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There are plenty of resources out there to help your company conduct market research. For online surveys, options for DIY or in-house market research are seemingly endless. 

However, just because you can conduct your own market research in-house doesn’t mean you should. You would prefer to get your haircut by a professional as opposed to yourself, right?

The same can be said of needing a third-party market research company to execute your online survey.

Hiring a third-party market research firm brings expertise, offers new perspectives, and ensures confidentiality.

should you use a third-party for online surveys

Leave it to the professionals 

As a full-service market research firm, Drive Research knows the ins and outs of market research. When you decide to work with a third-party for your online survey, you’ll be sure your survey will be written, fielded, and analyzed with expertise. 

Working with third-party ensures questions are written to yield the most accurate, high-quality data, providing your company with the best possible insights.

Plus, market research firms often have the ability to reach your target audience more effectively through in-house panels, vendor connections, and social media. 

Learn from these six common survey writing mistakes.

Easily find survey respondents

One of the most challenging components of conducting an online survey is finding qualified respondents. Online survey market research companies have access to hundreds of thousands of people across the country.

Regardless of age, gender, household income, job title, or other key demographics that make up your target audience - a third-party research firm can easily find these respondents. 

Additionally, there will be no concern with vetting that these are actual people taking your survey, rather than fake online survey bots. Throughout fieldwork, market research companies like Drive Research will validate the feedback by looking for duplicate responses, streamlined answers, and other important data quality checks.

Bring in fresh perspectives 

Chances are, you interact with customers, employees, and other key stakeholders of your company almost daily. When it comes to market research, hiring a third-party means fresh sets of eyes and ears to bring new perspectives to the problems at hand. 

While in-house market research may seem initially seem appealing, it is important for you and your team to consider all of the biases that may occur throughout the process.

Working with a third-party ensures fresh perspectives and minimizes biases, providing your company with the best possible data. 

Ensure confidentiality and anonymity 

Thinking about conducting an employee satisfaction survey? What about a patient satisfaction survey? While it may seem simple, an in-house survey won’t result in high-quality data in these situations.

Without confidentiality or anonymity, it’s impossible to know how accurate the survey feedback is. 

If an employee can be tied back to their responses, they’re more likely to not be forthcoming about issues they’re having. Working with a third-party ensures employee feedback is as honest and accurate as possible.

In return, your company will be able to make the important changes it needs to in order to increase workplace satisfaction and motivation. 

As for patient satisfaction or patient experience surveys, confidentiality is absolutely essential. Working with a third-party allows your healthcare practice to spend more time focusing on providing care while remaining compliant with HIPAA. 

What is the cost of an online survey with a third-party?

The cost of an online survey is determined by a number of different factors. The top four impactful factors include the survey length, number of responses, audience, and level of reporting.

Watch as our online survey company talks about these factors in greater detail.

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