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  • Behavioral Data vs. Online Surveys | How Good is a Respondent's Memory? | Drive Research

    Behavioral Data vs. Online Surveys | How Good is a Respondent's Memory?

    Do you remember the last 5 websites you visited? According to a new study comparing behavioral data and online surveys by Netquest, chances are your memory may fail you. I recently attended a webinar entitled When Should We Ask, When Should We Measure? Comparing Information from Passive and Active Data Collection. During this webinar Netquest explained this market research methodology versus methodology study putting observed online behavioral data up against self-reported online survey data.

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  • Recruitment-firm-user-market-research-06122018

    Recruitment Firm for User Experience (UX) Market Research

    Using real participants to test a website or software can offer a lot of value to an organization. As a designer we all have our own opinions on what looks good and what paths we expect users to take on a site. However, as we always talk about: Better is the opinion of the buyer or user of a product, not the seller or designer. Here is an example of how Drive Research can help your organization recruit participants for your next user experience (UX) project. This is an outline of a potential st

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  • Creating a Website | Use Market Research to Ensure Success

    Creating a Website? | Use Market Research to Ensure Success

    Creating a website or redesigning a website can be a monumental task for a business. Regardless of whether you decide to take on this task yourself or use a third-party consultant, it will require a lot of your time and attention. Websites have become a must-have for any business or organization. With access to WiFi, mobile devices, and tablets, visiting a company website for more information is at everyone's fingertips. A website adds credibility to a business, gives potential customers more i

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  • user experience ux interviews market research

    How Do User Experience (UX) Interviews Work? | UX Market Research Firm

    One of my favorite all-time quotes I heard through some SEO training and UX colleagues is "you don't hire an interior designer to build your house and you don't hire a building contractor to design your living room.' This rings very true in the world of user experience (UX). UX supports the belief of path to least resistance. Teachings tell UX analysts to understand the main goals of a website, software, or platform, and make it as easy as possible for a user to get there. In as little, click

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  • best web analytics tips

    6 of the Best Web Analytics Quotes

    Over the past few months I've come across quite a bit of content online regarding tips for web analytics, data analysis, and big data. One of the biggest changes in data analysis over the past decade has been a shift from primary research to one with more involvement in web analytics. Big data needs to be integrated into your data analysis approach. The shift is from "finding enough data" to "not being overwhelmed by the amount of data." Although the analysis process and techniques can prove to

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