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  • Blog: What to Look For in a Mystery Shopping Research Company

    What to Look For in a Mystery Shopping Research Company

    At our national mystery shopping company, mystery shopping is just one of the many methodologies we have to help your company reach its goals! Mystery shopping is a type of market research methodology that can help businesses evaluate a particular area of their business and provide excellent insights. In this blog post, we will discuss what mystery shopping is, what to look for in a mystery shopping research company, and the benefits of utilizing a third-party market research firm! To conduct

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  • Blog - How Much Does a Mystery Shopping Project Cost?

    How Much Does a Mystery Shopping Project Cost?

    If you are reading this post, you are probably considering a mystery shopping market research study. Maybe you have heard or read about it but haven’t the slightest idea what it costs. Like most types of market research, it's hard to give one clear cut price. It's dependent on various factors such as project management, length of mystery shops, time of mystery shops, and more. In this blog post, our market research company will discuss these components in detail to give you a better idea of ho

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  • Blog: 3 Alternative Market Research Options for Mystery Shopping

    3 Alternative Market Research Options for Mystery Shopping

    Perhaps the best thing about conducting market research is you are never short of options. For instance, if your team is looking for an alternative to mystery shopping, there are plenty of great methodologies to choose from. Mystery shopping is a common market research data collection method where a secret shopper pretends to patronize a business with the intention of collecting information not readily available to the public. This information might include pricing, rates, quality of products/

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  • Blog: 5 Factors to Examine When Conducting a Brand Competitive Audit

    5 Factors to Examine When Conducting a Brand Competitive Audit

    Trying to outperform your competition? In order to do just that, companies should conduct competitive audits to position themselves ahead of competitors. Competitive assessments apply to both new and well-established businesses. The more you know about your competition with any business, the easier it is to pinpoint what you should benchmark and what you should avoid. Our market research company considers these five critical components when conducting a brand competitive audit for our clients.

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  • shop along market research syracuse

    The Comprehensive Guide to Conducting a Shop-Along in 2020

    Retailers are in constant competition for consumer attention. With numerous products and services that are comparable and similar on multiple levels, every company wants consumers to buy their product or service over the competition. How does a company, brand, product, or service stand out against the competition? They need to effectively market to their ideal customer by grabbing their attention and guiding them to a buying decision. A great market research option for collecting this type o

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  • Mystery Shopping for a Bank or Credit Union

    Mystery Shopping for a Bank or Credit Union

    It is often difficult to truly understand the customer experience (CX) at a bank or credit union. With so many different touchpoints and contacts, management teams often find it challenging to spotlight issues with a process, representative breaking protocol, or places in the customer journey that are sub-standard. Surveys can provide some insight into these areas, such as how was the customer service with a branch teller, loan officer, or call center representative. However, they fall short

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  • Healthcare Mystery Shopping: Improving Patient Experience (PX)

    Healthcare Mystery Shopping: Improving Patient Experience (PX)

    As a healthcare facility, you open your doors to many new faces. Whether you are currently working for a hospital, surgical center, doctor’s office, or urgent care clinic, providing a safe and healthy patient experience (PX) is likely your top priority. Market research for medical organizations helps keep the pulse on all types of healthcare facilities. It provides high-quality data and actionable feedback to empower strategic decision making. In a highly competitive space, healthcare market re

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  • Should You Use a Third-Party Research Company for Mystery Shopping?

    Should You Use a Third-Party Research Company for Mystery Shopping?

    If you are interested in conducting mystery shops for your business, it may seem straightforward enough to conduct on your own. Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which information is collected from a business by undercover researchers posing as consumers. This is often done to assess a competitor’s company or even your own company to gain a more accurate perspective on customer experience. Here’s a quick video describing four key benefits of mystery shopping. You might as w

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  • How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise with Drive Research

    How to Execute a Mystery Shopping Program for a Franchise

    There is a great deal of trust involved in franchising a business. Many franchise locations operate largely independent of the franchisor. With such a variety of locations and franchisees, how do you know if your customers are receiving a consistent, high-quality experience? One valuable way to become more informed is through mystery shopping. Mystery shopping is a market research methodology in which mystery “shoppers” pose as customers to evaluate a process or gather data about a product or s

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  • mystery shopping for retail | shirt, store front, online shopping on phone

    How to Overcome Challenges in Retail with Mystery Shopping

    Retail is a more competitive space than ever before. Brick and mortar stores are suffering from declining foot traffic. Online retailers are struggling to differentiate from competition. As a result, executing an informed customer strategy is critical for any retail business. What is mystery shopping? Mystery shopping market research (or secret shopping) is one effective way to help tackle these challenges faced within the retail sector. This market research practice involves a "mystery shoppe

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  • mystery-shopping-plan-success-market-research-09212018

    The Value of Mystery Shopping and How to Plan for Success

    How do clients obtain information about a competitor or other company of interest without walking through the door or placing an online order themselves? The answer is the methodology known as mystery shopping. Researchers employ mystery shopping when there is a desire to understand the details of a process or experience first-hand. Mystery shopping can be conducted in-person, online, or over the phone, depending on the objectives. Mystery Shopping is an effective way to understand the custom

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  • mystery shopping market research buffalo ny

    What is Mystery Shopping? | Market Research Buffalo NY

    There are many unique and engaging marketing research methodologies in the industry. One which rises to the top of the list of investigative approaches is mystery shopping. Another term for mystery shopping is secret shopping. Care to learn more about what mystery shopping involves and how the process works? You've come to the right place. What is mystery shopping? This is a methodology which uses a secret shopper to act as a true customer to evaluate the customer experience in-person, over

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