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Are you considering or ready to conduct an intercept survey for your organization?

While you may understand the several advantages of conducting this type of customer research, our intercept survey company also recognizes the challenge of not knowing the right questions to ask visitors. 

As with any market research study, it is important to seize the opportunity of collecting feedback from target respondents by asking the right intercept interview questions.

If asking the wrong questions in your intercept survey you will not receive the accurate data you need to improve business and marketing strategies. 

Below are seven typical questions you may see asked within an intercept interview.

The team at Drive Research has gathered insightful data with every one of these examples at some point. Each question serves a purpose to ensure you maximize the value of the research.

7 Example Intercept  Interview Questions

Why Conduct Intercept Surveys

Intercept surveys can be an outstanding choice for market research when location plays an integral role in the growth and success of your business. 

There is plenty to learn by gathering feedback directly from customers who have recently shopped, ate, or walked into a brick-and-mortar location.

Typically intercept surveys are conducted on-site by an interviewer with a tablet or clipboard, but can also be self-administered or via a mobile kiosk.

Additionally, this type of market research can be conducted for websites, apps, or other online platforms. Website intercept surveys are growing in popularity with the rise of online shopping and digital experiences.

Looking for more intercept interviewing tips? Watch this short video before.

Intercept Interview Question #1

Which of the following best describes your age?

This question needs to be front and center for most intercept surveys. There are different restrictions and guidelines when interviewing people under the age of 18.

It is important to verify their age even before the exit survey begins. 

By asking this question in your intercept survey first, you will be able to verify that all of your respondents are at least 18 years old and have not wasted time interviewing someone who does not meet these research standards. 

Even if a respondent is clearly over the age of 18, it is a great intercept interview question to ask.

Demographic data such as age, household income, or zip code can also be used in cross-tabulations to look for significant differences among age groups.

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Intercept Interview Question #2

What was the main reason for your visit today?

The wording of this question is likely to vary but it is always a good option to include. You’ll want to get to the crux of why this individual has set foot in your location.

This will help you measure various reasons for visiting to understand what to prioritize for future marketing campaigns or store layout.

For example, if many respondents share they are visiting a retail store for their selection of earrings, it would then be wise for the retail store to promote their jewelry selection.

This may be through social media advertising, a bigger in-store display, and more.

Intercept Interview Question #3

What services did you use/products did you purchase today?

If anyone has shopped at Target, you know that just because you are going to the store for one thing - doesn’t necessarily mean you are leaving the store with only the one intended item. 

If you are conducting intercept surveys at a place of business, you will want to know what respondents browsed or purchased during their visit. 

Keeping with the jewelry example above, perhaps a woman came in for earrings and left with a pair of earrings and a shirt.

The retail store may choose to move the jewelry selection closer or within the clothing department to encourage future shoppers to browse and purchase both.

Also, there is a real opportunity with this question to see what people are looking at in the store but stopping short of purchasing.

A great follow-up question to ask in an intercept interview is, “What deterred you from buying a product/service you were looking at?”

Intercept Interview Question #4

How did you travel to this location today?

Understanding methods of travel to a location can be a useful question for business locations in metropolitan settings. 

You may get a better perspective on the need for parking or bike racks at a particular location.

It can also help your organization gauge where more advertising opportunities exist.

If many shoppers traveled by bus, it would then make sense to purchase an advertisement on popular bus benches to grow interest from similar and like-minded passengers.  

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Intercept Interview Question #5

Where did you travel from to get to this location?

Other valuable data on a specific location would be asking where visitors are coming from during your intercept survey research. 

Do respondents leave from home to get to your store? Or do respondents stop by from work because it is convenient?

It will be easier to make decisions when it becomes clear who your customers really are and where they are coming from.

This question becomes even more beneficial for airport intercept surveys.

Intercept Interview Question #6

How often do you visit this location?

If you don’t have a rewards program to track customer frequency, intercept interviews can offer this information in more general terms.

Analyzed in conjunction with the visitor ZIP code or address, you can see if people frequent the locations closest to them or if there is a preferred location across a larger area.

Intercept Interview Question #7

How would you rate your satisfaction with your experience today?

You can also track key metrics on a micro-level through intercept surveys.

Various customer satisfaction questions can provide insight into which locations have happier visitors, better customer service, or cleaner stores to name a few possibilities.

You will also have the ability to track satisfaction over time if intercepts are conducted in repeating waves.

Looking for something deeper? Consider a full customer satisfaction survey that covers customer loyalty and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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