What Does a Market Research Project Workplan Look Like?

Got new project jitters? As a data lover, avid color coder, and overall fan of organization, I enjoy when a new project begins because that means the creation of a Driver's Manual (AKA project workplan) is in my future. As any market research professional knows, time is always of the essence. Keeping teams and clients on-task is half the battle when it comes to accelerating insights and market research projects.

Starting your first market research project?

Get excited.

Data and insights that give your business a competitive edge are coming your way and we'll show you how to lay out your market research project step-by-step with a workplan. Workplans are excellent ways to address questions like:

  • How long the market research process is going to take?
  • When to expect certain tasks to be completed?
  • Is the market research on schedule for its target end date?
  • When do tasks need to be completed?
  • Do we have everything we need to take next steps?

The Drive Research team has been sent for the rescue. Introducing, the one and only Driver's Manual Workplan.

Workplans keep market research projects on task and on time

What is a market research project workplan?

At Drive Research, our team cleverly named our project workplans "Driver's Manuals". (Get it? Drive Research gives clients a Driver's Manual to help them navigate through the project with ease?)

To keep it simple, a Driver's Manual Workplan outlines all of the important tasks and due dates for a market research project. Typically, a market research project workplan will include several pieces of important information like project details, status, tasks, and notes. Its main purpose is to ensure the project is executed efficiently in order to adhere to the desired timeline.

The tasks in a market research workplan note details for Drive Research as well as the client. For example, it will indicate when to expect a draft survey document and then when our team needs to have client feedback in order to finalize the survey and begin survey fieldwork on schedule.

What does a Driver's Manual Workplan look like?

Well, there are some things we prefer not to share, but we can tell you one thing. Our clients and partners alike love them!

We typically detail the project information on the top right of the document. This is where classifying information about the project is placed. The Drive Research dial then shows the project status as a percentage to project completion.

Next, tasks are listed with corresponding dates in chronological order. Tasks that are highlighted in blue have already been completed, while tasks in white are the remaining tasks. Last is the notes section, which details any other important information regarding timeline or the project itself.

When can you expect to receive a Driver's Manual Workplan?

The Drive Research team is responsive. We ensure that within 24 business hours of the project kickoff, the Driver's Manual Workplan is sent for every market research project. The workplan is updated frequently and shared throughout the project to ensure it remains on schedule.

Wondering why workplans are so powerful? It eliminates guesswork and unexpected details. Instead of wondering when tasks will be completed or when the research team needs your feedback, a market research project workplan lays all of this information out in black in white (or in our case blue, green, and gray).

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