenience of our Syr

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  • tips-focus-group-moderator-focus-group-market-research

    4 Tips for Focus Group Moderator Beginners | Focus Group Company

    I often say, the data from a market research study is only as strong as the questions asked. This sentiment can be equated to a focus group and the moderator of the group discussion. In other words, the success and insight gathered from qualitative research is dependent on who is interviewing or moderating the participants. Are you new to moderating focus groups or interested in becoming a focus group moderator?Everyone has to start somewhere! Drive Research, a market research company with a c

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  • cities-focus-group-market-research-06172019

    What Cities Should I Conduct Focus Groups In? | Qualitative Market Research Firm

    Options. You are never short of them in market research. Quantitative or qualitative? Online surveys or intercept surveys? Phone surveys or mail surveys? Focus groups or executive interviews? Mystery shopping or shop-alongs? 400 responses or 1,000 responses? 15 questions or 30 questions? Topline report or full report? The list goes on and on. There is not necessarily always one right choice in market research. It is about collecting information, seeking guidance, and choosing the best path whic

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  • video-focus-group-market-research-06112019

    How Do Video Focus Groups Work? | Video Focus Groups Company

    When organizations think of market research, the two most common methodologies which likely come to mind are focus groups and surveys. Focus groups have long been a popular and commonly used methodology for new product development, testing of advertisements, and creating a dialogue with customers. Over the past two decades, surveys have evolved with time. Years ago the most common surveys were completed by phone and mail. Now, online surveys are by far the most popular methodology used in marke

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  • tips-first-time-focus-group-recruitment-market-research-05092019

    5 Tips for First-Time Focus Group Recruitment

    Focus group recruitment is one of the most impactful, yet challenging aspects of conducting qualitative research. As opposed to quantitative research which requires a large number of respondents for accurate statistical data, focus groups perform best with a much smaller sample size. Typically, focus group discussions require 4 to 12 participants who fit pre-determined demographic categories such as age, gender, income, etc. With the required number of focus group participants so low, it is imp

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  • best-place-hold-focus-group-market-research-03282019

    Where is the Best Place to Hold a Focus Group? | Focus Group Cities U.S.

    Choosing a place to host a focus group is no easy decision. When doing a simple search for focus group facilities in the U.S. you are likely to come across hundreds of potential locations in cities across America. The choice is not easy. In this post, I'll walk you through some questions to ask yourself before deciding on how to move forward with your focus group location. This includes reviewing items like: The type of location you want to host the groups at The type of audience you are looki

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  • group-effect-new-york-market-research-03142019

    What is Group Effect? | Focus Group Company New York

    Market research companies hate bias. We try to avoid it at all costs. Oftentimes when market researchers think of bias, the top examples that come to mind occur in surveys. Check out this post that covers 5 types of bias in market research. Safe to say, bias can occur in all types of market research studies (i.e., surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, etc.) if the team is not careful. This post takes an inside look at group effect, which is a type of bias that effects f

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  • testing-ad-concepts-market-research-03122019

    Ad Concept Testing Research And 3 Examples of How to Do It

    The light bulb goes off in your head. This is the golden idea for an advertisement about your company's newest offering. It is engaging, entertaining, and effective all at once. It sounds like a recipe for success! But wait, what if the message doesn't ultimately resonate with the audience? What if the idea just needs a small tweak? And to top it off, your co-worker just had another great idea that sounds like it could work, too. So, where do you go from here? Put these concepts to the test. B

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  • market-research-focus-group-successful-02282019

    What Makes a Focus Group Project Successful? | 5 Focus Group Recruiting Tips

    Successfully recruiting for a focus group is the first step to executing a great project. A lot of effort goes into a successful focus group recruit. Some of these tasks are done behind the scenes by a focus group facility. Below is a list of 7 focus group recruiting tips to understand how to make a focus group project successful! Here's what you'll look like after a successful focus group project! Tip #1: Clearly define the screening criteria First things first, a focus group facility w

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  • look-focus-group-syracuse-market-research-02182019

    What to Look for in a Focus Group Facility? | Syracuse NY

    Conducting a focus group study can provide insightful marketing research. Brands take the information obtained from the study to improve products or services as well as the overall customer experience (CX). Keep reading to learn about key factors to consider when choosing a focus group facility. Not all focus group facilities are created equal. Searching for the right facility for your qualitative market research? Consider these factors. Factor 1: Recruiting Capabilities The most importa

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  • focus-group-higher-ed-market-research-02132019

    How to Conduct Alumni Focus Groups | Higher Ed Market Research

    Higher education institutions often come to Drive Research to assist with alumni market research. The studies typically involve further understanding and insights from the alumni CRM database colleges and universities have. If any type of CRM database analysis was done as a first step, it most likely segments the alumni affinity groups into different buckets. This segmentation analysis can provide incredibly helpful to a higher ed institution as they look to understand their database. The objec

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  • nice-market-research-effect-01212019

    Stop Being So Nice in Market Research. Sincerely, the Friendliness Effect

    Consumer suggestions and feedback are essential to brand success. In many cases, it is through customer feedback that significant issues with products and services are effectively resolved. For many brands, though, they fail to take into account the Friendliness Effect when performing market research to obtain feedback. It all boils down to bias. Unfortunately, market researchers and marketing professionals acting as market researchers are often bias without intentionally meaning to be. For bra

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