Founder's Story

Drive Research Founder's Story

My Passion for Data

Market research is more than just numbers and data. Generating insights and understanding of data is the value of market research. The “why” behind a number defines market research in its purest form. Market research is exploration. Market research is investigating. Marketing research is analyzing. All market research firms can collect data and dump a boatload of statistics and cross-tabs to you. The best spend more time tying data insights to strategy than filling in charts, graphs, and tables for you.

There is no proven path to why someone pursues a career in market research. Some knew this was a career they wanted to dive into while many others just ended up here. I would argue the people who truly enjoy market research at its core are simply curious. Curious in that we have a shared desire to learn more, a craving to dig deeper, and a want to reverse engineer numbers. I believe those who truly excel and help their clients excel using market research fit this character profile. Drive Research follows an exclusive process to data-driven strategies derived from our market research.

The Auto Family

I grew up with a small family of 4 and oddly enough, all have spent the large majority of their working careers in the auto business. My father, mother, and sister all have a strong history with and passion for cars. My father has spent 40+ years in the auto industry working as a mechanic, service manager, and now a salesman, still working as he approaches 80 years of age. My mother spent the better part of a decade working for GM's finance department before she had children. My sister has spent 15+ years in the auto business following in her father's footsteps as a service manager. My father is an avid collector of muscle cars and owns a 1965 Olds 442 convertible and his pride and joy, a rare 1968 Hurst Olds - 1 of only 515 made. A car he ordered but never received as he was drafted into military service in the late 1960s stationed in Germany. A car that took my father 40+ years to find again when he purchased it in 2014. Needless to say, the auto industry and driving have been ingrained in my family for years.

Defining My Drive

The Drive Research logo is modeled after the same steering wheel found on my father's 1965 442 and 1968 Hurst Olds. Beyond my father's influence, my mother raised me to give a lot and ask little. My wife is the most caring person I've ever met. All of these people have had a significant impact on my desire to apply my passion for numbers and use data to help others. I am grateful every day for the fuel they provide me and constant support behind Drive Research.

  • Drive Research is my ambition to use data to pursue greater success for my clients.
  • Drive Research is helping my clients help their customers causing ripple effects of positive impact on the community.
  • Drive Research is my ambition and willingness to put in the extra hours of work when others will not.
  • Drive Research is a way for me to apply my passion for market research while paying homage to my family roots in the auto business.

Although I am not officially in the auto business like my father, mother, or sister, Drive is as close as I will ever get.

George Kuhn Owner & President of Drive Research

George Kuhn
Owner & President of Drive Research
Established 2016