Airport Community Surveys: Process, Example Questions, and Benefits

Airport community surveys are an effective way to accurately measure awareness, perception, satisfaction, and other key performance indicators among a target market.

The insights garnered from airport market research create a data-driven marketing and sales strategy to increase the number of travelers.

Our travel and tourism market research company recently conducted an airport community survey. This blog post will share our process, example questions, and best practices to ensure your survey is successful.

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Airport Community Survey Objectives

A market research project always starts with a proposal.

During this step, a market research team will ask about the goals and objectives of the study, discuss best approaches for the market research, next steps, and deliverables.

For this specific project, an airport and consulting company partnered with Drive Research to conduct a market research study.

The airport community survey objectives included a better understanding of:

  • Passenger profiles
  • Unmet needs
  • Drivers to the usage of competitors
  • How to draw more passenger traffic to the airport

These insights were gathered across critical audiences, such as business, leisure, and combined audiences. The investment in market research provided the client with definitive, measurable, and actionable feedback to guide the next steps with marketing and strategy for the airport.

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Approach to Conducting a Community Airport Survey

To address the objectives at-hand, our travel market research firm recommended a hybrid market research approach

The two airport market research studies included:

  1. An intercept survey at the airport, the home and garden show, and a community shopper area where tourists frequent.
  2. An online survey to the general community including consumers and businesses.

The combination of these methodologies provided the airport with comprehensive answers to crucial questions and objectives.

The community survey took an average of 10 minutes to complete and included 32 questions. The intercept surveys are an ongoing market research project, therefore the final time to complete is not finalized.

Example Airport Community Survey Questions

The community survey was successful in answering the client's key objectives including:

  • How many trips did respondents take in 2019?
  • How will travel habits change after the COVID-19 pandemic ends?
  • What concerns did respondents have about using an airport during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Do respondents know where the airport is located?
  • What airport are respondents aware of?
  • What experiences did respondents have at the airport in 2019? 
  • Which airport did respondents choose and why?
  • Why did respondents travel by car/personal vehicle when traveling to/from the airport's location?
  • What factors are most important at an airport now?
  • Where have respondents seen or heard about the airport in the past three months?
  • Are respondents aware of what the airport offers?
  • Are respondents likely to pay a slightly higher fare (i.e., $50 to $99 more) to use the airport?
  • What suggestions or amenities did respondents have for the airport?

Results of the Airport Community Survey

The survey received 167 responses. Fieldwork for the community survey began on September 25 and lasted until November 15, 2020. 

With a probabilistic sample, a total of 167 responses at the 95% confidence level offers a 7.6% margin of error.

If the survey were conducted with another random pool of 167 community members, results would yield within +7.6% or -7.6% of the stated totals in the reports. 

The final deliverable for the airport market research project was a topline summary.

This topline summary features the results of the community survey only. Once the intercept surveys are completed, the findings will be wrapped into a comprehensive report.

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