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Working With Our National Intercept Surveys Company 

Intercept surveys are a form of quantitative research focused on capturing in-the-moment feedback from respondents. Some examples of projects from our national intercept survey company include exit surveys and event surveys.

Whether you have a retail location, store, concert, event, or any other attraction which draws in-person visitors, intercept surveys are the ideal methodology to collect accurate and timely feedback.

What is Our Approach to Intercept Surveys?

Most projects completed by our national intercept survey company are conducted electronically through online or offline methodologies. Our intercept survey company recommends these questionnaires be conducted using a tablet as opposed to the days of paper and pencil or clipboard surveying.

Using a tablet with a programmed survey creates plenty of cost savings for your organization including data entry. Data entry was once a large expense with older paper and clipboard versions of the past.

Our in-house survey software allows feedback to be collected offline with no internet or satellite connection required.

This is important because many of the events our national intercept survey company collects feedback from such as college football games or state fairs, often have poor connectivity to satellite and WiFi.

How are Intercept Surveys Administered?

The questionnaires conducted by our national intercept survey firm creates a smooth and quick process for your visitors.

The surveys can be administered verbally through the use of one of our intercept team members or our intercept company staff can hand the tablet to the visitor so the survey can be self-administered.

Our national intercept survey company also offers kiosk surveys if you would like to create a station at your event or location.

How are the Results from Intercept Surveys Analyzed?

Our intercept survey company staff includes seasoned and trained interviewers to collect responses on-site at your store, event, or conference.

Results can be analyzed immediately through our convenient real-time portal. This portal tabulates the data as it is collected to give your organization an inside view of the results prior to a full report.

Our national intercept survey firm creates a comprehensive report at the conclusion of your project. This includes a background and methodology, an executive summary of themes, recommendations, an infographic, and a question-by-question breakdown of the results.

Website Intercept Surveys

Aside from in-person intercept surveys, Drive Research also specializes in executing web-based intercept surveys. This approach is generally in the form of a pop-up window or a chat window on any given webpage. 

Our clients have chosen to include pop-up surveys on their website to improve user experience, identify barriers to purchase, and gain a true understanding of how people are interacting with their site.


  • Services available for any in-person event with visitors
  • Recommended surveys are completed electronically via tablet
  • Our intercept surveys can be completed through offline capabilities (no satellite or WiFi needed)
  • Tablet surveys may be administered through a live interviewer or self-administered by the participant
  • Options for kiosk surveys or paper and clipboard surveys are also available
  • Best methodology to collect in-the-moment feedback from visitors

Contact Our National Intercept Survey Firm

Drive Research has a strong network of experienced intercept surveyors to assist with your in-the-moment data needs. Although our intercept survey company is focused on data, we differentiate our services by providing our clients with the consultation and action items needed to take in terms of the next steps based on the feedback.

Not all national intercept survey companies do this. A national intercept survey company like Drive Research is a huge promoter of instant feedback.

Face it, recalling an experience 2 minutes ago is easier to recall than an experience weeks ago. The faster you can receive feedback, the better the reliability particularly if you are on-site to collect it. Nothing can provide quicker and more relevant feedback than an intercept survey.

Our intercept survey company has the experience and interviewing team to assist you. Most important? We have fun doing it. Contact Drive Research if you need a quote, estimate, or proposal for your intercept survey project. We will reply quickly.

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