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  • testing-ad-concepts-market-research-03122019

    Ad Concept Testing: Benefits, Process, and Example Questions

    Ad concept testing is like taking a test drive before purchasing a car. This is a large investment, so it is important the vehicle will meet all your expectations. The same can be said for marketing and advertising campaigns. We have all been there. The light bulb goes off in your head. This is the golden idea for an advertisement about your company's newest offering. It is engaging, entertaining, and effective all at once. It sounds like a recipe for success! But wait…what if the message d

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  • Blog: What are New Product Demand Surveys? | Market Research Firm

    What are New Product Demand Surveys? | Market Research Firm

    Product development can be a tough process for many organizations and new business developers. Time is generally not on your side and nothing is guaranteed when taking a new product to the market. What’s worse, you may dedicate significant resources to developing a physical sample or prototype before you really know enough information. Next thing you know, you have a full-blown dud of a product that never really garnered interest in the first place. How product developers avoid this predicamen

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  • Blog: What is the Kano Model in Market Research?

    What is the Kano Model in Market Research?

    When developing a new product most entrepreneurs ask themselves, “What product features will offer the most return on investment?” If you find yourself in this exact situation - our market research company suggests using the Kano model. The Kano model is used to help new product development teams identify what features to prioritize and exclude before entering the market. It measures customer satisfaction (i.e., appeal versus importance) and considers the cost of the investment for each featur

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    Market Research For New Product Development

    Organizations often depend on new product development to stay competitive within an industry. While the process can be challenging, and oftentimes lengthy, new products and services allow organizations to grow and further expand their market reach. In order to ensure the time and cost invested in new product development doesn’t go to waste, it is essential organizations make informed decisions based on actual market opportunity and customer insights. Market research provides project teams wit

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  • How to Improve User Experience (UX) Design with an Online Survey

    How to Improve User Experience (UX) Design with an Online Survey

    User experience (UX) design is a common process used by developers to create or improve upon products in order to provide positive experiences to users. There are many elements or thought processes that go into the design of a website, app, program, etc. Market research for new product development in the technology sector often focuses on UX design. This involves testing branding, usability, function, and more. Our user experience research company recommends online surveys to gather relevant

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  • Why Focus Groups Are Important for New Product Development

    Why Focus Groups Are Important for New Product Development

    Producing a new product is a time-consuming process that requires research and development (R&D) on a deep level. While the initial idea for the product can come internally from asking the right questions, it is not enough. You have to go beyond the ideas of your team and collect insight from the people who matter most: your target market. Market research for new product development can act as a gut check for what you may think is an ingenious product or service. Research can showcase how succ

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  • sensory-product-development-market-research-04252019

    Benefits of Sensory Testing in Product Development

    Organizations often depend on product development to stay competitive within their industry. A common market research methodology used in product development is sensory testing. I've got to admit, sensory testing sounds like some mythical market research approach. It's actually more straightforward than you might think! Wondering what sensory testing is? How sensory testing is used? Or, what the benefits of sensory testing are? You have come to the right market research blog! Utilize these

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  • product-placement-market-research-04102019

    Product Placement Tests: How They Work and When To Use Them

    With the ability to skip an ad at a click of a button, modern consumers are blinded by most advertising and marketing efforts. Product placement tests are quickly becoming a foolproof way for brands to reach their target audience in a less direct avenue. What exactly are product placement tests, how do they work and when is the best time to use them? Hang tight, these answers and more will be with you momentarily. Drive Research just finished completing an 8-week product placement test with a

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  • product-market-research-retail-07252018

    Product Market Research | Manufacturing, Retail, and More

    Product market research is essential to the success and growth of an organization. It comes in many shapes and sizes both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative may include methodologies like in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups (both in-person and virtual), or small samples of mobile ethnography. Quantitative options include online surveys, phone surveys, in-home usage tests (IHUTs), and many more. Objectives or product market research can span far and wide as well. In this post we cove

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  • Testing-new-concept-market-research-06222018

    5 Tips When Testing a New Concept | Product Testing Company

    Is there anything more fun than testing out a new product? It is almost like a sneak peak or insiders view of a product, service, or concept before the general public knows about it. Product testing is a foundational piece of market research. A variety of feedback can be obtained from a product test. This includes items like potential appeal and demand, barriers to usage, likelihood to purchase, uncovering issues, and discovering drivers to satisfaction. Want some insight as to how the process

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  • New Emerging Methodologies in Market Research

    6 New Emerging Methodologies in Market Research

    Wondering what's trending in the market research industry? You've come to the right blog! In this post, we put a spotlight on 6 emerging methodologies in market research which include: Social media analytics Text analytics Mobile ethnography Research gamification Sensory testing Crowdsourcing Some of these methodologies you may have already heard of, others maybe not. Either way, our market research company in Syracuse, NY that serves clients across the country can define each with examples f

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  • components in new product development market research

    3 Components in New Product Development Market Research

    Concept testing and new product development is one of the more common reasons for the commissioning of market research. Whether it is proof of concept or a new product development company looking to confirm demand for a new concept to acquire financing and investments, it's requested a lot. "New" is the great unknown. So many lean on market research to help eliminate risk and provide insight into potential demand. Although the scope and methodologies may be unique to each type of new product or

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