Feasibility Studies

  • Blog: Target Market Analysis: How to Find Your Target Audience

    Target Market Analysis: How to Find Your Target Audience

    Do you know who your target market is? Do you “know” your target market? What are their demographics, preferences, and buying behaviors? Without a clear understanding of this, it can be challenging to create products and marketing strategies that resonate with customers. In today's ever changing business environment, it is more important than ever to know who your target market is and how to reach them effectively. This blog will explore what a target market analysis is, why it's important,

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    Higher Education Program Feasibility Market Research

    Launching a new academic program in higher education is an endeavor that demands careful consideration and strategic planning. Before diving into the creation of a new educational offering, universities and colleges must conduct a comprehensive program feasibility study to assess its potential success. In this blog post, we will explore the essential role of program feasibility studies in the realm of higher education, and uncover the benefits they bring to institutions and stakeholders alik

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  • Restaurant Feasibility Study: Explaining the Definition, Benefits, and Process

    Restaurant Feasibility Study: Definition, Benefits, and Process

    New restaurants and new restaurant locations are popping up every day, making it one of the most competitive industries. It requires more than good food and marketing to make a new eatery successful. That's why our market research company often encourages new establishments or those opening a new location to conduct a restaurant feasibility study. This is also referred to as a "market analysis." The insight and data gathered from restaurant feasibility studies will predict how likely the eat

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  • Blog: 5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study

    Have a brilliant idea for a new product? You probably also have a lot of questions like: Who would buy my product? What audience(s) should I target? What products are competitors? What’s the market share for competitors? How much should I sell my product for? How should I promote my product? A new product feasibility study answers these questions and other key performance indicators. Furthermore, as a product/service distributor, you need to always be thinking of innovative strategies to p

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  • How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study

    Taking the time to conduct a feasibility study before jumping into a new real estate development project is always a good idea. While you may think your idea is brilliant (and it very well might be), it’s always best to determine its feasibility beforehand. Market research can help you secure investments, uncover gaps in the market, realize new target markets, develop marketing strategies, and much more. In this blog post, our feasibility study market research company will explore: The def

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  • components of apartment feasibility study market research

    5 Components of an Apartment Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    A feasibility study or market assessment study is a fairly popular form of market research. As the growth of urbanization and downtown living continues, many developers are conducting apartment feasibility studies to understand market demand. This is driven by a multitude of factors. For example, there is a rise in young professionals wanting to work and live in cultural centers – while baby boomers look to downsize space and reverse flight back to the suburbs. In this blog post, our market re

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  • components market research study tips

    4 Key Components of a Market Research Feasibility Study

    Although the driving force behind each feasibility study may be different, the scope and methodologies used to address the objectives follow a similar path. The objective of a feasibility study is to define the viability and success of a new venture. The venture could be a product, service, business idea, building, or any other concept you are looking to launch. What better way to do this than with reliable data to create evidence-based and fact-based decisions? Despite the fact that your ven

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