Online Reputation Management

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    Using Sentiment Analysis for Easy Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Sentiment or open-text analysis is a rising market research technique most utilized when analyzing open-ended survey questions and reviewing social media commentary surrounding a company or brand. It is also a popular tool for online reputation management (ORM) as it attempts to automate an overall understanding of people’s feelings within an online survey. When added to a reputation management approach, sentiment analysis can take much of the heavy lifting off of a researcher or marketer. It e

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    Why You Should Use a Market Research Firm for Online Reputation Management (ORM)

    Online reputation management (ORM) allows businesses to take control of the online conversation surrounding their brand, products, and services. ORM involves combating negative reviews all while promoting positive customer feedback on popular rating platforms such as Google and Yelp. While the process of online reputation management is not a foreign concept to most marketers, it is often a difficult and tedious task to one, collect a steady stream of positive reviews and two, constantly moderat

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    Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company | Improving Customer Ratings

    How many times have you gone online to make a purchase or research a brand and reviewed company ratings? Often right? You are no different than your potential customers who are actively researching and forming opinions about your brand before they even contact you. We call them stealth customers. You know they are researching you. Yet, they have not reached out to your organization through a contact form, phone call, email, or simply came to your retail location. Before a purchase, customers w

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