Case Study: Ridesharing App Uses an Online Survey to Measure Market Saturation in Chile

A market survey is a great way for organizations to understand the general population or target market area of where they offer their products or services. A ridesharing app understood the benefit of this methodology by surveying their untapped market of non-customers in Santiago, Chile. 

By surveying non-customers as well as customers, an organization is able to maximize their available business opportunities and expedite growth. A simple market survey can help answer exactly what a general population knows or thinks of your organization. 

A market survey can ask your target audience questions such as:

  • How aware is the target market aware of your brand?
  • How likely are those in your target market to consider your brand?
  • What media channels have they seen or heard information about your brand/products/services?
  • Why do those in your target market choose a competitor over your business?

This case study will outline the overview, approach, and details of the online market survey conducted by our global market research company in Santiago, Chile. A similar project can be conducted for any kind of organization looking to test any particular population or market area in the world.

Drive Research Conducts a Market Survey for Ridesharing app in Chile

A ridesharing app partnered with our global market research company to conduct an online market survey in Santiago, Chile to better understand the general population's awareness, usage, and feedback of ridehailing apps in their community.


A peer-to-peer-ridesharing mobile application headquartered in Athens, Greece was interested in hiring our global market research company to conduct a market survey on Facebook as part of its strategic objectives. This particular online survey market research study was part of an initiative to gauge market saturation in Santiago, Chile. 

The online survey was accomplished through a blinded survey posted on a third-party Facebook account. All primary and secondary objectives were addressed in the survey including testing those who have used a ridesharing app in the past thirty days to measure awareness of the sponsor, likelihood to use the sponsor, and experiences of using any ridesharing app.


One of the initial stages of any market research project is a kickoff meeting with our market research team and a client and their team. This meeting is a great chance to connect with the client and understand their objectives or reasons for using marketing research. 

To address the objectives at-hand Drive Research, a global market research company, recommended using an online market survey to collect feedback. The survey was administered via paid Facebook advertisements to the targeted audience in the recommended geography.

The recommended locations provided by the client included:

  • Puente Alto, Santiago
  • San Bernardo, Santiago
  • Cerro Navia, Santiago
  • Estación Central, Santiago
  • Huechuraba, Santiago
  • Independencia, Santiago
  • La Pintana, Santiago
  • Lo Prado, Santiago
  • Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Santiago
  • Pudahuel, Santiago
  • Conchalí, Santiago
  • El Bosque, Santiago
  • La Cisterna, Santiago
  • La Florida, Santiago
  • La Granja, Santiago
  • La Reina, Santiago
  • Las Condes, Santiago
  • Lo Barnechea, Santiago
  • Lo Espejo, Santiago
  • Los Cerrillos, Santiago
  • Macul, Santiago
  • Maipú, Santiago
  • Peñalolén, Santiago
  • Providencia, Santiago
  • Quilicura, Santiago
  • Quinta Normal, Santiago
  • Recoleta, Santiago
  • Renca, Santiago 

The reason our online survey company often recommends using this market research approach for a market survey is because online surveys are cost-effective, offer a quick turn-around, are measurable, and, gather quality data. The combination of these 4 benefits creates a strong return on investment (ROI) for any client over other methodologies.

Within 24-hours of the end of the kickoff meeting Drive Research prepared a project workplan outlining the deliverables, responsible parties, and dates of completion. The ridesharing app client received an updated workplan each week to ensure all action items were handled and remained on-track. 

Online Market Survey

With feedback from the kickoff meeting, our global market research firm created a draft of the online survey for the ridesharing app client’s approval. Screening criteria was also determined for the online survey which was used to qualify or disqualify interested respondents from Facebook. 

The online survey was targeted potential respondents who matched the following criteria: 

  • Male or female
  • Age 18 to 55 years-old
  • Used a ride-hailing app in the past 30 days
  • Lives in Santiago, Chile 

Using a third-party firm to manage the market research ensures honest and unbiased responses from respondents on Facebook. The online survey was blinded and was not branded with the sponsor of the study to ensure anonymity across all channels. A blinded survey is necessary to address exact measures of market saturation.

The ridesharing app company managed any localization needs for the online survey. The responsibilities include full survey translations, survey testing in Spanish, and ad text development. Drive Research offered best practices and suggested ad language to use in English, which was then translated by the client team. 

Our online survey firm also explored the use of Facebook pixel audiences to remove duplicates, set up lookalike audiences, and used quality controls such as time to complete and track IP addresses of respondents. 

Online Market Survey Fieldwork 

After the online survey document was finalized, it was programmed into our online survey software and tested. The online survey was PC, mobile, and tablet-friendly. A market survey test link was sent to the client for review so the ride-hailing app team could view the survey as if they were a participating respondent. 

On average the online survey took Chilean respondents 3 to 5 minutes to complete. With most online surveys, it is critical to keep the survey length at or under 5 minutes – especially for a target audience on Facebook. This threshold is a point of significant drop-off among respondents, particularly for a blinded survey.

After internal testing, Drive Research ran a test drive to a small sample of respondents in Santiago, Chile. This soft-launch ensured the process was working correctly and respondents were comprehending questions as needed. 

The ridesharing app client was provided with an online dashboard with live results tabulated into charts and graphs. The dashboard helped assist the client in monitoring the progress of the survey with our team in real-time.

To aid in a high response rate, our market research company in New York recommended raffling a total of five $100 gift cards. Qualified respondents were allowed to enter the gift card raffle after completing the online market survey by entering their contact information. 


The final results of the online market survey in Santiago, Chile remain confidential with the ridesharing app team. The topline market research report included a section on the background and methodology of the market survey. This topline report highlighted key takeaways from the online market survey. 

Four cross-tabulations were created for the online dashboard reports including breaks by age and gender. The topline report coupled with these cross-tabulations of charts and graphs were able to provide the client with a strong understanding of the results. 

The interpretation of data and results is a true differentiator for our global online survey company. Receiving the feedback from the survey is only the beginning of the process for us. We provide clients like the ridesharing app organization with a comprehensive report that is also easy to interpret. 

Our market research reports are created in PowerPoint, allowing our clients to easily share the results with their team and can be used as part of presentation decks internally. 

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