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Working With Our National Phone Surveys Company 

Phone surveys are a form of qualitative or quantitative research that focuses on gathering deeper feedback than a general online, mobile, or email survey.

Drive Research focuses our projects on two-way active communication where the interviewer can probe at-length and follow up on responses immediately, whereas other methodologies are more passive.

When it comes to online surveys, oftentimes market research companies are at the mercy of how much or how little a respondent is willing to type.

Our national phone survey company works on both small and large scale research projects. 

These qualitative IDIs typically last at least 15 minutes to 30 minutes in length and interviews are scheduled with stakeholders or experts in the field who can offer highly detailed feedback.

The large scale projects conducted by our national phone survey firm involve upwards of 100 to 400+ completed surveys and interviews take less than 15 minutes.

Approach to Phone Surveys

For qualitative phone interviews, Drive Research offers a team of qualified and experienced interviewers with a variety of project and industry experience. Our national phone survey firm has a knack for blending credibility, passion, and active listening skills into all of our interviews.

The process for our phone surveys is a simple step-by-step outline. It begins with a detailed market research proposal that outlines your objectives, the timeline, and our fees. From there we schedule a kickoff to recap expectations and outline the next steps.

The survey is then drafted, programmed into our computer-assisted-telephone-interviewing program (CATI), tested, and then launched.

After fieldwork, our analysis and reporting begin. Our reports are what differentiate our national phone survey company.

We add context, interpretation, recommendations, and action items to show your organization how to take the next steps with the results and maximize your ROI.

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Our national phone survey company specializes in obtaining accurate and timely feedback for your market research projects. Drive Research manages these telephone surveys the same way we would our own.

If you're looking for a national phone survey company, we can help. Contact us for a quote or proposal from our phone survey firm.

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