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Is your new business product, service, market, concept, or venture feasible?

Find out using our national feasibility study company approach using a series of core methodologies to paint a picture dictating the success of your project. Our national feasibility study company creates a comprehensive report to reduce your risk.

A feasibility study is designed to understand the potential successes and barriers of a new concept coming to the market.

Our national feasibility studies company utilizes a mixed-mode approach of both qualitative and quantitative research. Our emphasis on feasibility studies is quantitative to assure the results are statistically reliable.

Components of a Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies assess the simple concept of supply and demand using market research. There are several core components we recommend.

  1. The first component uses syndicated research and demographic data is used to identify market supply and shifting target populations.
  2. The second component is a competitive assessment where our team evaluates several like competitors of your concept. Our national feasibility study company fully examines each competitor offering and price points.
  3. The third component with Drive Research is a market survey to understand the appeal, barriers, and expected usage of the concept.

Other frequent components of our feasibility studies include stakeholder interviews. These interviews are focused on industry experts or those with knowledge of your industry or vertical.

Additionally, our experts also conduct advanced price point and demand analysis. This advanced service involves predictive analytics and modeling, as well as sophisticated pricing models to identify price elasticity and optimal price points.

When combined, these feasibility study components create a robust yet affordable service for our clients.

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A national feasibility study firm like Drive Research provides your business with the data it needs to determine the likelihood of success or failure of your new idea.

Our research reports combine insights from all data sources to create a comprehensive overview. Recommendations and strategic improvements are also suggested by Drive Research in your feasibility study.

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