Voice of Customer (VoC) Research in Action

One of my favorite things to hear about in the news is companies putting customer feedback to good use! Voice of Customer (VoC) research gathers the thoughts and opinions from (you guessed it) customers. While I work with this type of research everyday it's great to see it promoted and discussed on a national level... especially when coffee is involved (note the foreshadowing).

There are various different research methodologies organizations can use to collect VoC data. Classic examples of VoC research methodologies include surveys, in-depth interviews, and focus groups. There are pros and cons to each research methodology, but oftentimes VoC surveys prove to be the best route for many organizations!

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Here are 2 companies that are putting VoC research in action.

Voice of Customer (VoC) Research in Action

Put customer feedback gained from VoC research in action!


I heard about this example of VoC research in action on the radio and it's safe to say my ears perked up! The story led off by saying that the company aims to use fully recyclable packaging by 2025 based on feedback from its customers.

The supply chain manager for the company said that the number one request from customers was to use less packaging, use packaging that is sourced responsibly, and to ensure packaging is disposed of properly. The interview when on to discuss the different ways packaging will be redesigned and recycling will be incorporated into the restaurants.

It comes to no surprise that many customers are requesting organizations incorporate sustainability practices. By listening to this type of feedback customers can see their feedback was put into action which may increase future purchasing habits. By putting VoC research in action, there are several other benefits to the organization including increased customer satisfaction, PR benefits, cost savings from using less packaging, and supporting the environment.

Talk about a win-win-win-win.


This example of VoC research in action puts my two favorite things together, coffee and data! Perhaps you have heard of this one before or maybe you have even submitted an idea.

The company utilizes a website platform called mystarbucksidea.com. (And yes, it's still live so go submit your feedback and ideas!) The idea is to collect customer feedback to increase innovation.

Fast Company said that over 98,000 ideas have been submitted to the site and over 100 have been put into action! A few ideas that were put into action include donating unsold food, selling reusable coffee cup sleeves, and bringing back the salted caramel hot chocolate (yum).

For this example, we see customers not only bringing attention to the social responsibly of the company, but also items/beverages that customers would buy or want to buy again. Many customers want to help organizations be successful. Use VoC research to gather critical customer feedback like the examples discussed above.

Utilizing continuous customer feedback, Starbucks is able to keep the pulse on customers day-to-day. Learn more about the benefits of continuous customer feedback.

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