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  • Blog: 4 Best Metrics To Measure Brand Loyalty with Market Research

    How to Measure Brand Loyalty with Market Research

    Measuring brand loyalty is critical for the success of any company. Scratch that, it’s imperative. Brand loyalty (not to be confused with customer loyalty, which is a separate concept but equally as important) ensures the future return of customers time and time again. With customers that are loyal to your brand, you won’t have to waste time with expensive marketing or promotional campaigns. Instead, you can focus your precious time on building out your brand to attract even more long-term cu

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  • 9 Retail Market Research Options for Increased Sales

    9 Retail Market Research Options for Increased Sales

    It’s no secret that retail is a crowded and competitive industry. Consumers are presented with a large array of options, allowing them to choose where they want to spend their money. For this reason, it is crucial brands explore retail market research options to learn about target shoppers - their preferences, habits, behaviors, relationship with competitors, and more. By surveying or speaking with consumers, your retail store (whether it be online, in-person, or hybrid) will be able to bett

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  • Blog: How to Measure Cannabis Consumers Purchasing Behaviors

    How to Measure Cannabis Consumer Buying Habits

    As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized and used recreationally throughout the United States, it has become evident there is a lot to learn about cannabis consumer buying habits. With many unknowns facing the cannabis and marijuana industry, conducting different types of market research can be a great place to start for brands, dispensaries, cultivators, and marketing agencies. Measuring cannabis consumer buying behaviors includes reviewing factors such as: Frequency of purchasing and us

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  • CPG Market Research [Options, Benefits, & Examples]

    Conducting CPG Market Research [+ Benefits & Examples]

    With a plethora of products to choose from on a shelf or online, it is vital to understand how consumers will make their purchasing decisions. Luckily, there are several consumer packaged goods (CPG) market research options perfect for identifying these buyer habits and preferences. From what label design is most attractive to what price point is best, market research provides CPG brands with valuable insights that set their products apart from competitors. In this ultimate guide, our CPG mar

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  • Blog: What are Brand Awareness Surveys? | Market Research Company

    Conducting Brand Awareness Surveys [Questions, Examples, & Process]

    Brand recognition isn't built in a day. It can take a lot of time, marketing dollars, and strategic decision-making to become a household name. It's why many organizations conduct brand awareness surveys. Brand surveys effectively track a company's progress to identify what’s working and what’s a waste of money. In this article, we'll share an in-depth overview of brand awareness surveys including how to conduct them, questions to include, and a real-world example of brand surveys in action

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  • Blog: Tired of Following Marketing Trends? How to Start Them Instead

    Tired of Following Marketing Trends? How to Start Them Instead

    Marketing trends can be tricky for even the most experienced professional. Where they start, how they catch on, why they go up in smoke – it may seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. It’s clear that trends are cyclical to an extent, but it's possible to get more specific with the right tools. For instance, relying on market research to create data-driven marketing strategies is a foolproof way to allocate your budget to the right channels. Below, our market research company wi

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  • how target used data analytics to predict pregnancies

    How Target Used Data Analytics to Predict Pregnancies

    As crazy as that title may seem, the case study is absolutely true. Using big data and predictive analytics can tell a frighteningly accurate story. It also explains how the beloved retailer, Target, used modeling and data analytics to identify women as being pregnant before those same women tell their closest friends and family members. In this case, the brand used data analytics to predict pregnancies to determine purchasing habits of those who were expecting. This Target story may be som

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  • Blog: Measuring Consumer Shopping Preferences: Why Do They Buy?

    Measuring Consumer Shopping Preferences: Why Do They Buy?

    Consumer shopping preferences are constantly changing. A million different factors play a role in making someone buy a certain product. We’re all consumers of something. What makes you buy a product? Is it the packaging material? A snazzy tagline? A sleek design? For instance, 67% of consumers prefer paper/cardboard packaging to other popular materials. Details like this are important to take into account when studying consumer buying patterns. This and related factors are key elements that

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  • Blog: 4 Famous Brands That Depend on Market Research

    6 Famous Brands That Depend on Market Research

    What do Starbucks, Apple, McDonald’s, LEGO, Dove, and Zappos all have in common? Well, I’ll tell you. These famous brands all depend on market research. These household names use the data to their advantage to win over their customers and challenge their competitors. Market research can help organizations achieve: Strengths reputation and credibility Enhances brand awareness Understanding market segments and trends in the marketplace Obtaining feedback on customer preferences Establishing t

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  • Blog: Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Beauty Market Research: Measuring the Effectiveness of Advertising

    Finding success in the highly competitive beauty industry is becoming increasingly difficult as consumers continue to evolve. Beauty market research is helpful in understanding target consumers and measuring the effectiveness of advertising. Conducting market research for beauty products answers key questions before launching an advertising campaign including: Wondering what ad makes customers most likely to try your product or service? Wondering what offer is most appealing to customers? Wo

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  • Point-of-Purchase (POP) Market Research for Grocery Stores

    Point-of-Purchase (POP) Market Research for Grocery Stores

    One of my favorite industries for market research is the grocery store. I’ve always enjoyed marketing and impulse buying, which comes with the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. The psychology of the shopper is never more exciting or complex than with consumers in the grocery store. When it comes to market research for grocery stores, the options are endless, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. You are probably well aware of the standard online survey and in-person focus

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  • Online Food Delivery: Using Data to Measure and Improve Customer Service Experience

    Online Food Delivery: Using Data to Measure and Improve Customer Service Experience

    Before COVID-19, many consumers never solely relied on online food delivery services, but more so used it as a luxury or out of convenience. However, as a result of more people needing to order delivery out of necessity and public safety,y man saw how convenient the process really was. Now, 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week -- and 31% say they use these third-party delivery services at least twice a week (Upserve). Many restaurants and food delivery apps are left w

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