Mystery Shopping

  • How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise with Drive Research

    How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise

    There is a great deal of trust involved in franchising a business. Many franchise locations operate largely independent of the franchisor. With such a variety of locations and franchisees, how do you know if your customers are receiving a consistent, high-quality experience? One valuable way to become more informed is through mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which mystery “shoppers” pose as customers to evaluate a process or gather data about a product or s

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    The Value of Mystery Shopping and How to Plan for Success

    How do clients obtain information about a competitor or other company of interest without walking through the door or placing an online order themselves? The answer is the methodology known as mystery shopping. Researchers employ mystery shopping when there is a desire to understand the details of a process or experience first-hand. Mystery shopping can be conducted in-person, online, or over the phone, depending on the objectives. Mystery Shopping is an effective way to understand the custom

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  • mystery shopping market research buffalo ny

    What is Mystery Shopping? | Market Research Buffalo NY

    There are many unique and engaging marketing research methodologies in the industry. One which rises to the top of the list of investigative approaches is mystery shopping. Another term for mystery shopping is secret shopping. Care to learn more about what mystery shopping involves and how the process works? You've come to the right place. What is mystery shopping? This is a methodology which uses a secret shopper to act as a true customer to evaluate the customer experience in-person, over

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