What are Gang Surveys in Market Research?

In the market research world, you are never short of choices of methodologies. One of the less popular market research services is gang surveys.

Gang surveys in market research are conducting in a facility where a group of people travel to the location to test, view, touch, and feel a product and immediately provide feedback through a survey. These become a quick way to test a new product and gather immediate feedback.

Working with a partner or market research consultant familiar with the industry can help you navigate the best market research methodology to meet your objectives. When choosing the right methodology, you must consider cost, access to respondents, timeline, and many other factors.

For example, if an organization is curious about conducting gang surveys, a knowledgeable market research company may present the organization with other methodologies to consider.

Another popular form of new product development testing like gang surveys, is in-home usage tests (IHUTs) or at-home usage tests (HUTs). The process ships a product to consumer households, has them test the product, then they fill out the survey. 

However, there are lots of shipping costs involved, and it can often take 2 to 4 weeks with logistics. The gang surveys are more structured and invite participants to a facility versus the product being shipped out.

What are gang surveys in market research? | Defined by Drive Research

While less common, gang surveys is a market research methodology fit for testing a new product and gathering immediate feedback from target consumers. Learn more about the process and experience for the on-site participants.

How Do Gang Surveys Work?

The gang surveys at Drive Research follow a structured process from start-to-finish. It starts with a proposal and kickoff and carries straight through to a report. The entire timeline takes approximately 4 to 5 weeks to complete end-to-end.

  1. Proposal: Drive Research puts together a plan, highlighting objectives, processes, and costs.
  2. Kickoff: A 30 to 60-minute kickoff meeting to start the project and begin the next steps.
  3. Workplan: The document is a timeline laying out all of the next steps.
  4. Screener: Our team designs a screener document to qualify participants for the new product test.
  5. Recruit: The Drive Research team reaches out to participants in the geography to generate sign-ups.
  6. Facility Booking: The team chooses a central facility with easy access for participants to visit.
  7. On-site Fieldwork: The facility sets up the product test and gang surveys on-site.
  8. Survey: The surveys are often done in groups after the product test, lasting 10 to 15 minutes.
  9. Analysis: After the survey is complete, the market research team tabulates and analyzes feedback.
  10. Report: The report includes a summary of the data and all charts/graphs of the responses.

What is the On-site Experience for Participants?

In many cases, brands choose to rent an official focus group facility for this work rather than a hotel or conference space. A focus group facility offers an on-site host to greet and help navigate participants in the room. They also have a waiting area and space for participants to stay in before or after the gang surveys take place.

Participants are brought into a room and asked to test a product. This may include touching, feeling, and using the product. After they have thoroughly tested the product individually or as part of a group, they are often provided a tablet to record responses to questions. The questions may touch on likes about the product, dislikes about the product, questions about the product, likelihood to purchase, price, and potential issues or barriers to usage.

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