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Working With Our National Mystery Shopping Company 

At our national mystery shopping company, we take the mystery out of your customer experience (CX). Our services provide your organization with the feedback you need for your place of business, your employees, and the shopper experience.

Mystery shopping is a methodology in market research using shoppers to assess experiences in a natural storefront, office, location, or retail environment.

Mystery shopping can be either qualitative or quantitative research and can be conducted at stores, colleges, or any type of business that involves some level of customer service or foot traffic.

Mystery Shopping Services 

Projects at national mystery shopping companies do not always have to be in-person.

Mystery shopping services can range from calling customer service with a common issue, to emailing a college's admissions department to ask questions, to visiting a retail location to assess the cleanliness and customer service offered.

Mystery shoppers are trained to evaluate experiences and fill out a post-visit assessment.

Pre-Recruiting Mystery Shopping Participants 

There are pros and cons to pre-recruiting mystery shopping participants versus conducting only a post-visit survey.

If mystery shoppers are trained ahead of time and predisposed to the evaluation criteria, their review of the experience is far more likely to be detailed and comprehensive.

If no training is completed, the shopping exercise will be more natural, but the shopper is more apt to miss details. In either scenario, our national mystery shopping firm looks to recruit real-life customers for the exercises.

Mystery Shopping Project Report

At the conclusion of the project with our national mystery shopping company, Drive Research puts together a full and detailed report.

This includes an executive summary of themes and recommendations as well as case summaries of the mystery shopping visits.

These case summary narratives are extremely valuable for our clients because they have the ability to read all of the details on the mystery shops.

Contact Our Mystery Shopping Company

Organizations work with a mystery shopping company like Drive Research to structure a qualitative or quantitative project.

Some projects with our national mystery shopping company have a finite and small number of shops while others are ongoing programs offering an online interactive dashboard and monthly reports.

Regardless of scope, Drive Research can create an affordable and timely project for your needs.

Our mystery shopping programs for you are like being there as a customer, without being there. Contact our team for a quote, estimate, or proposal.

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