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  • in-house-outsourced-market-research-tips-04292019

    Market Research: Is In-House or Outsourced Better?

    Market research is one of the most crucial things a company can invest in as part of their marketing strategy. Various types of market research methodologies help an organization understand competition, consumers habits, market trends, and more. Market research strategies help companies investigate and answer questions that influence their strategy and decision-making processes. Even better, it often results in an increased return on investment (ROI). There are two ways a company can utilize m

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  • sensitive-topics-market-research-consider-04232019

    Sensitive Topics in Market Research | 7 Factors to Consider

    In a typical market research project, the subject material is fairly uncontroversial. From time to time, our market research company has the pleasure of conducting surveys on fun topics like community beer preferences and the beloved Syracuse St. Patrick's Day Parade. However, there are also more sensitive topics in market research which require a different level of care and preparation. Participants may answer questions about their experiences with topics including: Financial struggle Medica

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  • guide-methodologies-market-research-data-04122019

    The Ultimate Guide to Market Research Methodologies

    Today’s business decision maker has an abundance of marketing research methods available to them. Understanding what market research is and how best to use research methodologies to your advantage is vital in reaching your target customers and increasing ROI. First, it’s important to establish the two types of market research, qualitative and quantitative, in order to gain a better understanding of the various marketing research methodologies. Qualitative research is an exploratory type of res

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  • Practice-ethical-market-research-tips-03202019

    Tips to Practice Ethical Market Research | Market Research Company NY

    Ethics are constantly evolving, especially in the world of market research. Information and data are powerful. When organizations have access to this type of information it also has a responsibility to make sure it is protected and used ethically. Researchers have many specific responsibilities when it comes to conducting market research. Learn more about tips to practice ethical research below from our market research company in NY. Use these tips to practice ethical market research. Tip

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  • diy-market-research-tools-03192019

    Do-It-Yourself Market Research Tools | 4 Mistakes Made

    I'll admit, market research may look simple to someone who has never done it before. Ask a few questions, get some answers, and unlock game-changing insights. This belief is probably why we see many people turn to do-it-yourself (DIY) market research tools online or through software. As someone who eats, sleeps, and breathes market research each day, I can't in good conscious say it will be easy to complete it on your own. That said, I have a few suggestions on how to best go about your own mar

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  • market-research-cost-savings-business-03042019

    How To Do Market Research | Cost Saving Tips for All Business Types

    After a quick google search on, "market research how to" I skimmed through a bunch of lengthy posts about the ins and outs of multi-faceted market research projects. Safe to say, there were major red flags in these posts. Most of these posts focused on image and awareness studies in particular. The posts talked about the difference between primary and secondary research, how to define a target audience, how to create customer/buyer personas, writing survey questions, and more. Honestly, it got

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  • desk-researcher-how-use-02142019

    Desk Research | What It Is and How You Can Use It

    Sorry to disappoint some of you, but this post is not about finding the best deal on office furniture at IKEA. Desk research actually means something completely different in the world of market research. This method is about using data and information that already exists for your own intents and purposes. You may better know this method as Secondary Research. In this post, I will cover what desk research entails and several of its valuable uses. At Drive Research, we use multiple tools that pr

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  • focus-group-vs-survey-research-02012019

    Focus Groups vs. Survey Research | How to Choose a Market Research Methodology

    Market research is one of the most important things a company can invest in as part of their business strategy. It can help an organization begin to fully understand its competition, market trends, and consumers’ wants, needs, and habits. It helps companies answer questions that influence decision-making and strategy, and can eventually result in a greater return on investment (ROI). Focus groups are a popular qualitative market research method. Surveys, however, are a great quantitative market

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  • tips-travel-tourism-market-research-01302019

    7 Tips to Help With Travel and Tourism Surveys | Visitor Market Research

    Thinking about doing a visitor survey for your travel and tourism related organization? You've come to the right place. Drive Research shares 7 tips to help you with your survey process covering everything from invite language to survey tips, reminders, and thank yous. If you are going to put the effort and time into running a visitor survey make sure you do it right. If you have little experience in market research it helps to reach out to an advisor or consultant to guide you on best practice

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  • visit-winery-market-research-01252019

    Increase Visits to Your Winery Through Market Research | 3 Options

    Wineries love market research! Common market research goals for wineries include better understanding target consumers and customers. This helps wineries create data-driven strategies to increase sales and winery visits. There are several objectives winery market research can address. Some typical market research objectives for wineries include gathering feedback from winery visitors, better understanding perception and satisfaction among target consumers, and gathering feedback from customers.

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  • shopping-trips-market-research-01172019

    Understanding Accompanied Shopping Trips | Market Research Benefits

    Sometimes in market research, reliance on a respondent’s memory just won’t do the trick to get the true answers. This is usually most true for research that requires many fine details or focuses on interactions with surroundings, like shopping research. Simulations do a better job of evoking the mindset of a real-world experience for participants but can still suffer from feeling too artificial. In cases like these, the best methodology is often an Accompanied Shopping Trip (AST). Also known a

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  • consider-research-partner-01072019

    4 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Market Research Partner

    We are living in the age of consumer convenience. Shipping is as fast as the blink of an eye. Purchases can be made online with a single click. Customer support is available around the clock. Businesses are catering to the demands of consumers like never before. Now we are seeing businesses that want to experience this new standard of service for themselves, and who can blame them? In the market research industry, these emerging client needs can be met through a partnership between the client a

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