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We work with the best clients at our market research company. No really, we do. The portfolio of clients for Drive Research includes companies and organizations in Syracuse, across Upstate New York, across the country, and throughout the world. Our market research company has fueled better customer experiences for some of the most renowned and prominent organizations. The custom-built market research at Drive Research has educated our clients to help them better profile customers, understand buyer motivations, determine drivers to loyalty, and improve the ROI of their marketing campaigns.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Market Research Company


"Drive Research is a detail-oriented firm who gets it. The (market research) process works, there is great strategy brainstorming, and it feels very collaborative."

"Our team worked with Drive Research on a survey project regarding member satisfaction and experience. The staff and I were very pleased with the results and the discussions we had at our debrief meeting. The Board received a very quick summary of the project and got a quick look at the results. Their response was very positive in what has produced and the detail of information we have to analyze. Thank you for your time on our member survey project."

"In an effort to freshen up our communications approach at loanDepot, we engaged with Drive Research to help us field a survey about millennials and their attitudes toward the home-buying process. George and team helped us with our overall approach and strategy, helped us create thought-provoking questions, and provided us with insights within 48 hours. The results were great and we are able to use them for several marketing and PR activities."

"Whether you're in marketing, business development or sales, customer intelligence is your best friend. Not only is it the foundation by which you create your messaging and go-to-market strategies, but it can also be a powerful means by which to develop lead-generating content. Drive Research was able to help us collect new and highly valuable customer insights, providing us with the intel we needed to launch a content-driven campaign that has driven 75+ leads for Flock Freight so far."

"Drive Research proved to be invaluable in a lot of ways. This project was something our team has wanted to do for years, but we never thought it was possible. We're very happy with what we have learned through the research presented by the Drive Research team. The way data and insights were broken down was fantastic, and we've got a lot of stats we can feature in our marketing materials. Glad we did this!"

“When we found Drive Research, they were very attentive to our requirements up front. They delivered a professional proposal that fit our needs, and executed on the proposed timeline, while being flexible along the way. At the end of our project we received the research and recommendations needed to move our business in a positive direction, measure our progress, and improve our overall customer experience. They helped us achieve exactly what we set out to do with this project.”

"I'm amazed how quickly these responses have rolled in. Great work recruiting. And for the record, you and your team have outdone yourselves again. These participants are absolutely fantastic. I'm not sure there's a dud in the bunch and that's saying a lot considering the large number we needed and the task they were asked to do. Thank you for such an awesome job!"

"I worked with Drive Research on several online survey projects. The results were used to help Carbonite generate engagement, interest, and potential leads for our cloud backup and recovery solution. Drive was exceptional at structuring the projects, organizing the workflow, managing the fieldwork, and delivering on what was promised. The market research company was responsive and took ownership in the projects from start to finish, working to complete them as quick as possible for the team. The continual benefits we receive from the data, results, and infographics provided by Drive far outweigh the costs."

"Drive Research was professional and highly competent throughout the process. Though presented with a compressed schedule, they held to it and kept our team on task. I would certainly work with them again. We had a new student recently tell us (out of the blue) how much she loved the changes we made to the course catalog (recommended from the focus group findings). The changes made a big difference for her. The information gathered through the focus groups continues to create positive change at University College."

"My experience with the Drive Research team is hands-down the BEST experience I've had with an agency. The team perfectly balanced professionalism with warmth. This felt like a project where everyone was truly in it together, and eager to accomplish the same goals. Drive Research went above and beyond with lightning-fast turn-around on their deliverables. Their team listened, cared, and action'd upon our needs in a way that so many agencies do not. I can honestly say, working with the Drive Research team was a highlight of my week."

"Drive Research didn’t just meet my expectations, the market research company blew away my expectations. They helped develop survey questions with our input and shaped the format of the survey so it would fit our requirements. They helped Kris-Tech surpass the number of responses needed. After the survey, Drive Research provided a comprehensive package of information (both in summary and in detail) that allowed us to move forward with our objectives. Everyone at Kris-Tech involved in the process was thoroughly impressed not only with the effort on our project but just as much so with data and action plans you provided based on the information. We now have a clear direction for areas we want to work in. We look forward to working with them in the future."

Zach was incredibly easy to work with, understood our needs, communicated clearly and promptly, and everyone I interacted with at Drive Research was pleasant! I can tell they all care about what they do, and they've got talented folks on board who do a job well done. The team at Drive Research used a variety of methods to capture rich insights about our target audience and their current challenges, our top competitors, and our own organization, and offered practical recommendations for us moving forward. They were easy to work with, prompt and clear communicators, and delivered the results we needed while staying within budget.

"Our Hazlitt team worked with Drive Research on a market research study that included an Image & Awareness survey and customer experience (CX) intercepts. The results of the surveys are being used to inform our digital marketing strategy and campaigns. At the end of the project, they delivered a thorough report with key findings, a customer persona, infographic, and detailed charts. The Drive Research team made the process fun, easy, and provided valuable insight."

“Drive Research worked with us on a tight deadline in three separate locations to capture qualitative data about barriers to postsecondary educational attainment. The team at Drive was in constant contact with us throughout the process and made every effort to understand and respond to our needs. Focus group moderators deftly handled discussions with high-school students, parents, and educators. Beyond providing background information about our project, we almost didn’t need to be involved: Drive recruited focus group participants, reserved spaces to conduct the focus groups, provided meals and compensation for participants, moderated the discussions, and provided transcripts and reflections. The insight we gained from these focus groups has been a valuable addition to our research.”

"We have been completely thrilled with the participants we are getting through Drive Research. You are knocking it out of the park. You can quote me. Every single interviewee has been stellar!"

“I worked with Drive Research on a customer satisfaction phone survey. They made the entire process smooth and easy, from the first written proposal to receiving the results, and were quick to answer any questions along the way. Drive Research was very thorough in their approach and George kept me apprised of how the project was going, updating me on the field teams methods and the number of responses we were receiving. I would definitely recommend Drive Research, they were friendly to work with and met the goals of my project in a timely manner.”

“I've worked with Drive Research on several market research studies at VIP Structures spanning from market analysis work to customer and non-customer surveys. They bring a unique blend of analytical and innovative thinking to our projects. Drive not only collects the quality data necessary but always provides his interpretation and insights to the numbers. This helps our team interpret the findings and take action.”