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  • Blog: PR Surveys for Travel and Tourism | Process, Benefits, & Sample Questions

    PR Surveys for Travel and Tourism | Process, Benefits, & Sample Questions

    Whether your company is a travel agency, hotel chain, rental car service, tour company, or some other travel, tourism, or hospitality business, chances are you’ve seen the effects of the COVID-19 crisis firsthand. For companies in the travel industry, COVID-19 is a chance to explore new marketing strategies, create brand awareness, and generate revenue in creative ways. During this unprecedented period of the unknown, there is no better time to invest in a market research PR survey than right

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  • Blog: PR Surveys for Financial Institutions | Process, Examples, & Sample Questions

    PR Surveys for Financial Services | Process, Examples, & Sample Questions

    Public relations surveys are a unique way for banks and credit unions to garner media attention and grow brand awareness. In this blog post, our market research company will cover (click each title to skip ahead): What is PR market research? What are the benefits of a PR survey for banks and credit unions? Examples of bank and credit union market research in the media. What is involved in a PR research study for financial institutions? What type of questions should I include in my bank or cr

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  • impact of dry cleaners from covid-19

    What effect has COVID-19 had on U.S. dry cleaners? | PR Survey Firm

    COVID-19 has created ever-evolving challenges for all industries, but particularly those with in-person business models that cannot deliver their services to consumers 100% online. Think business operations such as gasoline stations, hair salons, gyms, and dry cleaners. While there is so much data on how Coronavirus has impacted the United States economy as a whole, there is very little on the effect the pandemic has had on specific B2C or B2B industries. While there is so much data on how Co

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  • PR Polling Surveys: How to Use Surveys for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

    The PR Pros Guide to Public Relations Surveys in 2020

    Market research was always thought of as anonymous, confidential, and proprietary. "Don't share the results." "Make sure the data says in-house." In the past, these were common phrases uttered in board rooms across America. Data and market research were always thought of as in-house, built for strategy, and built to inform and make decisions internally. The results are often used to drive internal decisions, measure success, or prepare a product for a market launch. It follows a very prec

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  • The Ultimate Guide to Custom PR Surveys | PR Polling Company

    The Ultimate Guide to Custom PR Surveys in 2020 | PR Polling Company

    If you found this post from our national PR polling company in the neverending ocean, that is Google, boy are you in for a treat. We may be a tad biased, but we’ve got a whole team of writers here at our research firm who believe this is the holy grail for conducting a custom PR survey. Here is what we’ll cover in this ultimate guide (click the title to read a chapter): 1. The Definition of PR Polling 2. The Process of Conducting Custom Surveys 3. Example of a PR Polling Survey Question

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