How to Create a Market Research Project Workplan

Creating a Project Workplan
Market research is a niche service. Many professionals hire a market research company having no prior experience in the field. Therefore they rely heavily on their market research team to guide them through the process. An underutilized tool among market research companies is a project workplan.

A project workplan in market research communicates many things to a paying organization. First, the workplan shows the market research company has a plan in place and is committed to a specific timeframe to complete the project. Second, the workplan should also highlight key deliverables (with corresponding dates) that each party will be held to. Understanding next steps and what to expect help both parties stay actively involved in the project to continue momentum. Third, it is a way to document delays and unexpected circumstances that may force the market research project to extend beyond the original timeframe.

Project workplans should be shared with clients throughout the project. At Drive Research it is one of the first deliverables sent to our client following the kickoff meeting. The project workplan highlights key tasks, deliverable dates, and also details how the actual timeframe compares to the estimated timeframe stated in the proposal or scope of work. The workplans at Drive provide a dashboard which quickly informs the viewer on whether the project is 10%, 40%, or 90% complete. The project workplan becomes a rolling and regularly updated document for all to view. It keeps clients who are new to market research and our veterans on-task.

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