"In the Moment" Market Research | Vendor in Syracuse NY

"In the Moment" Market Research | Vendor in Syracuse NY

When it comes to market research and data collection, "now" is always better than "later." Also true in the candy industry in my opinion. A survey can be conducted at any time, but the quicker you can survey your audience after a decision is made, an advertisement is viewed, or an event is attended, the higher the quality and reliability in the data. 

In the moment data provides you with more accurate data. Participants are much more likely to remember the specifics on an experience during or shortly after it takes place. Asking a respondent to recall what was spent, their satisfaction with an item, or their awareness of a specific advertisement weeks or even months after it occurred is difficult. 

Not only is in the moment data more reliable but it also benefits you from a response rate standpoint. Surveying your target audience in the moment, increases their interest and engagement in the market research. For example, participants are much more likely to respond to an event survey as they are leaving the event than they would be if they received a follow-up online survey 3 weeks after the event took place. As a market research vendor, you need to jump on the interest and engagement in the event as soon as possible.

In the moment market research ties nicely to customer experience (CX) research. CX is built on the foundation of continual and rolling fieldwork. In CX survey touchpoints are created throughout the customer journey. As customers interact with your website, salesperson, e-commerce, and customer service reps, mini-surveys are sent out to the respondent immediately after the experience took place (or within 24 hours.) CX ensures the data is collected immediately so results are reliable and reasonable. This is why geo-fencing market research has become popular. Geo-fencing employs mobile lat/long technologies to target customers as they are in or leaving a store for feedback.

Drive Research is a market research vendor in Syracuse NY. Research services include user experience (UX)intercept surveys, and event surveys. Have questions about market research or how Drive Research may be able to offer some advice on your next project? Contact us at [email protected] or by calling 315-303-2040.

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