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  • Blog: 5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    5 Components of a New Product Feasibility Study

    Have a brilliant idea for a new product? You probably also have a lot of questions like: Who would buy my product? What audience(s) should I target? What products are competitors? What’s the market share for competitors? How much should I sell my product for? How should I promote my product? A new product feasibility study answers these questions and other key performance indicators. Keep reading as our market research company defines new product feasibility studies and how to conduct them

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  • How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    How to Conduct a Real Estate Development Feasibility Study

    Taking the time to conduct a feasibility study before jumping into a new real estate development project is always a good idea. While you may think your idea is brilliant (and it very well might be), it’s always best to determine its feasibility beforehand. Market research can help you secure investments, uncover gaps in the market, realize new target markets, develop marketing strategies, and much more. In this blog post, our feasibility study market research company will explore: The def

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  • components of apartment feasibility study market research

    5 Components of an Apartment Feasibility Study | Market Research Company

    A feasibility study or market assessment study is a fairly popular form of market research. As the growth of urbanization and downtown living continues, many developers are conducting apartment feasibility studies to understand market demand. This is driven by a multitude of factors. For example, there is a rise in young professionals wanting to work and live in cultural centers – while baby boomers look to downsize space and reverse flight back to the suburbs. In this blog post, our market re

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    4 Key Components of a Market Research Feasibility Study

    Although the driving force behind each feasibility study may be different, the scope and methodologies used to address the objectives follow a similar path. The objective of a feasibility study is to define the viability and success of a new venture. The venture could be a product, service, business idea, building, or any other concept you are looking to launch. What better way to do this than with reliable data to create evidence-based and fact-based decisions? Despite the fact that your ven

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  • Looking to Conduct a Feasibility Study in Rochester? We Can Help.

    Looking to Conduct a Feasibility Study in Rochester? We Can Help.

    Our Rochester market research company often refers to feasibility studies as the crystal ball of new business ventures. Are you thinking of opening a new office space in a new location? Do you have a great idea or concept for a business? Is there a new product or service you are thinking of developing? While a new location may seem like a perfect fit for your business or you may think your new concept is filling a gap in the market – it is never good to assume. It is necessary to determin

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  • Restaurant Feasibility Study: Explaining the Definition, Benefits, and Process

    Restaurant Feasibility Study: Explaining the Definition, Benefits, and Process

    New restaurants and new restaurant locations are popping up every day. For this reason, the restaurant industry may be the most competitive. It requires more than good food and marketing to make a new eatery successful. Our restaurant market research company often recommends encourages new establishments or those opening a new location to conduct a feasibility study. The insight and data gathered from restaurant feasibility studies will predict how likely the eatery is to be successful based o

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  • Case Study: Feasibility Study for Senior Housing Apartments

    Case Study: Feasibility Study for Senior Housing Apartments

    America is getting older. According to the 2017 Census, nearly one in four (22.9%) Americans is a baby boomer. As older Americans begin to retire, real estate developers have noticed an opportunity for retirement communities and senior housing. Even though America is aging, it is important to consider many different factors before jumping to conclusions about the feasibility of a potential senior housing development. A market research feasibility study is a great place to start. For example, o

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  • How market research could have saved these failed celebrity businesses | Kim Kardashian | Drive Research

    How Market Research Could Have Saved These Failed Celebrity Businesses

    Just because they’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars, doesn’t always mean celebrities are smart with how they spend their money. Outside of acting, singing, or whatever it is that makes someone ~famous~ many celebrities have tried to amplify their success by introducing a new business to the market. And while there is no real research behind the percentage of celebrity businesses that fail, we’ll just say A LOT. Market research can be conducted in many phases when launching or have alrea

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    Higher Education Program Feasibility Market Research

    What makes a new program at a college or university successful? Doing market research first. Colleges and universities want to offer programs students are interested in, but these programs also need to provide opportunities for success. Wondering how colleges and universities know what students are interested in? Market research. Wondering how colleges and universities know if a program will create a successful career path? Market research. Below is an inside look at the three components of

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  • senior-housing-study-market-research-07092018

    3 Components of a Senior Housing Feasibility Study

    Housing developers and financial lending institutions often partner with Drive Research on market research studies. Several of these studies center around assessing the feasibility of senior housing or senior market-rate apartments in a specific geographical area. The client is often interested in understanding: (1) demographic shifts in the target market area and changes in elderly populations impacting success of the concept, (2) competitive senior apartment offerings, rates, amenities, and o

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  • 6 Tips for Predictive Analytics | Feasibility Study Company Syracuse NY

    6 Tips for Predictive Analytics | Feasibility Study Company Syracuse, NY

    Predictive analytics is fun. No really, it is. The predictive part of analytics in research has always been of interest to me. It's like placing a bet or forecasting the stock market. Statistical modeling and algorithms are nothing new to market research but with the recent big data push and more attention from big money businesses being paid to analytics, this structured form of ROI-like decision-making is growing in the industry. Much of this is driven by the sheer amount of data at our finger

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  • feasibility study firm market research

    Feasibility Study Firm | Market Research

    A feasibility study is a market research project aimed to determine the likelihood of success of a product, service, concept, or business. A feasibility study is typically made up of many different components and methodologies including potential in-depth interviews (IDIs), demographic analysis or market analysis, competitive analysis, quantitative surveys, and a demand estimate or prediction. The predictive model is built using a step-by-step approach which often compares market potential versu

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