4 Benefits of Public Relations Surveys

As a marketer, you may have wondered how a custom public relations (PR) survey could benefit your company.

Look no further than this blog post written by our PR survey market research company.

Below, we'll review the top benefits of this type of market research, which show why it's one of the most effective public relations strategies.

benefits of public relations surveys

PR Surveys Benefit #1: Share Exclusive Research  

Conducting a PR survey can be tricky to get started without the proper guidance. 

Figuring out  expectations of the research you wish to conduct is important so everyone is on the same page from the start. These expectations lead to better findings in your research.

Furthermore, gaining exclusive research looks even better for a PR Survey. 

In fact, 39% of media outlets and publishers want exclusive content. Creating your own specific survey gives you the best chances of a publisher to use your work than others without exclusivity. 

By partnering with a public relations survey company, questions are made more intriguing to audiences.

These catch the eye of survey goers everywhere, making your survey more likable and get real responses. 

PR Surveys Benefit #2: Grow Brand Awareness as a Thought Leader 

A thought leader is someone who takes on a task or team project with value-added information, coming from an expert source point of view.

They are also the go-to person for research and insight on the latest news. In short, they are an expert on topics that your organization is working on at the moment. 

As a person who others can turn to for information about certain topics, this will attract media to your team.

This press coverage is earned when a brand releases newsworthy information and a journalist finds the information interesting and valuable enough to include in a story. 

The importance of earning press coverage is a major factor in growing your brand awareness, which is why thought leaders are a pivotal aspect of organizations. 

PR Surveys Benefit #3: Create Content Offers 

The findings from a PR survey can be repurposed in a number of different ways. Of course, the obvious deliverable is a press release featuring your findings and brand, product, or service.

However, sponsors of market research can also use the data to create downloadable content offers such as an eBook or white paper.

In order for site visitors to gain access to the content offer, they must provide contact information such as their name, email, organization name, phone number, etc.

For every download, you have a new database of contacts to funnel into other marketing campaigns. 

Need other inspiration for how to use your data? Read our blog post, 5 Tips to Maximize Public Relations Survey Results.

PR Surveys Benefit #4: Increase Visitors to Your Website 

Finally, PR polling can play a role in increasing website traffic, backlinks, and domain authority. All of which help boost your website search engine result pages. 

Here's how the results of a survey help make this possible.

One of the main goals of PR studies is to obtain attention from media outlets linking to your study. 

For example, here is an article by USA Today that links to a survey we conducted on gyms reopening during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drive Research featured in USA Today article

According to The Design Agency, Google uses the quantity and quality of links like this as a signal of a website’s authority.

In other words, the more quality backlinks you collect from a press release, the higher your domain authority becomes.

A higher domain authority results in the following benefits for your website:

  • Increased position on search engine result pages
  • More website traffic from potential customers
  • Attract guest bloggers

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