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Where are our visitors traveling from? What are their main motivators to visit? Where have visitors seen or heard about our region in the past 3 months? How can we improve the ROI of our marketing efforts?

These are the common objectives our travel and tourism clients look to solve with our full-service market research company.

Travel and tourism market research helps organizations understand the behaviors of visitors as organizations learn to create customer personas and their motivations to purchase.

Whether you are a museum, hotel, airline, chamber of commerce, festival, or event, you can benefit from market research insights to inform your business and marketing strategy.

Approach to Tourism and Travel Market Research

At a high-level bird's eye view - our travel and tourism market research company specializes in various forms of surveys, such as online surveys, intercept surveys, and phone surveys.

Online surveys can be administered quickly and inexpensively using any combination of contact lists, online panels, or social media channels.

Intercept surveys help you gather in-the-moment feedback at your destination as Drive Research interviewers ask questions to visitors.

Follow-up phone surveys aid those in travel and tourism by opening up two-way conversations to collect feedback.

Travel and Tourism Market Research Services

No matter the type of methodology, Drive Research will put in the miles to bring your travel and tourism organization to the next level.

A few of our more popular services from our travel and tourism market research company include:

  • Visitor Surveys: This is easy to implement for a destination, town, region, and state. Visitor surveys answer a number of questions such as where visitors travel from, what type of activities they do when they arrive, their main motivations to visit, visitor demographics and much more.
  • Online Reputation Management (ORM): Travel and tourism destinations are reliant on positive customer reviews on popular rating sites such as Google and Trip Advisor. ORM creates a formal process by inviting customers to offer feedback on their experience and redirecting satisfied visitors to leave a positive review on these online rating platforms.
  • Visitor Intercept Surveys: On-site interviews leverage in-the-moment feedback by collecting opinions and data from attendees as they visit travel and tourism destinations. Intercept surveys for travel and tourism sites will help identify things like visitor profiles, conversion statistics, visitor expenditures, and seasonality.

These are just a few of the travel and tourism market research services provided by Drive Research. To learn more about our services, contact us today!

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